[The Island] Hx and highlights

This is where we'll be putting table of Hx and stats/highlights. Feel free to conduct Hx discussions here too. But let's get a look at rough character outlines before we get into this.


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    I'll get the ball rolling cause it's easy:
    Everyone gets +1Hx with Merry. She's kind of just out there and everyone at least knows a little about her. Many people have at least encountered her on an errand into the coastal villages, often there to do harm unfortunately. Or on the arm of her owner somewhere in the interior.

    Also, Trevis should be playing the gang leader chopper(?) who owns me. Brick, or whatever he might choose for the name.

    HX on my sheet:
    Always the Hocus: +2
    Brick the Chopper: +1
    Gabe the Angel: -1
    Pity the Brainer: +3
    Rhyme the Touchstone: +1
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    Yay, activity! (still getting used to the snail part of snail's pace)

    I'll go next.

    Pity, one time on the beach during the day, a guy was dying of a heart attack. Gabe for there to late to do anything, but deep down, he knew he could do *something* else. Pity saw it too and encouraged Gabe to try. So there on the beach with Pity watching, Gabe used Healing Touch on one of the villagers - Ethan. Pity, you get HX +2.

    Rhyme, since we grew up together, you've pretty seen everything I've seen. HX +2.

    Merry, you're doomed. In fact, you may have already met your doom and it didn't include dying. Gabe is "treating" you when he can talk to you without the gang around, but he thinks you're completely lost. HX - 1.

    EDIT: Brick, if you are here, you get HX +1.

    HX on my sheet:
    Always the Hocus: ?
    Brick the Chopper: +0 (I assume?)
    Merry the Battlebabe: +0
    Pity the Brainer: -2
    Rhyme the Touchstone: +0
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    Pity gives everyone -1. She doesn't like to talk about herself.

    I'm trying to sort out my specials. As Chris points out, they say something about the character in themselves. If anyone wants to dislike or distrust me, there are good reasons for that. I'm not sure about watching some sleeping or in secret. Always seems like the best possibility there, but I'd like to have a better idea of the daily routine on the beach, if possible. If Always sleeps normal hours, then I probably wouldn't have seen him sleep. Maybe I am secretly watching him to learn about his ideas? Or maybe I've been secretly watching Rhyme, hoping I can make some psychic friends.

    Always +3
    Brick +2
    Gabe +3
    Merry +3
    Rhyme +3

    I'm primed for some experience.
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    I tell everyone Hx+1. I'm an open book. Also, I get around the island sometimes, and my reputation precedes me ... everyone knows about Rhyme.

    Then, if someone has a place in the future I hope for, I just take whatever Hx you tell me. If someone doesn't, I get +1hx, since I guess I'll have to do something about you someday:

    • Always, I get that you're trying to help the lost, and I admit that the trapping of religion (the Vessels are saints, etc) do help protect the truly lost. I know! I mean, my mom might have lived longer if she'd been part of a community like the one you're gathering around you. Still, on a philosophical level, I think you are wrong in every way possible, and I'm really not insightful enough to see that you doubt your own course. So you have no place in my vision: there will be better ways.

    • Brick, if you really exist, I seriously doubt that you have a place in my vision. I mean, look at you.

    • Gabe, dude. Obviously you have a place, are you kidding me?

    • Merry ... well, I don't know. I suppose I do have to take a stance on this, don't I? Well, if nothing else, I do have a weakness for hot psychic chicks, so sure. You've got a place.

    • I like to think you'll have a place, Pity. Sure! Definitely you will. We'll figure out how to fit you in.
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    We don't really have more than a passing mention that Trevis might play Brick, but we can assume it for now:
    with Alwayswith Brickwith Gabewith Merrywith Pitywith Rhyme
    Always has--+1, +1 (+2)+1, +1 (+2)+1, +3 (+3)-1, +1 (=0)+1, +1 (+2)
    Brick has=0, -1--+1, +1 (+2)+1, -1 (=0)-1, -1 (-2)+1, -1 (=0)
    Gabe has+2, -1 (+1)+1, -1 (=0)--+1, -1 (=0)-1, -1 (-2)+1, -1 (=0)
    Merry has+2, +0 (+2)+1, +0 (+1)-1, +0 (-1)---1, +3 (+3)+1, +0 (+1)
    Pity has+2, +1 (+3)+1, +1 (+2)+2, +3 (+3)+1, +3 (+3)--+1, +3 (+3)
    Rhyme has=0, +1 (+1)+1, +1 (+2)+2, +0 (+2)+1, +0 (+1)-1, +0 (-1)--
    Is anyone joining Always' followers? It doesn't look like it, but you get Hx+2 from him if you do, instead of Hx=0.

    • Always also gets to say whose soul he's seen (Merry).

    • Brick would say who's stood up to him and his gang (Gabe).

    • Merry distrusts someone (Pity).

    • Pity has brainer stuff (she's watching Rhyme, she's seen Gabe sleep, and Merry distrusts her).
  • • Pity:

    We're on a tropical island, so I figure sleeping on the beach isn't that unlikely. Maybe most people don't do it, out of paranoia that the sea will come for them, but I'm pretty comfortable with the sea ... it's dangerous, but I think it's dangerous in a way that I can deal with, by being careful. That said, I probably haven't been sleeping in the presence of a night-crazed Pity, because I do know you're dangerous. And Monk probably wouldn't let me, anyway.

    You might have come across me sleeping in the day, though. Mostly we work during the day, but sometimes I go on trips inland, come back in the night, and spend some of the next day sleeping on the porch.

    I'm courting you to see if you'll fit into the family, so I think the circumstances preclude me distrusting/disliking you.

    You might be watching me carefully. I'm scoping you out, so maybe you're scoping me out (rather more effectively).

    Actually, you've been here for a couple years, so the scoping is probably more-or-less done. Still, it's hard to figure you out, and much of the family's never even seen you. We're interested in seeing if you could fit in, but discussion on the topic is stalled. Still, I'm relatively familiar with you, and so are the others here at the house.
  • I'll see how everybody else shakes out, but I think Pity secretly studying Rhyme sounds good.
  • • Always

    Are your followers just scattered amongst the others, up and down this stretch of beach and cliff? Or have they moved their shacks and tents to cluster around you?

    And what's our deal? By the book, we're at least basically allies at the beginning of the game. And I can see that. Sure, I don't agree with you, philosophically, but I also don't as yet have any viable alternative for these people to their current lives, so it's not like I'm harassing you or trying to separate you from your followers.

    Also, I'm trying to keep the lost safe and reasonably healthy, so our goals are somewhat aligned in the immediate term. After all, you're organizing maybe half the population along this part of the island's shore, making them watch out for themselves and others.

    Well, though I'm not comfortable with all of that. The disease and hunger, I don't like, particularly that they're sometimes offering up jingle to you instead of taking care of themselves. And the stupor ... part of that "the ocean is dangerous, but manageable if you're careful" attitude I have involves staying occupied, keeping hands and minds busy. That's why my family isn't (mostly) like Merry, despite having lived on the edge of the water all our lives.

    But what do you think of me?
  • • Merry and Brick

    So, again, we're not necessarily friends, but we do know each other and we're supposed to be basically allies.

    How does that work? How do I even know you two?
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    Was thinking about that Michael. Merry is lost, or at least somewhere along that path. She isn't left alone very often, but while the gang sends her to do business on the beach she will often tarry, probably getting yelled at for it, spending some time sitting on the rocks where she grew up watching the sea. Often after dark, too, she will slip away to see the ocean.

    I can see her hearing the words of Always or Rhyme and stopping to quietly listen, rarely speaking to others but it would be curious to her. Spending my limited time on the beach like that lets her have some history with the beach-dwellers.

    It's also possible that her gang interacts with you guys which would naturally involve her.
  • I may have mis-somethinged a thing, but Pity doesn't spend the night on the raft, they have a tent.
  • Yeah, I think Pity's been watching Rhyme for a while. He's got this whole group of weirdos, but they seem happy. He's also Cool and Hot at the same time. Doesn't seem like we have a dislike/distrust, so unless somebody makes a habit of falling asleep in front of the crazy lady, I can just do the one.
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    Sorry Max, Pity not living on a raft.. got it.
  • Scott, maybe it was the raft that Always' mother was sent out on that confused things?

    Daniel, I'm somewhat interested in Gabe being part of Always' cult, mostly to tie things together a bit and to give Gabe shelter from serving the Chopper's gang.
  • Yeah you could be right, Rich, I have all the character ideas all jumbled up a little in my head. Need to go back and re-read everything once we've all settled (seems we have) All will be made clear.
  • Merry distrusts Pity, she's a bad thing from the sea and not from here. I don't get her, and though I don't really remember my father I know I want her to stay away from him. Don't make him remember.

    I get +3hx to Pity.
  • Hey, if you distrust Pity, she gets Hx +3 with you. Fun. Also, she showed up on a raft, and I think I said she now spends her nights bound as she was on the raft, so that's probably the source of the confusion. Also, Gabe has dozed off around Pity while watching her, so I have +3 with Gabe, Merry and Rhyme. That leaves me +2 as established with Brick. Now I just have to figure out if I'm in the cult of Always. I don't think Pity would have just joined up on her own, but if Always or his followers make any effort at recruiting, she'd be drawn in easily. How much do you guys proselytize?
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    Max, Battlebabe gets +3 with the one she mistrusts:

    From the text:
    On the others’ turns:
    • Choose the character you trust the least. Whatever number
    that player tells you, ignore it; write Hx+3 next to the
    character’s name instead.
    • Everyone else, write whatever number they tell you next to
    their character’s name.

    You get the same +1 to Merry as everyone.

    I think Merry watches you sometimes. ^_^
  • Yeah, I got that, but the brainer book totally says:
    One of them quite evidently dislikes and distrusts you. Whatever number that player tells you, ignore it; write Hx+3 next to the character’s name instead.

    Unless you distrust me but it's not evident, or you distrust me without disliking me, I figure it hits mine too.
  • Ohhh, you mean there's one on your sheet too, yeah then we both get it. Gotcha.
  • If Pity has every approached my father I probably swooped in and shoved her physically away or something, probably without explanation.
  • So does that contravene what I said earlier about reading his mind once, or was she gone then?
  • Oooh! Chargen catfight! Awesome! We need hair pulling!

    jk jk jk
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    Posted By: Max BSo does that contravene what I said earlier about reading his mind once, or was she gone then?
    Doesn't contravene it, you totally could have, I'm not present on the beach all that much. You probably know more about him than I do. Maybe more about me.
  • Okay. Have you done this before, such that I'd get the idea I shouldn't approach him while you're around, or are you just saying this is likely to happen onscreen?
  • It would be interesting to see happen onscreen and may again, but we start with Hx established, it's probably happened, which is why I don't trust you and vice-versa.
    Sound good?
  • All right, sounds good.
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    He's also Cool and Hot at the same time.
    Damn straight.

    Second, the chart's updated except cult membership (still in the air?). Eventually, Gabe will be the one to highlight Rhyme, simply because that seems more likely than Brick.
  • For Brick,

    Everyone gets +1 with me, because I'm just not that complicated.

    I subtract 1 from what everyone gives me, because I just don't care that much about, y'know, people.

    I'm thinking Gabe might be a good choice for the person who stood up to me, gang and all, but maybe it would be Rhyme.
  • Since Gabe ran away when Merry killed the vet and he's been watching Monk and others chain up Pity when he mostly doesn't believe she did those awful things, I'd like to nominate Gabe as the person who stood up to Brick. Otherwise, I fear I'm pigeon-holing Gabe as a total coward, which isn't my intent.
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