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I wanted to float an Idea.

How about we have have Dictated scenes only?

Dictated scenes: the current player choses what happens during the scene.
-State questions
-Decide where to put the scene in history and review what we already know.
-Then narrate what happens to answer the question.

The PbP format does poorly for the free-form Microscope scene mechanic (e.g., Push).
To Push someones contribution, I would think is more likely if you had body language and verbal tone, to soften the blow of what is otherwise a creative blocking.

By my gut calculations, if we are at a 2-3 days response time, we'll get through a regular scene in about a month or two.

We could also try a Dictated Scene+Thoughts, where we all still pick characters and reveal their thoughts . . . and then the creator of the scene, with the added information, dictates how it plays out.
That would take 4 responses, and get scenes done in just over a week.


  • Sorry, I missed this thread and just kept looking at the other one as it sunk lower and lower...

    That's a good idea. I'm not worried at all about someone taking offense from creative blocking, since you have to do it in form of a suggestion: "I propose this happens instead". However, I am worried about scenes taking ages to complete.

    I like the idea of a dictated scene with characters and thoughts, and I'd like to try it out. If it doesn't work out we'll resort to ordinary dictated scenes.
  • Perhaps we should also have a 2 day posting window?
    You have 48 hours, or your turn gets skipped? Is that a good window?
  • That's a good idea. Let's give Naurgul a day or so in the current character choosing round.
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    Sorry for taking so long, making new threads all the time is a bit confusing to me. To make it clear, this is the "OOC" thread and this is the current turn thread? Is there a system to all the threads or are we supposed to do a search every round to look up the next thread?

    I think we should at least link from one thread to its successor to make this more manageable. In any case, I won't be slowing you down any more. I am also okay with the 2 day posting window deadline thing.
  • Note that the tag this game is using on *all* threads is The Colony. That should help us to track the entire game.
  • So, all I need is to follow that page and I'll always be up to speed? Neat.
  • Chris, Naurgul, what are your thoughts about dictated scenes?
    Maybe we should try to play it out?

    I've updated the Prezi.
  • Either way. The dictated scene with us doing characters and thoughts is an elegant half-way point.
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    I agree. In this format, there's really no way to concurrently discuss how things should play out. I guess we can trust each other enough not to abuse power and "conveniently misunderstand" what the others mean by their characters and revealed thoughts.
  • I'm not even sure that that kind of misunderstanding matters. So long as our contributions aren't ignored, we get to shape the way the scene unfolds through our initial input and then see where that takes the narrator. Or am I misunderstanding?
  • I meant that someone could do it on purpose. I don't think it's probable, but I was just mentioning it as a possibility.
  • I'm getting:
    We are sorry...

    The presentation you wanted to join either did not exist, or it has already ended.
    Please check the URL and come back!

    Thank you for your patience,
    The Prezi team
    From Prezi when I follow the link above. Anyone else?
  • Hrm... the link might be good for only a short time?


    Try that one.
  • Yeah the URL expires every 10 days...
    I betcha if I paid for the service it would go forever... i will contemplate that, as I like how Prezi lets me barf out ideas.. I've been using it to brainstorm things.
  • This Microscope should link indefinitely, but I don't think you can edit via this link.
  • RusRus
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    Had an idea for a third option to for scenes.

    Name scene and ask question and list implied characters, describe location. Then say the scene is OPEN, which means any player, on their turn can dictate the scene. If you still have not had a chance to go, you can then PUSH, and say... "or is it....?" and then we do the vote thing?

    This way, the author of the scene can ask a question but have a different player answer it
    If it is your turn, and you don't have a solution, you still need to select a character and reveal thoughts. So it is still can be a collaboration process. And if you have a different idea than the dictation given, there is still a mechanic to put it out there.

    Also, is it Chris' turn, we go Clockwise now right?
  • I'm not really sure about when you should push. Maybe it was just the feeling I got from writing such a long scene, but after posting the entire scene it kinda feels done, so pushing for another ending would feel weird there. Maybe if you just wrote part of the scene - anyone can write the next part of the scene, and answer the question if they want to.

    And yes, it was Chris' turn and as soon has he's done it's Naurgul's.
  • I'm going to be on the road for the next four days and not sure how much time and opportunity I'll have to check in here. So I'll probably post next on Tuesday.
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    Seems like I'll be off the internet for a couple of days. I'll be back on Sunday around noon (Europe-time).
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    Okay, when Chris gets back it's a new tread named "round two - Christopher is lens", I take it.
    Edit: oops, that thread already existed.
  • It's my turn to create a focus, isn't it?
  • Soon. First Chris gets to wrap up the current focus with one more creation (or two nested things if he wants to) and then I do the legacy thing. Then you're the next lens.
  • Oh, yes, of course. It's just that when there's a delay, it usually turns out to be my fault, so I naturally assumed that this was what happened in this case...
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    Nevermind... :)
  • Tone is your call. You should probably repost this in the actual thread (this is table talk) for the record.

    My legacy is up next, when I have time.
  • So yeah, next up is Third round, Naurgul is lens
  • I believe it's your turn, Chris.
  • Sorry about that.
  • I love Naurgul's event - was there even a catastrophe or was it a false alarm from the locus? It's very clear that the locus can't reliably predict the future, but something happened, at least in the rift...

    It's Chris' turn to create a legacy, and then make an event or scene about any legacy.
  • Thanks, that was my intention.

    It should be noted that in "Construction begins on the Interstellar ship Hardamart Lopez" it is stated that the ship is built in secrecy because there are not enough seats for everyone. Then, the later event "The AI waves goodbye" implies that there are no humans left at all. If we are to pursue the path that the prediction of the Locus is wrong, we need to find a creative way around the humans left behind, for the story to make sense.
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