[Offsite] Thought and Memory

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I'm starting a new PbP at the site, RPG Crossroads, and the folks here seem to have their heads on straight, so that I'd like to pitch it to y'all as well ... recruitment is here.

The game is Thought and Memory, using a somewhat modded Dogs in the Vineyard system, posting a few times a week. 4 to 6 players, I'm thinking.

The game is hard science fiction with cyberpunk/anime stylings and apocalyptic
themes ... it is well in the future, technology has reached great heights, the solar system
has been colonized, and there's something wrong with humanity's soul. Into this are born
the Innocents, who will hold the fate of the world in their hands.

More discussion is in the recruitment thread, and a shamelessly content-free teaser site is here.


  • A second game, also, is being pitched. Again, slightly modified DitV, posting a few times a week, looking for 4-6 players.

    Generations of Winter

    The game is a modern, relatively realistic supers game set in the former Soviet Union, the premise being that the human (and superhuman) remnants of a defunct Soviet super-soldier program are being murdered, one by one. A handful of those who remain are pulled together to hunt down the killer, who is most likely one of their own.

    Where once they were meant to be champions - shining stars who expected to one day bring a better, more egalitarian society to the world - they are now older, weaker, and confronted with an enemy that they cannot see. The theme is personal and mood admittedly grim, revolving around a group of individuals proving (if only to themselves) that they truly are the heroes they were originally supposed to be.
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