[Polaris] Thou Art But a Warrior



  • Sounds good to me. Nice and simple.
  • Here are the images for the different roles, unless anyone objects.

    image (star)

    image (infidel)

    image (moon)

    image (heart)
  • So, most people probably know this, but in case you don't, here's how to put these in your posts with html. First, right click on the image you want and select "copy image location". Then, at the start of your post, paste the image url. On either side of it, you need to put some html tags. It should look like:

    There should be a way to center the image as well, which would look cool. I can't remember the html for that at the moment though. Anyone know?
  • <center><img src="http://flickr.com/theurlyouwant.jpg"></center>

    I'm willing to be the starting Heart or Infidel. I'll leave it to rugrsi which he wants to start as.
  • Also, if we want to do all scenes in one thread. I recommend that we mark the end of the last post of the scene with an <hr> like so. Or perhaps do it in a separate post. This should help us if we read back through the thread.

  • Simon, those images are great. Better than I had imagined. I'm wondering if they should just be smaller (half that size). If each post has an image the bandwidth might add up slowing page loading time.

    Dave, I'd be happy to start as the Infidel.

    Did we want to do any Cosmos mixing (consolidating the Star and Moon characters, sharing them between PC's etc...)?

    Has someone made a wiki page yet?
  • Two identical image links, shouldn't load more than once. At least that's how I believe a decent browser handles it.

    Is there a wiki for Snail's Pace yet?

    I'm happy with the Cosmos as is, but I'll hold off starting an in-game thread until everyone signs off.
  • I started a wiki here but I don't like the lay out. Plus everyone would have to register and join my group before they could edit pages--which is a pain.
    Seedwiki looks better, but I can't seem to register. I'll keep working on it.
  • Cosmos is fine as is. We can cross pollinate in game. :)
  • Ok, as a wiki noob go easy on me. I think I've got the above wiki open to editing by anyone. I've made some basic pages for each character. Warrior Wiki

    Are we ready to start the first scene then?
  • Go for it!
  • Alright I started an in-game thread over here. I tried to start it off with a bang.
  • Awesome! Thanks for getting us started Dave.
  • I thought we would weave the conflict right into the in-game thread. If you guys don't like that, then I can move it over here.
  • Yeah, the in-game thread is where the conflict belongs. Bold the key phrases like you did and once the conflict is over, post a rewritten scene so it is clear what actually happened after the wrangling is done.
  • And that's worth an experience roll. :-)

    #DiceRoller( 1d6 )
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    No advance

    rugrsi, do you mind summing that up?
  • Dave,
    Help me stumble through the rules here.
    Since you did not gain experience you get to refresh all Themes-- hence, the theme you used will be refreshed. Just for narrative purposes, which theme did you exhaust?
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    Comment from a lurker (since a drift to the Audience thread probably wouldn't help).

    No themes were exhausted - there is nothing to refresh. Only a "You ask far too much" and "And furthermore" exhaust themes.
  • RusRus
    edited October 2007
    Ah, thanks!
    To sum up, from my understanding.

    We had:

    1) I described "Hafiz's words" convincing Faruq that he should by cynical about Abu and those types.

    2) Dave's but only ifthen described Faruq knowing Hafiz's true intent.

    3) My but only if established that intent as Hafiz's desire to bed a dhimmi woman.

    Dave's it shall not come to pass negate 2 and 3.

    If he had succeeded we would start up again at point 1.

    Faruq failed the dice roll. Target of 1 or lower on a 1d6 - weariness(0). He earned an experience check. So all of 1-3 are established still.

    Since we established "Hafiz's words" creating cynicism in Faruq, would that earn another experience check. (pg 11, "knight acts in a way that indicates . . . cynicism.") Or does that get bundled in the conflict resolution?
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    Minor point, "It shall not come to pass" would not have negated the first "But Only If" if it had succeeded. It only was opposing the latest statement.

    The experience check for the failed roll should not have any impact on any experience checks for in-game actions. The two are independent.
  • Yeah I agree with Garvey, only #3 would have been negated if I had succeeded. As for further experience checks, I think that is at the discretion of the group.
  • The Moon votes that an experience check is called for. Star, do you concur?
  • Sure. I mean, I'm not sure I understand, but it seems resonable.
  • By popular demand, I'll roll for experience again.

    #DiceRoller( 1d6)
  • And still no advance.
  • Well to make it clear for you Simon, a character roles for experience when one of two things happens.

    The Heart loses a roll in a conflict. It does not matter who called for the roll.


    The Knight acts in a way that indicates sympathy for the infidels, or an agent of the Infidel,
    hatred of a Muslim, hatred of the taifa, apathy, callousness, doubt, cynicism, or despair.

    In this instance both things happened in rapid succession and so Dave asked if Faraq being so callous as to allow the muladi to be framed counted towards an experience roll.

    However, I just noticed this in the rules:

    If there is disagreement about what constitutes experience, the Infidel gets to make the final decision.

    So should our our little democracy deadlock in future, we know who calls the shots.
  • Ok, cool scene. Who wants up next?
  • I'm next on the list... Do I use any key phrases for starting the scene?
  • Long ago, a great civilization stood at the brink of destruction. But hope was not yet lost, for Ishaq still served Allah and his people. And so it was... then fill in here with the scene. We'll take it from there. :)
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