[The Island] Gabe the Angel

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Name: Gabe

Cool +2 Hard +1 Hot = +1* Sharp +2* Weird +1
* - highlighted

Harm - 1

* Professional Compassion (you can choose to roll+sharp instead of roll+Hx when you help someone who’s rolling.)
* Healing Touch
* Easy to Trust (Operator Move - When you try to seduce or manipulate another player’s character, roll+Hx instead of roll+hot. An NPC, roll+cool instead of roll+hot.)
* Infirmary (you get an infirmary, a workspace with life support, a drug lab and a crew of 2 (Shigusa & Mox, maybe). Get patients into it and you can work on them like a savvyhead on tech (cf).)
* Oftener Right (Savvyhead Move: When a character comes to you for advice, tell them what you honestly think the best course is. If they do it, they take +1 to any rolls they make in the doing, and you mark an experience circle)
* Advance Three Basic Moves: Read a Person, Read a Situation, Seduce or Manipulate a Person
* Custom Move - One Gabe-two bodies
* Custom Move - Servant of the Island - Session 4 Favor Count +0
(When you are a Servant of The Island keep a pool of favor that starts with 1 in it. At the beginning of each session roll+weird. If you get a 10+, add +2favor. If you get a 7-9, add +1. On a 6- you take none this session. You may spend favor any time you attempt to render aid to someone, after you roll. A point of favor turns a 6- into a 7-9 or a 7-9 into a 10+. If The Island gives you direction and you refuse to serve, trying to accomplish anything else is acting under fire. )

+0 with Brick, +1 with Pity, +2 with Pandora, +3 with Sundown and +1 with Rhyme
+2 with Merry,

experience (X) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) >>improve
__ get +1sharp (max sharp+3)
X get +1cool (max cool+2)
__ get +1hard (max hard+2)
X get +1hard (max hard+2)
X get +1weird (max weird+2)
X get a new angel move
__ get a new angel move
__ get 2 gigs (detail) and moonlighting
X get a move from another playbook
X get a move from another playbook
X get +1 to any stat (max stat+3)
__ retire your character (to safety)
__ create a second character to play
__ change your character to a new type
X choose 3 basic moves and advance them.
__ advance the other 4 basic moves.
X Custom Move

XP Earned : 46 total earned, 9 advances taken
(Session/Scene): (1/1), (1/1), (1/2),(1/4),(1/4), (1/5), (1/5), (2/1), (2/1), (2/1), (2/1), (2/3), (2/3), (2/3 when I begged for one from ML), (2/3 when I gave Rh earplugs for Pi), (2/3), (2/3), (2/3), (2/3 geting one from Rh for a good read on Su), (2/3 fulfilled Su's manip), (3/3 for Weird healing), (3/3 for Acting Under Fire), (3/3 for Cool used for Manip), (3/3 for Cool used for Manip), (3/4 Weird used for 2nd Venom heal), (3/5, 3/5 two Weirds for Augury use twice), (3/4 Weird for another Augury), (3/6 Weird for an opening of the brain), (3/7 seizing a gun by force), (3/10 giving in to Pity's Seduction), (3/10 for giving into Sundown's Manipulate), (3/7 making a Weird roll for augury), (3/12 making a Weird roll for Healing Touch), (3/12 rolled Sundown's Hx over when I took Harm from healing her), (3/12 giving in to Sundown's Seduction), (post session 3 reset of Hx with Rhyme when he gave me +1 Hx), (post session 3 reset of Hx with Pity when she gave me +1 Hx), 4/1 Reading Clove, 4/3 Reading the military guys who took Pan away, 4/5 Healing Venom (with a 10!), 4/6 Reading Tarantula, 4/6 Reading Sitch, 4/6 Reading mechanic girl, 4/6 trying to Manip Staple (the mechanic girl), 4/7 Rhyme gave Gabe an XP for doing something he liked (ouchstone thing), 4/8 Read a Sitch (failed)

Look: Man, utility wear, haggard face, clear eyes and big body
Gabe is twenty-four years old

Gear: Angel Kit, stun gun
Angel Kit Stock: 2
Gabe was trained by a old vet... that's a veterinarian, not a war vet. He continually seeks more knowledge about medicine, trading barter for books and instruments, but it is never enough. He never has enough supplies to keep everyone from being lost and sick. It has begun to wear on him. But that struggle has been compounded by his recent discovery of his power to lay on hands. He has no idea where it came from or why he can do it or what it means. It scares the heck out of him. He imagines that he is taking on their ailments each time, but what he doesn't know is that he is truly risking his and his patient's brain to the psychic maelstrom. When he loses in that struggle and does great harm to a patient, if that ever happens, it will tear him up inside.

Gabe grew up on the beaches here and was friends with Rhyme. When they were younger, they built a brick house together. But Gabe became restless and left to go inland, away from the surf and waves. That's when he met up with the vet (funny how Gabe can't remember his name... he just called him the vet, he recalls). They worked together until the raiders came. Gabe watched as his mentor and friend was killed. After hiding, he gathered what supplies he could carry and wandered back to the beach.

A few months ago, Gabe found a boy who had been cut up by someone and he was able to draw out the boy's pain and heal him. The experience left Gabe scared and disoriented. He's kept it quiet for the most part, telling only his old friend Rhyme. And the ocean.

That day when Gabe "magically" healed the boy (his name was Orange Julius), he went down to tell the ocean because he hoped it would take it away from him. Instead, one of the lost overheard him, an old fisherman called Grip, a gnarled and calloused man with a paunch and a permanent sunburn.

Grip clapped him on the back like an old fishing chum, laughed at his pain and said, "Jess, you don't know a good thing when you see it. You've caught the big one you've been fishing for all your life and you're whining about not having a big enough boat to carry it home. Be careful nobody hear you complaining, they might steal your fish."

Through tears escaping his eyes unbidden, Gabe saw Grip's words as comfort and wisdom. Its been the one thing he holds onto amidst his fear of his growing power.

Soon after finding out about his "healing power", Gabe heard about Pity and her Weird powers. He's spent what little time he has when he isn't healing or patching up gang members or working with Merry or trading for books just watching Pity and doodling in his notebook. He thinks she is fascinating. He sees her power as a way to help the lost cope with their own pain, by giving them a sense of purpose in their darkness.

He also thinks Pity could help him understand his own power. When he's honest with himself, Gabe also thinks he's stupid for finding her power so attractive, like he's some kind of firefly attracted to a honking big bug zapper.

Gabe spent some time listening to Always, which put him in an odd place between the two major Weird powers. Gabe found both of them compelling in their own ways, but Always gave up his power to Pity and now his importance has diminished.


  • I like the bug zapper thing. It sounds like Gabe wasn't around when Pity washed up. Does he know about that night? If not, why does he think she sleeps the way she does?
  • Good question!

    Gabe wasn't there, but he's heard stories. He isn't sure if he believes them. Would Gabe have seen Pity do anything on the beach at night after that point? Because I'm totally cool with Gabe walking into the Pity trap with no clue. Its like a scene from a horror movie with the dumb teen seeing alll the signs of the axe murderer but continuing to walk forward and we're all screaming at him, "Are you stupid? Why are you trusting this madwoman? You're going to buy it, you mo-mo!!!" and then throwing popcorn and never looking away.

    Or not. Even if Gabe has seen things Pity has done, he'll still find her daytime strength compelling. But then the nightmare Pity will continue to haunt him and his own perceptions of his growing power.
  • I think nightmare Pity actually being able to accomplish anything beyond twitching is pretty rare. If you read what Chris asked in the Pity thread, she once killed some thugs on the interior of the island, but for the most part, Monk takes good care to keep her from hurting anybody. I like the idea that it's been a while since anything happened, and Gabe's never seen it, so maybe he doesn't believe it.
  • Sounds cool to me, Max.
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    Posted By: orklordGabe watched as his mentor and friend was killed. After hiding, he gathered what supplies he could carry and wandered back to the beach.
    So when Merry killed the Vet, Gabe, did you see that? That must have sucked...
  • Posted By: octoscott
    So when Merry killed the Vet, Gabe, did you see that? That must have sucked...
    Gabe TOTALLY saw it, he watched the gangers egg Merry on, watched her kill the vet, too. Then he ran like all heck.

    Later when Gabe ended up on the same beach as Merry and her gang (that's how he thought of them), he considered taking vengeance on Merry. That was, until he watched her, saw how the gang treated her, saw how lost she was. Now he just feels sorry for her. Of course, he'd still take a cheap shot or two at the gang of he thought he could get away with it.
  • Max, I was re-reading this thread and saw I didn't answer your follow-up question.
    Posted By: Max BI like the bug zapper thing. It sounds like Gabe wasn't around when Pity washed up. Does he know about that night? If not, why does he think she sleeps the way she does?
    If Gabe doesn't really believe Pity was a nightmare that night... then he figures it was a misunderstanding. Maybe she was crazed, hungry, something. She probably fought them, maybe hurt one of them. Who knows? When starved and hurt, people act like animals. He's seen it happen.

    So then why would Gabe let them continue to chain up Pity?

    Part of him believes them, that her Weird powers make her a monster. The same part of him fears his own healing power, too. He's afraid to say anything to them, to speak up for her. What if they found out about his power? Would they chain him up and drai him dry making him heal them all, keep them young, dance on a string? That healing power isn't fun, it hurts. Its scary, those voices, the thrumming of the surf he hears pounding in his ears.

    But most of him doesn't believe them. He's studying her, but he's also "watching out" for her. If anyone tries to attack her and Gabe sees it, he'll put his stun gun to use. He's also curious about Monk. What is their relationship really? Gabe's a bit of a voyeur in that aspect, it seems.
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    That's awesome. Gabe being afraid of his own "gift" should provoke cool interactions.

    The way I envision the Monk relationship is that he's pretty far gone, but now that he stays out of the water, he can retain an implicitly implanted command of "protect me (from others and myself.)" He watches her sleep, and when he wakes up, Pity spends most of the time around him, trying to ensure that he feels appreciated. He works at night guarding her, she works during the day on people's memories and implanted commands, and in the evening they spend time just hanging around doing whatever bored beach people do. It's maybe unclear whether he has enough going on to realize that she's important to the community in a different way than fishing, but she's closer to him than anyone else, and he probably at least recognizes that she's grateful.
  • That's awesome. Gabe being afraid of his own "gift" should provoke cool interactions.
    Particularly as I'm unrestrainedly enthusiastic about it.
  • Posted By: Michael Loy
    That's awesome. Gabe being afraid of his own "gift" should provoke cool interactions.
    Particularly as I'm unrestrainedly enthusiastic about it.
    Yeah, that's going to give Gabe fits.
  • Well, you know. I have conjugal visits with my ex-girlfriend in my dreams, and I regularly talk with the psychic maelstrom. Clearly, I have a different tolerance for weird than you.

    Maybe we've figured out why Gabe's been avoiding the family for most of the last decade ... the rest of us were starting to get a little too experimental for his tastes?
  • Posted By: Michael LoyWell, you know. I have conjugal visits with my ex-girlfriend in my dreams, and I regularly talk with the psychic maelstrom. Clearly, I have a different tolerance for weird than you.

    Maybe we've figured out why Gabe's been avoiding the family for most of the last decade ... the rest of us were starting to get a little too experimental for his tastes?
    That makes a boatload of sense to me. Gabe is freaked out by Rhyme and the family, but he's got no place else to go. :)
  • Rich, it doesn't sound, necessarily that everyone thinks of Gabe as like, "the doctor," does he see patients? he doesn't have a fixed infirmary so wondered if people would run for him when someone is injured, or is it not like that.
  • Man this Gabe guy sounds like a stone cold pushover! 'Oh you killed my mentor but it's okay, you're pretty! I mean, innocent! I feel really bad for you!' 'Oh you're a psychopath half of the time and you take great joy in messing with people's memories? Well I've never seen you do a bad thing so I bet you're actually really nice!' 'Oh you lead a band of savage, murderous lunatics, who were also responsible for my mentor's death? Well at least you split from the OTHER band of savage, murderous lunatics -- I'm on your side!' It's a wonder this guy still has all his limbs!

    (Delivered with love. But I definitely want to see what happens down the line when somebody gives this guy a gun that shoots real bullets.)
  • @octoscott I imagine Gabe has to earn his keep and he can't ignore the oath he took with the vet that he should "never do harm to another". People come to him when they feel bad and he helps.

    @Daniel we will see.
  • Other than Scott, I've never gamed with any of you. And Scott and I have just recently played PTA over Skype, so we're still getting used to each other's styles (Scott is darn fun to game with over Skype, btw).

    I've never played over a forum.

    I thought I'd type up a bit about what I'm thinking about Gabe as a PC and also wanted to make sure you all knew I'm a PBF noob, so please do help me out if I'm off base. And try to avoid talking over my head if you can.

    There's this thing about playing Apocalypse World for me - I'm drawn to playing hopeful characters more than playing the "badass" character type. I see Gabe basically as a good person at the outset, but also a person who has let the excuse of his occupation allow him to watch and not take action. As others have astutely noted, Gabe has meandered about "helping people" but avoiding attachments and commitments.

    I want to explore what it would take for Gabe to step up, to really commit to something or someone and make a stand on his beliefs. Feel free to push him, to abuse him if needed. I am okay if he fails or falls short of the man he should be at times.
  • Since we're talking about clothing, Gabe normally wears a set of worn scrubs that are sweat and blood stained. They're in no way hospital clean, but The Vet taught him that looking like a doctor tricks people into treating you like a doctor.

    He has a stethoscope, too. But he only uses that in his "office". Which, he doesn't have since he moved. So, its stashed at Rhyme and the Family's house in his old room alongside all the medical books he's been collecting (all three of them).
  • Where did The Vet live?
  • Good question. He would have had to live somewhere Nbeke and her gang would go raiding, but not normally in their territory so that killing the vet isn't crapping where you eat. I'd need to look at the map and think about where Nbeke's gang would be. Anyone have suggestions?
  • The raider gangs are based on the southern half of the island and Nbeke used Wideawake as a base of operations. The Vet could have lived in Georgetown or been one of the loners or an adjunct to the raiders -- they're fucking hyenas, don't assume they won't kill their own, or he could have lived out on the north side among the weirdos.
  • For some reason, it is becoming clear to me how small this island is.

    I'm cool with The Vet being from Georgetown if you like. I was imagining that when Gabe left Rhyme and the family, he traveled more than an hour's walk. Makes me think of a kid who ran away from home and ended up at the corner grocery, bought a pop and a candy bar, then went home when he got sleepy. That wasn't what I had in mind originally.
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    You didn't necessarily go straight there, might have wandered inland, across the island's center or up in the hills, back down to the beach and eventually found your way.
  • Ooh, I like that. Or maybe The Vet works a circuit. Like a tinker wagon, except he fixes broken people. I like that. So, Georgetown was one of his frequent stops.
  • No, I don't want him to be from Georgetown. I think being one of the northern weirdo loners makes the most sense. But it's totally your call.
  • Let's go with northern weirdo loner. That works for me.
  • It's come up twice now. I don't think Gabe is *an* angel. I don't want there to be this class of people that are known in-game as angels. He might be *the* angel as part of the local vernacular -- maybe just among the beach folk or some of the people on your old circuit called you and The Vet angels. Or that terminology might not exist at all. Is that OK?

    It's fascinating to me. Out of several games I've played, the angel is almost universally referred to in-game -- at least occasionally, that way. The Savvyhead is less frequently so and not a single of the other ones is EVER. I wonder why.
  • So, referring to Gabe as an angel bothers you? OK, well, I guess I find medic a boring term, even if that's all he is sans Weird. But whaevs, maybe he'll keep saying "doctor".
  • So, something else weird, yeah, it was bothering me and now it's like totally not. So, I guess I'm being capricious, but you can do it however you like. Sorry. :)
  • Doctor works. Let's move on.
  • Posted By: Christopher WeeksGabe, I get the idea that you don't open your brain too much -- you seem uncomfortable with the psychic maelstrom. Seems reasonable to me. But on those occasions when you do open up to it...What's it like?
    When Gabe opens himself to the psychic maelstrom, its a frightening cacophonous mess. Regardless of his focus or calrity when he opens his brain, he is assaulted with the piteous wailings and pains of all of the surrounding souls, present and past. All of their suffering and hurts and loss screaming, wailing and pulling at Gabe's psyche. The one time this didn't tear Gabe apart was when Gabe healed Orange Julius. Gabe didn't even realize he was opening his brain because when he did, he heard familiar voices and concentrated on them while everything else became a hum. Those voices knew how to "fix" the kid when Gabe used his Move to heal him. It was like working with them, like being with his family when he was a kid, working on building sandcastles or playing games together.

    Only after the experience did Gabe remember the noise of the hum and associate it with his previous horrors. Then he decided he wouldn't put himself at risk like that again and he hid that power away from the world.
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