[Horsies of Happiland] Playtest Pitch

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Uh, hi, everyone. I want to try running a playtest of my award winning* game, "Horsies of Happiland". The game is... well, fairly unique. It was inspired by the most awful tattoo ever. And Nathan Paoletta. It's his fault.

Anyway, it's been sitting around and needs a little bit of attention before I can claim it's done. The mechanics are a hack of Paul Czege's "Nicotine Girls".

If you've ever wanted to play a game about perverse, self-destructive magical horses, this is your chance. Every horsie has a dream to live out. The dreams are all self-destructive, focused around drugs and sex and the like, but, unfortunately, Happiland is a magical paradise where such things simply don't exist. It is, in fact, populated entirely by magical horsies, talking animals, singing flowers and little girls...


  • This sounds really rad, and I'm only playing two games right now, so I should be able to keep up with a third. I've never played Nicotine Girls, so are total noobs okay?
  • Noobs are totally cool, Max! If you whisper me your email I'll send you the current draft of the rules.

    We definitely still need more folks, so throw down if you're interested!
  • I'm hoping to wrangle at least one more player, but we can go as is if we don't get anybody else. I'll start a thread for CharGen later today.
  • Hello, I am here. My Horsie is Surprise Blue Sky Startwinkle. She is green with blue and pink stars.
  • Hi Thor! Welcome aboard.
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