Links to Free PBP Games

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Hey, I thought it would be cool to have a thread for linking to free PBP games, such as have been played here. Go ahead and post a link to your game (or a game you enjoy) with a quick blurb about the game. Maybe it'll inspire some more games!


  • Hi, DannyK here, poster on Story Games and RPG.Net, lurker on KF, PbP enthusiast.

    One of the RPG.Net regulars is trying to get an "indie game of the month club" started:

    Note that you have to register (it's free) to access the PbP section of the forum.
  • Two games written specifically for play by post.

    One is Neel Krisnaswami's Lexicon The game is really designed for wiki. There a plenty of free wiki places out there and I'll host games on my personal wiki if someone needs a place.

    Another is a game I wrote called Revisionist History, which aimes to create a two layer narrative with the players being researchers that are uncovering the 'truth' about some past event and communicating with each other as they do so.
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