PBP Game Designs you've working on / want others to work on

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If you're working on a PBP-specific game, post about it here - and maybe you'll get some people to encourage you to finish the thing and roll it out at Snailspace.

Or, if you really *wish* someone would make a certain kind of PBP game, share here - and maybe someone will oblige.


  • Not enough love on this thread. I just started thinking about designing a game specifically for PBP. I was thinking that the players would be diplomats for different nations. In my head the game revolves around letters that the characters write to each other. I want to make it so that the entire game is played within the letters, with little to no need for discussion outside of the narrative. Sort of how KKKKK works. Perhaps a quick example of what I'm thinking.

    Ambassador of Guilder,
    I am writing to request that you expedite the return of Prince Humperdink's future queen. If she is not returned to us, then her abduction will be viewed as an act of war. Such a war between our countries would be a needless drain on the armies and treasuries of both our nations. I hope that you will reconsider these brash actions before it is too late.
    Ambassador of Florin

    Ambassador of Florin,
    I find myself puzzled by your accusations. You must know that any action to kidnap the Prince's future wife was not sanctioned by our monarchy. An investigation has been launched, and if the culprits are within our midst, then the princess will be returned. Those responsible will be hanged as traitors. We do not desire war, and only desire to help you to resolve this matter.
    Ambassador of Guilder

    That's all I've got for now. :-)
  • I could have swear I've posted this already, but...

    I've been slowly mulling a god-game (a la Civilization) to be played via PbP. I played an old version of JBR's Agora that was good in IRC (and had potential in PbP), but he's moved its design elsewhere, so I'm reconsidering.
  • Dave, that sounds cool. Did you imagine the game engaging any mechanics at all? I think it could work without them, but some well placed interactions with mechanics can spurr creativity. From "Through the Ansible" I learnt that a lack of mechanics can sometimes make the game very draining creatively. Also, did you imagine this as a game of strategic diplomacy, or of world-building? It could work for either.

    Dev, tell me more.
  • (I'm afraid there's no more yet; just mulling.)
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