[The Hulk] The Black Tower [Le1.2 Mo1.2 Mw1.2 Se1.4 Ve1.2]

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  • I thanked Winkle before he headed off. Clarion's great at what he does -- very attuned to the ship and manufactory. I'm kind of eager to see what has him so excited. If this were just some freak-show, I'd offer Lemma the first look, but since this is business, I peer through the door's window at the prisoner. I don't see anything exactly special about her; though there is something...and so I let my mind wander in just the right way -- I'm opening my brain as I watch her for reaction. #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 ) xp4
  • (Oops, doesn't matter but should have been +2.)
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  • I gasp. Then, to Clarion, "There is something very...wrong(?) here."

    I'm opening the door and entering the cell.
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    In what ways are your mind and soul most vulnerable?

    Clearly, I've made myself emotionally vulnerable by letting Lemma into my psyche. So really, my mind and soul are most vulnerable through her; if she were damaged, threatened or compromised -- or worse, if she were turned against me, that's probably the most awful thing I'd have to deal with.

    What should I (Veronica) be on the lookout for?

    I'm not sure you need to be on the lookout for anything from me. The closest thing to danger that I bring is if the way in which you are most useful is as a lab rat AND you are unwilling to be a test subject. If either of those things isn't true, then I think we're probably good. (But under the right circumstance, I'd totally be willing to take you back to my place, put you in restraints and test your weird relationship to the psychic maelstrom with my wife, essentially until you were used up. But it's nothing personal.)
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    I'm a bit unsure on blocking, here, so correct me if I'm wrong.

    I stride into the room purposefully. "Roark. Take Partridge to the mess, get her something to drink, stay with her. I'll come get you when I'm done. Marshmallow, I'm going in first. Back off." I'm about to bark out a command to Lemma when I see her doing her thing. I'm fine with that.

    I beeline straight for the opening cell and step past Marshmallow, taking out my shotgun in a smooth motion as I do. I aim my shotgun at the head of the woman inside the cell.

    "Name. Where you're from. And reason why I shouldn't end you. Right now."
  • Golly! That was a surprise.

    I gingerly follow Marco into the cell. "Uh..." -- It slips out even though I intend to follow Marco's lead for the time being. I'm interested in the prisoner's responses but I can't let him shoot her -- she's frankly more valuable than he. I'm going to try reading his mind. #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 ) <-- if there's a hit, I want to know what Marco intends to do. If it's a hard hit, I'll hold the other two for a bit.
  • Posted By: Michael LoyTake 3 hold on Marshmallow, and you can spend that on read a person questionsoron read a sitch questions, in any combination. If you do the latter, Marshmallow answers the questions to the best of his ability, and you do get the usual +1 bonus when acting on the responses.
    Is this for me, or for Veronica?

    And oh yeah, I totally meant to answer what Veronica should be on the lookout for (and forgot when I retyped it last night).

    She should be on the lookout for me thinking she is anything but a non-threat. I owe her nothing right now, and I have no problem with ending her; she's almost more an object to me than a person at this point. If she's at all dangerous I won't hesitate. So she can either not be dangerous, or get me more attached.
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