[The Island] Pity/Sundown the Brainer

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Pity/Sundown the Brainer

20 year old woman in fetish-bondage wear, with a sweet face, caring eyes, and a soft body (during the day.) Pity wears a thick, padded leather straightjacket (1-armor) and leather ankle cuffs. Sometimes in the morning she wanders around with her arms still restrained until she actually needs them for something, at which time she asks one of the lost for help. In zippered pockets, her jacket contains:
The jacket got kind of wrecked by some shotgun blasts. New clothes forthcoming. Other gear:
Scalpels (3-harm intimate hi-tech)
Violation glove (hand hi-tech)
Deep ear plugs (worn hi-tech) lost in the sand somewhere Sundown found them, and they should be at the bottom of the ocean now
An old pocketwatch
A gag for night wear

She sleeps bound in a tent with Monk, a vessel who is her protector. They're close and affectionate, but platonic for the time being.
Monk is dead. Sundown is free to do as she likes at night.

At night she turns into Sundown. Sundown wants to kill everyone, but is taking the long way around.

Pity washed up as not quite a blank slate; she's odd as heck, but she's pretty and she likes people.
Cool=0 Hard=+2 Hot+1 Sharp+1 Weird+3

Deep brain scan
In-brain puppet strings
Casual brain receptivity
Direct-brain whisper projection
Deep insights
Advanced Moves:
Read a Person
Open your Brain

Current XP:
[x] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]

Pity has formed the beach community into a small holding. The population is tiny, with only 20-25 souls left after the storm, but we're enthusiastic recruiters, and people throughout the island may be susceptible to our message. We fish, scavenge, and trade, primarily at the Georgetown market. Unfortunately, the population sometimes lacks direction.

__ get +1cool (max cool+2)
x get +1sharp (max sharp+2)
x get +1hard (max hard+2)
x get +1hard (max hard+2)
x get a new brainer move (Casual brain receptivity)
x get a new brainer move (Direct-brain whisper projection)
__ get 2 gigs (detail) and moonlighting
x get a holding (detail) and wealth
x get a move from another playbook (Deep insights)
__ get a move from another playbook
The ungiven future:
__ get +1 to any stat (max stat+3)
__ retire your character (to safety)
__ create a second character to play
__ change your character to a new type
x choose 3 basic moves and advance them. (Seduce/Manipulate, Read a Person, Open your Brain)
x advance the other 4 basic moves. (Do something under fire, go aggro, seize by force, read a sitch)

Surplus: 1-barter, growth
Want: famine
We are currently in surplus.


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    Few who were on the beach when Pity washed up forgot that day. Sometimes, the vessels bring a raft ashore with someone aboard. An outcast, an exile, or just someone unlucky. They may be gibbering, they may be lucid but forgetful, or they may just be empty. They're usually in tattered clothes and have nothing of value. Pity was different.

    There was some commotion when the raft was pulled to shore. Nobody knew quite what to do with the woman in the black leather straighjacket and ballgag, with her ankles locked in leather cuffs chained to the raft. They got her away from the ocean, and one of the handlers took out her gag. "Such a pity..." she mumbled, over and over. When asked what was a pity, she wasn't sure, but at her best guess, it was her. She was a little weird, but she didn't seem dangerous, so they broke her chains, and let her out of the jacket. She stretched, thanked them, and reclined on the beach. Someone else began opening the zippered pockets on her jacket. There were some weird knives that were very sharp, but unsuited to combat. There were some precious stones that could be easily traded. There were some weird earplugs. There was also a glove. "My glove!" she crowed as it was revealed. She put it on, and exclaimed, "It lets me remind people!" When asked what that meant, she placed her gloved left hand on the shoulder of a vessel, and told him of his former life. His wife, who kept out of the water to retain her memory, broke down in tears at the secrets he had long forgotten. She moved among the other vessels who were interested, plubming the depths of their minds for what remained, and everyone was amazed and delighted she had come.

    Few who were on the beach when Pity washed up forgot that day, but noone there forgot that night. They awoke to a commotion on the beach; one of the handlers was sobbing and begging for mercy, all while slowly walking into the water. Pity was standing just beyond the tide, still naked but for her cuffs and glove, cackling and demanding he "return what was hers." Her voice was different. Her movement was different. She seemed focused and determined. A couple of handlers went to see what was going on. She placed her hand one the shoulder of one, and he turned on the spot and punched the other. In the ensuing fracas, she was eventually tackled from behind and pinned. Fearing to touch her gloved hand, a few large men held her down long enough to pound a stake to which her ankle cuffs could be chained. She jerked and screamed and tore at her legs, until the moon went down, and then she passed out. The condition in which she arrived now seemed more reasonable.

    When she woke in the morning, chained to a stake with all eyes on her, she asked what had happened. She seemed to have no memory of the night before; as the tale was related to her, she sobbed and apologized and assumed she'd be exlied or killed. She just wanted to stay, and help people remember. After some discussion, an arrangement was reached. During the day, she would stay on the beach, helping the vessels remember, and implanting important reminders in their minds (how to get home, how to perform difficult tasks, etc.) At night, she would be bound as she was on the raft. To keep her safe (from herself and others,) a burly vessel named Monk was made her guard. He watches over her at night, waiting for her signal (right eye open, left eye closed) to let him know in the morning that she's herself again. He sleeps during the day, and when he wakes in the evening, they spend a lot of time together. They're close, and she's very affectionate with him, but his status as protector has so far prevented things from going any further. She's weird, but she loves the people there, and they appreciate her unique gifts.
  • Interesting. Sounds like a tough life.
  • Yep. I meant for the thread title to also be applicable as a command.
  • Has Pity ever spent the night on the island's interior? How long has she been here?
  • She's been here for probably a couple of years, but she's only spent the night on the interior once. She went to the market with Monk and a handler, but there was a storm, and they ended up staying the night. Some thugs killed the handler, and Monk feigned unconsciousness after a blow to the head. The first of the thugs to take time and intimacy with her flipped out, and killed the other thugs, then himself. Monk plugged his ears and dragged her back to the beach to wash off the blood.
  • If it's cool, since he found out about her soon after he arrived, Gabe's been watching Pity with interest, mostly during the day. But sometimes, he watches her at night, too. From a distance, but with the same level of interest. At first glance, it seems professional and clinical - Gabe wants to heal the lost, Pity can already do it in bits. He takes notes, he talks to people who've talked to her. He talks to her in the light of day sometimes, but only when Monk is asleep.

    But if you watch Gabe or if you know him... you see there's something else he is watching. There's a kind of yearning there, deep in his eyes.

    Is that ok, Max?
  • Yeah, sounds good. Has he ever fallen asleep around her? I'm looking for someone for that, and if anyone wants to dislike or distrust her, that works too, but I'm not sure secretly watching someone makes sense for her, so I think I'm going to skip that Hx option on my sheet. Being secretly watched is just fine, however.
  • So I've been thinking...what's the mechanism by which Pity "reminds" people of lost memories? Where do the memories come from and how does she install them?

    And I'd like to propose answers and see if you're cool with this.

    I want the memories lost to the sea to be really, genuinely lost. They're still out there making up the psychic maelstrom, so you might have access to them. Augury might *actually* give you a lost memory to manipulate. Opening your brain might let you see and interpret the memory soup. Talking to people who know the person you're working on might give you ideas of what their memories might have been like. But under most circumstances, really what you're doing is filling in the blanks. Or maybe they are? Constructing false memories, basically.

    But how? What does in-brain puppet strings do if you command someone to remember something new and artificial? I'm thinking it gives them the choice of letting you have hold over them or incorporating the memory. So it's just a weird application of that move. An alternative would be something custom.

  • My thought was, deep brain scan, and then try to interpret what comes up in as positive as light as possible. "What are your secret pains?" "I left behind a loving family." "In your former life, you cared for and helped those who were important to you." If the memories aren't in their brains to scan, then something custom seems more appropriate, via augury or other means. The idea of implanting false memories using puppet strings sounds great in a sort of "I'm just trying to help but what I'm doing could be seen as kind of horrible if people knew about it or I abused it" way, so exploring that would be fun.
  • Posted By: Max BYeah, sounds good. Has he ever fallen asleep around her? I'm looking for someone for that, and if anyone wants to dislike or distrust her, that works too, but I'm not sure secretly watching someone makes sense for her, so I think I'm going to skip that Hx option on my sheet. Being secretly watched is just fine, however.
    Gave totally napped out a few nights while studying her.
  • I was kind of digging the idea that Pity retrieves memories through Deep Brain Scan. That would mean that, generally, they're fairly unpleasant memories, since the move's scope is limited, so that puts a kind of a bitter taste on it: memories are returning, ok, but it's the memory of my lowest moment or whatever.
  • Yeah, that was my thought as well. All the memories she gets suck, and she has to try to make them into something worth telling people about.
  • OK, sure. Deep brain scan can do that at least while they still have some memories. And maybe there are other ways that you haven't really thought of.
  • Sounds like the interior of this island is going to be a battle torn power struggle, while the coast is this odd, quiet, and introspective place full of strangeness.
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    Posted By: Christopher WeeksAnd maybe there are other ways that you haven't really thought of.
    Sounds like custom stuff to me. The ungiven future's always nice to look forward to.
  • Sounds like the interior of this island is going to be a battle torn power struggle, while the coast is this odd, quiet, and introspective place full of strangeness.
    Kind of enforced, really. If you're close enough to the water to get wet, all that power struggle stuff suddenly stops seeming so important ...

    Of course, that's absolutely something we should play up.
  • Hmm, occurred to me the gang may fear to go near the water, they send me, I'm already lost.
  • Max, if Pity were in a movie, do you have an idea who would play her? I find that if I have a gauge on the "actor" playing a character, it helps my mental image of them.
  • Hmm. Summer Glau comes to mind, but I'm thinking less slight, crazier hair, and more experessive. So maybe somebody else? Charlize Theron? I'll see if anybody else comes to mind.
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    Maybe this pic of Summer back in her River Tam days?

    Or maybe this more recent one where she looks... off?

  • Re-read that, cool. Yeah why did I think you slept on a raft... Maybe I don't trust you.
  • Yeah, her smiling is closer. Pity smiles a lot during the day. I'm still thinking frizzy hair.
  • When I use a move on Pity that has lasting effects, like it gives me hold over her, do I treat her as one person or two people? Say I use Visionary, or I plan on getting Hypnotic momentarily, and I'm being inspiring or fascinating at day Pity. Does that carry over to night Pity? Or do I track hold separately for the two personae?
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    I'd like to give night Pity a separate name, and track her separately, if that's okay. Assuming she gets to talk at some point, she'll express disgust at the name, and ask for something that makes her seem like less of a victim. Best thing I see in the book is Sundown, so I can add that now or after the conversation.
  • I've actually been thinking of her as Sundown!
  • Yeah, that's how I like it too.
  • Added Deep Insights.
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    Is Hx going to be the same between Pity and Sundown?
  • I think we determined we were going to add a new line to the table once it changes, but it hasn't changed yet.
  • Once it changes?

    Also, if we are going to do that -- I take that to mean that you're committed to them being fairly distinct personae. I'm thinking they each maintain distinct hold. Yeah?
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