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  • I'd like to play. I played in two playtest games on Wave. I don't yet have the release version -- I'd like to get the book rather than the PDF, so I'm waiting to see what my no-shipping options are. So, I'm trying to say that I know the basic idea but not the details.
  • Sure, that sounds like a good way to try it. So like the broadest time-unit (era?) cells/cards would go across the top and then the periods(?) would stretch down from there. What do scenes look like? Maybe since scenes will take a lot of relative space, they live on separate gdocs and links to them live on the period cards. Is that along the lines of what you're thinking?
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  • I'm really interested in this game but a little worried it may take a great deal of time commitment to play and I can't really be doing google docs and apps like that from work.

    Not familiar with the rules though, how much daily noodling would this likely take?
  • I can't get Prezi to do anything interesting. I looked at the document that it looked like you (and Monica) were working on but it took an absurd amount of time to load, I couldn't alter or affect anything and I couldn't get it to reload once I went and found some info about how it's supposed to work. What's wrong with using Google docs?
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  • Much as I want to play I'd better sit this one out.
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    Those steps sound just like the playtest version that I have and played.

    More big picture brainstorms:
    A town on a desert crossroads persists across time.
    The life and times of Walterus de Grafton, Worcestershire cheese merchant and vampire.
    Pharmaceutical technology is developed that mostly kills folks but occasionally creates super-enhanced humans. What happens?
    A one-way colony ship arrives on a new and empty world, 100 years after the swarm of climate-impact machinery was deployed.
  • Do the cheese merchant! The cheese merchant!
  • Hey, (I'm new). I'd like to participate as well (but I don't have a copy of the book).
  • I find myself wanting to keep the bookends pretty terse. Is that a good or bad idea?

    I'm OK with "Dying civilization sends AI teraformer" as a start, though I'm not sure if we're wanting to play through a period of time after that and before a colony is dispatched or the colony-ship's passage.

    "The colony is abandoned" or "the colony becomes stable" are OK endpoints. I'm also interested in something like "the colony sends out the next teraforming project" or "the AI's dominance of the colony is complete."
  • Posted By: RustinChris, when you played before, what worked best?
    I think we just threw out some ideas and something stuck.

    I'm OK with any of these.
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