[Horsies of Happiland] Character Generation

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Well, we've officially got a third player, so let's get started. Anybody still wants to join in can do so though!

First thing is first. Dreams. Each player character is a happy magical horse, one of the denizens of the magical utopia that is Happiland. Each has a single specific dream that they want to accomplish. These dreams are always unhealthy, self-destructive and otherwise awful. They're usually centered around drugs, sex, booze, or violence in some way. It's important to understand that these concepts are all entirely foreign to Happiland; the rivers here run with chocolate milk, not vodka. This place is a little girl's fantasy dream. Got it?

What this means for you is that your Dreams - in fact, any actions that are outside this milieu - require mechanical assistance to accomplish. We'll get to how in a bit. For now, lets stick with Dreams. What do you pretty, pretty horsies want to do with your lives?


  • I want to setup a racetrack where horsies can see who's the fastest, but I don't like surprises, so I'm gonna make sure I know who's gonna win. If somebody's not fast enough, we can get them some drugs, and if somebody's too fast, they might have a little accident.
  • I want to become a heavy metal superstar. Booze and drugs and babes and spiked bracelets and fake blood.
  • You guys are awesome. For real. I think we've got a couple more joining the herd, one is waiting for his user confirmation, I know. There's no need to wait though, I don't think. Characters are pretty simple.

    The next step is your characters Motivations. There are two Motivations, Rainbows and Stormclouds. They tell you how effective you are when you're doing nice things (like making a little girl laugh by giving her a ride across a field) or mean things (like drowning a bunch of happy flowers in your piss). You have six points to split between the two, neither can start at zero.

    For disclosure purposes - You need a high Stormclouds to achieve your dream at the end, but you need Rainbows to accomplish most things, including increasing your Stormclouds in play.
  • I'll go an even 3/3 split.
  • I'll go 4 Rainbows and hope I can use those to raise my 2 Stormclouds. If we get to the next part, I want a 2 in Race and Sparkle, leaving me with a 1 in Nuzzle and Whinny, if I understand correctly.
  • Bret you can throw down your Methods too. We'll catch the others up when they get here.

    Race, Whinny and Nuzzle are the standard ones and Sparkle is your special horsey friendship-magic!
  • Surprise Blue Sky Startwinkle - My dream is to feel lulfilled by being multiply penetrated by Unichorns.
  • Awesome, Thor! Go ahead and do your Motivations and Methods too.

    Everyone, if you have questions about anything as we go, don't hesitate to bring them up, in open thread or privately.
  • Nuzzle - 2
    Whinny - 2
    Race - 1
    Sparkle - 1
  • Rainbow - 2 Stormclouds - 4
    Nuzzle - 1
    Whinny - 2
    Race - 2
    Sparkle - 1
  • Okay, now we need a physical description of each horsey. Remember, this is happiland, it is a cheerful, colorful sort of place. Tell us about your coats, manes and tails! Be colorful - even to the point of ridiculousness - you can have purple manes and golden hooves! You can have a flower on your flank, a horn like a unicorn, wings, or anything else along those lines. When in doubt, go for it and we'll work it out later. Are you a boy horsey or a girl horsey?

    Oh, one thing though. Remember - colorful. No grim black stallions. No boring palominos.

    After this we can start up scenes for you three. Other "maybe" players, join in if you're still interested and go through the steps here. We'll catch you up!
  • She is green with blue and pink stars. Her mane and tail are very long, almost to the ground, and a bright sunny gold. The stars are mostly on her flanks.
  • Winddasher is a bright red boy horsie, with a royal blue racing strip that matches his mane, tail and hooves. His eyes are sparkly silver. To recap:
    Rainbows - 4
    Stormclouds - 2
    Nuzzle - 1
    Whinny - 1
    Race - 2
    Sparkle - 2
    Dream: To open a racetrack where the races are fixed and the horses are drugged or intimidated into compliance.
  • Rainbow Smiles is a boy horsie. He has a lavender coat and a green mane and tail, with white hooves. His eyes are bright blue. He has rainbow stars that swirl up his legs.
  • You guys are all my heroes, I mean it. I'll start up an opening scene thread for everyone tonight.
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