[HoH] Rainbow Smiles - We don't need no singing badgers!

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The sound is the first thing you notice. You're just minding your own business, chewing on some sweet grass in the meadow, when your ears are... well, they're having a bad day. It sounds like a dozen tiny, angry voices being drowned in butterscotch. Yeah, imagine that for a minute. You look around for the source of the disruption and, after a few moments, you see movement coming in your direction. Badgers.

Not just any badgers, mind, Happy Dewdrop Badgers. Seven of them. Coming right at you. In some sort of dance line, walking on their back paws, one front paw on the shoulder of the badger in front of them, the other making a jazz-hands motion in the air. The front badger, Dandelion (Yeah, 'cause he's got a big yellow dandelion on his chest. Good guess.) sees you. He's clearly excited, and most likely going to lead the whole lot of them over here to talk to you, if you don't do something about it. Right now.


  • Rainbow Smiles :) will prance over to the Happy Dewdrop Badgers, and trot in a circle around them.

    "Hey! Hey badgers! What gives with the dancing?"
  • They stop dancing when you get there.

    "Won't you join us, Rainbow Smiles?"
    "Hey, HEY, Rainbow Smiles!"
    "What are you doing Rainbow Smiles?"
    "It's a beautiful day, isn't it, Rainbow Smiles?"
    "We have nylon straps, Rainbow Smiles!"
    "We're going to make gumdrop bracelets, Rainbow Smiles!"

    They all speak in a syrupy-sweet-singsong, all at once. The pattern of their speech is such that they all get to your name at the same time and it is sung in butterscotch harmony with jazz hands.

    Except for one. "Hey look, a purple flower!" They turn to him as one, "Peeeeter!"
  • "Heck yes I want to dance!" Rainbow Smiles will start prancing around and rearing back and kicking his front legs in the air.
  • Are you trying to join the dance line, or are you just going to dance alongside them?
  • I am dancing alongside them! My horsie hooves are sparkling in the sunshine as I kick them around.
  • Are you looking to accomplish anything in particular, or do you just want to hang with the badgers for a bit?
  • I want us to have a fun time, laughing and dancing together!
  • Rainbow Smiles will gently place his hooves on the badgers shoulders and conga off with them to the Gumdrop Garden.
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    I am rolling Rainbows/Nuzzle!
  • #DiceRoller( 5d6 )
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    Wait, I understand the dice now.

    #DiceRoller( 3d6 )
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    "Tulip, you look tired!" Rainbow Smiles whinnies. "And you've gotten awful messy! You're such a silly badger." Rainbow Smiles will nuzzles her and licks her clean.

    "Yum! I love jam!" Rainbow Smiles will inspect the tear. "Looks like you have a tear in your fur, Tulip. Don't worry. This horsie fixes dollies in his spare time!" Rainbow Smiles pulls an extremely long needle with a black thread out of... somewhere.

  • #DiceRoller( 3d6 )
  • "Not a bad sewing job if I do say so myself! Do you like it, Tulip?"
  • Tulip looks down at her torso, then back up at you. Her eyes are wide and sad. "Yes. Thank you, Rainbow Smiles." Her voice is lifeless. Less butterscotchy. "We should catch up with the others, but I don't feel like dancing anymore."
  • "You don't have to dance, Tulip! You can ride on my back!" says Rainbow Smiles, bending down for Tulip to get on.
  • Tulip climbs up with some difficulty - badgers haven't the inborn equestrian aptitude of little girls. A few minutes trot and you catch up with the danceline of Happy Dewdrop Badgers just as they arrive at Gumdrop Garden. The butterscotch tune ends with a climax confluence of "Gumdrop GAAAAAAArdens!" and a particularly vigorous group jazz handsing.

    Dandelion: "Okay, everybody! Let's get those bracelets made! Nylon Straps!"
    "Straps!" And several score lengths of woven day-glow nylon are produced.
    "Glue!" And several bottles of some strong glue are produced.

    The badgers begin happily fashioning bracelets by gluing gumdrops onto the straps of nylon. You are invited to join.
  • I cannot join, I have no hands! However, I will dance around the gumdrop bracelet making circle, singing a song, with Tulip still on my back unless she protests

    "We'll make the gumdrop bracelets
    To show that we are friends
    Singing the gumdrop song
    Until the very end!"
  • After a time, Dandelion frowns at you, then gathers the others in a huddle. After a few moments of whispering, there is a decisive jazz-handsing, and they all run off in different directions. Except Dandelion, who casually turns back in your general direction and casually clasps his front paws behind his back and casually strolls around in a casually aimless way, while whistling a casual little tune.
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    "Wait where is everyone going? There is plenty more fun and smiles to be had!"
  • Dandelion: "What? Oh, nothing. Just... whistling." Big grin. Shifty eyes.
  • "Well I think *someone* is being a sneaky sneak."
  • Bret, would you like to try to prise Dandelion's secret from him with a Whinny/Rainbows roll?
  • Oh, sure. "Pretty pretty pretty please tell me?" Rainbow Smiles bats his long eyelashes.

    #DiceRoller( 3d6 )
  • Dandelion busts into a huge grin. "OKAY!!!! We're making you a collar! The others are gathering bigger gumdrops and we have this!" He holds up a large, black circle of nylon. "We thought you'd like it." Big grin.
  • "Wow! This is going to be the prettiest collar in all of Happiland!"
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