[The Island] AW?

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I was thinking maybe we should put a game of Apocalypse World together...


  • Thought it would be fun to run a game with ONLY the limited edition playbooks. ^_^
  • Is that you volunteering to MC, Christopher?
  • I've been thinking about it. So kinda.

    Here's the thing. Remember when The Chateau was blazing away full tilt? I couldn't possibly afford to run a game if we were doing that in any the three games I'm playing. And it would be insane if that started up in two of them at once. It happens that especially this last week or two, all three games are pretty slow and I *could* afford the time to run a game. And I'd like to. But then what if you and Brendan and Trevis all kick in to high gear and I have to neglect something? I'd rather have fewer games that occupy me fully than have more games and not be able to devote the fair amount of time to them. So mostly, I'm taking samples over time of how I can expect these games to keep going so I can make the right decision.

    If there were another game going, who'd interested?
  • I'm always interested.
  • I'm interested but have similar concerns. When the other games kick in I feel an obligation to concentrate on the games I've been committed to first, but I'm very interested in continuing to explore how this game works and it's great fun.
  • I would probably play.

    I don't expect to launch off into 50-100 posts a day in my game. Even when I have plenty of free time during the day (which is not now), I just couldn't do that ... I can generally keep up with that as a player, but I'm not fast enough when my GM hat is on.
  • GMing is a bit harder attention wise.

    I know I would probably be interested depending on the pace.

    Thing is we're talking about at least a year of play for like six sessions at the rate of speed we have going in Menagerie and the Hulk. No problem for me, I'll be around forever, barring disaster, but as with you all different surges in workload are going to affect posting ability.
  • Hello.

    I'm a friend of Octoscott's and dabbled in one of his in person AW games. :) Aside from that, I don't have very much experience with AW (but I've RPed online a bit), but I would be interested in giving an online game a shot if people were alright with me joining in.
  • Yeah...OK...fine! Sheesh.

    Let's do it. And let's not work out the setting or apocalyptic details ahead of time. Make some characters and we'll see what comes out of that.

    Sound reasonable?
  • Sounds great to me.
  • I think I want to be a chef. I thought originally this meant I'd be a skinner with food as my art, but the I realized maybe a maestro'd that just splashed in artful and gracious would be better. Then I thought about it more and realized that what I really want is to control people via food, so I started having this idea for a hocus whose food is so good people will do crazy things to get it. Without any setting I think that's the best idea I have so far.
  • I think our characters will define the setting, so go for whatever you like!
  • Yeah, I think I'm starting to like this guy. He's attached (probably as a slave, [Your followers aren’t really yours, more like you’re theirs]) to some sort of gang or mercenary organization (Your followers are involved in successful commerce, Your followers disdain law, peace, reason and society, etc.) He cooks, cleans, maybe does some quartermaster stuff (depending on the size of the organization) and generally holds up the non-violent end of their lives. They consider him their property and beneath them, but he manages to wield some influence by subtly affecting the course of day-to-day activities. If we had a chopper or the hardholder, it could be her gang, or really any playbook could be a part of the organization for some reason. If nobody else wants in, I can just make up the significant ones and let the others fall in during play.

    If he ever grows a pair, he could take over the gang (chopper) or leave them and setup the restaurant of his dreams (maestro'd.)
  • Sure. But I'll watch for a bit. I generally do better when I have context to work from.
  • Considering one of the new playbooks but don't have a specific concept in mind, I'll have to ponder a bit.
  • I've been thinking I should play some more AW, but I have to be honest: I was involved in a previous AW game here (the Mez) and I totally flaked out of that without warning. Obviously I would be keen to avoid doing so a second time (particularly the 'without warning' part), but I figure I should be upfront about the possibility.

    So I'm interested, but fine if you'd rather stick with players with more reliable track records.
  • All I ask, if you can't continue the game, just say something so we're not left wondering.
  • Which reminds me, I'd like to have a regularly checked email address for anyone who plays -- in part so that I can ping you with a WTF if you flake out. :)

    Daniel (and anyone else), I'd rather there not be a possibility of you just disappearing with no word (barring personal tragedy, or whatever -- of course). If you think you can't honestly commit to playing very nearly every day and letting us know when that's not possible for a while, I'd rather take a pass. That doesn't seem like too much to ask. If you can do that, then you're welcome.
  • Yes; I'm certainly not saying that I plan to flake out again, I just still feel rather bad about it. Happy to provide an email.

    In terms of characters, my first thought is some kind of Driver, though my vehicle-related brainstorming has so far only produced a variation on a move: My other car is a train. I was also thinking about borderline-unrealistic vehicles like sail-driven cars and such, which starts to feel a lot more like a Savvyhead if it even qualifies as sufficiently post-apocalyptic. I will take a few more passes at the drawing board and see what else comes up.
  • I don't mind fantastic vehicles and you don't need to be the savvyhead just to own and operate one. As long as you don't expect to build them, it should be fine. What are you imagining regarding a train? I'd worry that a vehicle on rails would be too limited, but I'm interested if you have an image in mind.
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    Moving hardhold. But I think driving a train might be yeah... little boring.
  • A train as a moving hardhold is a fine idea. But as the Driver's ride, I'm a little iffy on how that'd work.
  • I can't help it. Starting a game causes ideas to come up. What do you guys think about a quiet apocalypse? I'm thinking the game takes place on a large, very remote island. And one day, fifty years ago, the rest of the world just slipped away. Radio and phones and internet stopped, airplanes stopped coming, boats mostly stopped. What the fuck happened? Maybe some people have left over the years and never returned. So it's been a closed system as shit breaks down and people get weird and resources get tight. Maybe set on Ascension Island or something?
  • How can you go wrong with things like "Wideawake Airfield" and "comfortless Cove"

    Driver can have a vintage WW2 flying boat all modified (Seen Porco Rosso?)
  • That sounds pretty rad. I might want to go with a different character, since the one I was envisioning I think works better in a world where scarcity is better established. Are we still mostly civilized, or have things gone pear-shaped in 50 years, just not in the usual ZOMGAWWTFBBQ?! way?
  • It's not apocalypse world if things aren't shit.
  • Yeah, but we could still be the only decent people in an insane world, instead of being part of the problem. Not that I'm against being part of the problem, that works pretty well most of the time.
  • WE can be decent people yeah... but the world can't be decent.
  • What I'm imagining is that the world is basically gone. The island is all there is. And it has certainly gone pear-shaped.

    There's maybe 200-2000 people (whatever fits with the fiction we establish during character creation). That's it as far as anyone knows.

    Max, I think your character would work just fine here and I'm more prone to change the world than your idea (particularly being the only solid character I've got). What are you thinking the mismatch is?
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