[HoH] SBSStartwinkle - Girl Talk

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You're munching down a giant mouthful of high quality sweetgrass - you know, the kind that goes down easy and leaves you feeling like you don't have a care in the world? - when two of your friends, Alabaster Buttercup and Suzie Dreamwing canter up to your side. "Hey there, Surprise Blue Sky Startwinkle! Mind if we join you for some girl talk?" They settle in to grazing nearby.


  • "That would be all sorts of fun!"
  • Suzie Dreamwing starts telling a story about how she had a little girl named Amanda with her and they went for a ride on the beach and it was so pretty, and afterward Amanda styled her mane. Alabaster Buttercup gives you sort of a sidelong look and says, quietly, "I saw Lustrous Moonbeam earlier. He said you were acting funny. Are you okay?"
  • "he's so big and dreamy, Don't you just wish he would run right through you?"
  • "I'm not sure what you mean, exactly, but I think my answer is 'yes'!" Her voice has just a tiny hint of the sultry to it. "Oh, don't I know it, Suzie. I love braids," and back to you, "you've just got to prompt her every once in a while. What are you up to later today?"
  • Looks like the help desk guy is trying to be unemployed so things might get dicey what's up?
  • Thor, not sure what this means?
  • OOC comment - misunderstood you

    Try to steer the conversation to something a little more scary like BOYS.
  • Groovy. Let's make a Stormclouds/Whinny roll to see how well you can get Buttercup into unknown territory!
  • Whinny 2 Stormclouds 4

    #DiceRoller( 6d6 )
  • So, I'm like talking about how big and strong they are and how their muscles move under their skin and how sometimes when you look at them from behind their tails go up and you see that sack....
  • That should be just four dice, with a difficulty of 2. We'll take the first four rolled, which gives you a success.

    As you speak, Alabaster seems to drift closer and closer to you. She's gazing at you as she grazes. Finally she stops shewing entirely and begins nuzzling your neck, her shoulder rubbing against yours.

    Suzie Dreamwing continues to natter on, completely oblivious.
  • Aw that's sweet. She feels it too. Let's go find some boys
  • Heck yeah! How will you find yourselves stallions? Why? (As if we don't know.)
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