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This thread has changed. This is now a place for y'all to post things about people and places. The kind of stuff that you've been posting, any things that I've missed or any things that you'd like me to add to the encyclopedic threads.


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  • I'm crawling across all our threads so far, trying to pick out people and places and adding things from my own notes that I was working up before y'all went nuts developing the situation. I might get more of this done this weekend -- I'll try.
  • There's a 2-gun battery of these at Cross Hill.

    They're old, but they have a range of 16.25 km (in what I assume are ideal conditions). They're set up as coastal defense guns, covering approaches to Georgetown, but it's probably conceivable for someone to free them up and turn them to drop indirect fire pretty much anywhere on the island ...
  • Posted By: Michael LoyThere's a 2-gun battery oftheseat Cross Hill.

    They're old, but they have a range of 16.25 km (in what I assume are ideal conditions). They're set up as coastal defense guns, covering approaches to Georgetown, but it's probably conceivable for someone to free them up and turn them to drop indirect fire pretty much anywhere on the island ...
    Holy crap!
  • I see a lot of very unfortunate uses for an ocean-water-fed swimming hole, personally. A controlled environment that wipes people's memories is pretty useful, even if only to local gangs and violent types.

    Is Georgetown part of a larger political structure (a holding), or is it like, a more reactive community of people in houses and nearby shepherds/goat-herders?

    One possibility is that it could have been Nbeke's holding, but after her attempt at some kind of power grab it has basically been forcibly dissolved/dismantled by the other political power groups. Then again it's not clear what Georgetown has to offer, politically, besides the grazing land for the goats and what I assume is the largest collection of pre-apocalyptic building/living materials.
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    Green Mountain is pretty awesome, as are the volcanic fields. I was reading about the introduction of external species to the mountain (way back in the pre-apocalypse days) -- maybe that could be spun into some proper apocalyptica. An invasive species that responds to some of the apocalyptic conditions?

    When I saw the picture of the volcanic terrain I immediately imagined some kind of environmental interaction there: at first, I was thinking maybe the formations were psychic scrapers/scrubbers, somehow responsible for cleaning the ocean-saturated air in the same way trees recycle CO2 out of the atmosphere -- or maybe acting as psychic antennae and pulling specific sort of memories or thoughts out of the maelstrom, which then create localized phenomenon.

    But then, reading about Green Mountain it also seemed like it would be neat if the aforementioned invasive species grew in these otherwise-desolate lava-fields. You can certainly imagine some kind of vine twining around the rocks, or a rock-boring mushroom/myconid species that has coated some of the fields. Presumably these two concepts could be combined as well. Maybe there is a plant that grows there, and so it has started to take on strange psychic properties as a result of the scrubbing.

    Edit: A further variation: the volcanic terrain itself becomes plantlike and begins to grow, in response to the maelstrom. It could grow plant-like, becoming an environmental concern, or it could grow +weird-like, creating indecipherable-but-clearly-symbolic structures based on memories, etc. Compare for example to the surface of the planet in Solaris.
  • Also interesting, from the Wikipedia article, is the airstrip on Ascension Island being designated as an emergency landing strip for the space shuttle. Never used as such in modern history, of course, but who knows what could have happened during the apocalypse. There also appears to be some kind of NASA telemetry station on the island?
  • Yes, though by the time of our game it has been dismantled. No more need for the Eastern Range and the antennae were something that Babcock wanted at Relay.
  • Oh, for sure, I assume everything has been dismantled at least once by now.

    I am trying to figure out where on the island Always' community of Lost are living. I imagine it's somewhere with relatively sandy beaches and possibly some mostly-wrecked boat-launching/docking facilities, since they are mostly a community of fishermen. I was thinking there might be nearby vegetation/shade, but looking at the island itself that seems unlikely. Probably it's more interesting to figure out who/what is nearby.

    In any case, there is probably some sort of nearby road access so that other groups can come and trade for the fish/'bycatch'. I'm guessing this group is the largest single community of Lost on the island -- which isn't saying a lot, except that their 'market' could be a hub for other nearby traders (including unaffiliated Lost/handlers) as well.
  • One comment I had about the People & Places, generally -- which branches out of the conversation about threats/weirdness on the main prep thread -- is that they seem maybe a little too stable/non-predatory. Now obviously we've established that there was a major conflict a year or so ago, but I'd like to hear more about how these different groups inflict their particular brand of savagery/weirdness on other inhabitants. The little bit about people stealing goats from the Georgies is a good example of what I'm thinking of -- whereas the part about Two Boats eating their own dead, while creepy, doesn't really imply any interaction or trouble for anyone else. Both Two Boats and the Relay seem very 'over here, ignoring everyone, doing our thing' -- the Greenies as well, except that they represent a sort of weird/apocalyptic threat with the fog and the advance of potentially dangerous greenery.

    But for all these groups, I'd like to eventually learn more about what happens when they leave their own places -- what do they lack, what do they exploit others to achieve, what scarcity makes them dangerous savages, etc. This isn't something that I need to know before play starts, necessarily, just something that I noticed and I am interested about in play. Even apparently-isolationist communities should hopefully be exerting a powerful influence on the rest of the island, one way or another.
  • I agree that it seems like if you stay near the beach, you're mindless but safe.

    Maybe we just need a big threat on the beach pushing us further inland and encroaching on all these known troubles?
  • For one, I think the people of the interior, gangs, raiders, etc, constantly prey on the "helpless" lost. Was how Merry became a slave, essentially. I imagine it's very common, if not constant for the raiders to swing in, "Seven Samurai" style and demand their tribute, bust a head or two to make their point and disappear back into the interior. Take their food, their clothing and other products, and their women, likely.
  • Good catch. I'm imagining stability and status quo.
  • Posted By: orklordI agree that it seems like if you stay near the beach, you're mindless but safe.
    That's the whole point of the Lost, yes. The big threat on the beach is the ocean and its effects. We don't need a second big threat on the beach.

    Not that absolutely everybody leaves the Lost alone, not at all -- they have to deal with trading and with violent raids and exploitation and such as well, certainly -- but overall the beaches do have to be more superficially peaceful, or the whole incentive to become Lost goes out the window. Some people do this voluntarily, to get away from the horribleness that is required to 'make it' inland. Not that it's an easy tradeoff -- your mind for a bit more peace and quiet and economic ease -- but it does have to at least appear that way sometimes.

    I think gangs demanding tribute makes sense -- that's part of the 'barter' the Lost do with their fish and salvage -- but outright raids would be less common because then the people demanding tribute in an organized, nonviolent way get pissed off. You don't rob the bank where the mafia store their money, after all. And of course all of this ebbs and flows depending on what is going on with the gangs and other holdings, and what is going on with the Lost.
  • Yeah that's fair, Daniel. Many of the raiders and such are plain afraid to go to the beach anyway, but the occasional desperate raid makes sense.
  • Absolutely. And in general it sounds like the raiders are more likely to be violent or desperate or both. I am curious about what makes Two Boats desperate, or what makes Relay desperate. (And as mentioned I am happy to find out in-game.)
  • Posted By: orklordFor MB, I'm thinking it is short for Milton Bradley.

    MB wears loose-fitting camo pants that have been cut down to long shorts and a threadbare shirt that he rarely buttons. He carries a flare gun and a compound bow with arrows he cuts himself and slung over his back is a machete in a sharkskin sleeve. He has a thick islander's accent that makes him hard to understand (think Jamaican, but don't want people to feel forced to write in dialect). MB is cut and well-defined, an obvious and natural warrior. He isn't the smartest tool in the shed, but he's a powerful tool.
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    Has everyone here seen the 1989 movie called The Blood of Heroes with Rutger Hauer, Delroy Lindo, Joan Chen and a really young Vincent Dinofrio? It was released in Austraila with the name of Juggers as well, I think. I love that flick. I want to bite off of it for Road. Remember the blonde gal in that movie, the jugger with a messed up face on one side (my google-fu didn't help me find a pic), some old scars from some wild animal that she hides with a scarf looped over, dirty blonde hair, a wiry body; as a nod to the movie, she carries a metal rod with a hook on one side that she wields with deadly force.
  • Some NPCs that I've introduced, with a what-I-had-in-mind precis for the MC to expand on/fuck with as desired.

    Pringles is one of Always' Followers, a handler who lives next door on the beach. He's older, and has been on the beach awhile.
    Yip Yip and Pringles are a couple. Yip Yip is not a Follower, and is perhaps not so impressed with Pringles' devotion to the cult.
    Snaps is Pringles & Yip Yip's Lost, and one of Always' Followers. We don't know much about Snaps yet.

    Havana is another of Always' Followers. Havana made Always a nice rug for his place -- I figure he's a weaver on the beach, he may also be taking care of a Lost as well.
    Twinkie, also a Follower and member of the larger beach community. He seems to be the closest thing we have to a cook.

    Mikado is a mechanic in the main Lost beach community. She's in charge of fixing up boats, organizing scavenged parts, and that sort of thing.

    Pinnafore is a part-time scavenger and part-time marketeer/dealer who lives on the outskirts of Georgetown. He and Mikado are siblings, so he tends to cut the beachfolk a square deal. At least, as far as Always knows.
  • I'm totally stealing this premise for an IRL game. Hope you don't mind!
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    I finally found a pic of Anna Katerina (the girl who played Big Cimber in Blood of Heroes) but all of the pics of her are the wrong age for Road. I looked at her facial structure and I think Rose Byrne could do in a pinch to play her. So imagine the following girl with a scarred up left side of her face:
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