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  • (For Partridge: Is there any way I can retroactively read her, so as to figure out if she was telling the truth? That's really my only concern. If she was telling the truth, then I agree to the deal. If not, then obviously not.)
    Posted By: Michael Loy
    • How did you react when you heard that Lady Franklin was burning? Did you alter anything around the hold, or are you sticking to business as usual for the moment? Are you laying down rules about fuel use?
    I try to restrict non-essential fuel usage, where "essential" is defined as "for survival purposes". This means that I might still use a vehicle, or my men might use a vehicle, in instances of outright danger. But otherwise, we won't. I'm trying to conserve fuel, without unduly disrupting the functioning of Guntown, basically.
    Posted By: Michael Loy• By now, you've heard about a couple undesirables in Guntown: Ricarra (from Thule) and Preen (who claims to be from Honeycomb). You heard about Ricarra right off, from Roark, and there was already a squad looking around for her on general principle. You heard about Preen later, I guess from Pulse, possibly corroborated by Marshmallow. Do you do anything particular about them?
    Yeah. Gather 'em up. Talk to 'em. Make sure they know to follow the rules, and if they don't, they're dead. If they are okay with that, I let 'em back into Guntown. Otherwise, I shoot 'em.
    Posted By: Michael Loy• All that in consideration, how long did it take you to talk to Partridge?
    Not too long. She probably explained her case. If she was telling the truth, I sell her the guns. If not, I don't, and I send her away. Shouldn't have been too long.
    Posted By: Michael Loy• And what about those catatonic Adventists sitting in the alleyway behind Pinto's?
    I'm having someone go out and gather them up. If Setter's in the Tower, then I'll have them brought to her, she can look at them.
    Posted By: Michael LoyP.S. Setter seems to have basically moved into the Tower. Some of your men are helping her, making room and contributing to set up an infirmary in the room you'd assigned to Holiday's care. This isn't exactly what you'd had in mind ... is it a problem? Do you interfere? Help?
    I've got no problem with it. A good medic is a hard thing to find in this world. If it keeps the men happy and healthy, I have no problem. As long as Setter doesn't cause any trouble, and follows my orders. And as long as the men who are helping her are not doing so at the dereliction of their other duties.
    Posted By: Michael LoyOther than that, is there anything else on your mind? Orders to give, proclamations to hand out?
    I think I want to make sure the guard (of the perimeter) is at least somewhat enforced. Probably means longer, overlapping shifts for the Gunners. And I want ingoing and outgoing traffic more thoroughly searched. (Which probably means, search it, considering that I don't know that we searched it at all before.) If it's a boat just sitting at the dock, you don't have to search it. But if they're carrying stuff up into Guntown, then that stuff is getting searched.
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  • Posted By: Michael Loy• Eh. Partridge was telling you the truth. You read her. She wasn't lying.
    Got it. So, yeah, I totally make the deal. 2-barter now, 2-barter later, you said, right? This impermanent barter, a la wealth, or permanent?
    Posted By: Michael Loy• Give me a Leadership check to bring in Ricarra and Preen, since each of them will fight rather than be brought in. They aren't up to any good in Guntown, after all.
    Leadership for Ricarra:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )

    Leadership for Preen:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )

    (xp 3 & 4)
  • I just realized I may have misunderstood what you wanted. I think you may have wanted only one roll. If so, I would say take the lower one, obviously. But they have the same net effect. I'll just reduce my XP by 1 if you say I should've rolled only once.

    If I should've rolled only once, then I spend my hold to:
    - make a hard advance (capture Ricarra)
    - make a hard advance (capture Preen)
    - show mercy to defeated enemies

    If I should've rolled twice, then each one will probably be:
    - make a hard advance (capture the target)
    - show mercy to defeated enemies
    - stand strong against a hard advance
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    Right, I brought Pierre's body back cause I thought Marco would want to "bury" him or whatever we do... crevasse him? properly.

    If there was too much time involved, strap the thing to the cargo door and bring him back frozen.
  • Your description works fine for me. That's what happened.

    I think that I wasn't imagining these guys to be too difficult for my Gunners to bring in. After all, they were isolated, and my Gunners were on home turf, well-armed, ready, well-trained. I thought I could easily lead it up to squad leaders.

    I do not like torture. I try not to go in for it. But I would be lying if I said I did not feel its siren call.

    Perhaps Preen shall be an experiment?

    Regardless, they're all Setter's now.

    Pierre, yeah, we crevasse him. Not a terribly ornate ritual, and only people who knew him or cared would show up. But we wrap the body in some kind of cloth, tie it up, and then dump it in the Crevasse. I say a few words.

    "Pierre wasn't my son. But he was a son of Guntown, and that was more than enough. I will miss him. We will all miss him."

    I choose not to give him the gruff silence or words of rebuke that I give to those who hurt or injure Guntown. I don't know if that's what he was, though thanks to Pulse I have my suspicions.
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