[The Island] Good morning, Pity and Gabe! [Pi 1.1] [Ga 1.1]

Pity and Gabe

Gabe, you're asleep in the house you share with Rhyme, Cassa, Road and MB, right? I get the sense that the "rooms" are mostly just partitions within the larger space, but they do mark areas that fall under the stewardship of certain individuals. So you're in your driftwood and cloth-walled room and someone's shaking you awake. It's hard to see in here with no lights lit, but you figure out after a moment that it's Monk -- the big guy that takes care of Pity. He's got blood on his chest and hands. He seems pretty mellow for someone who's bloody and waking a medic, but y'know how these vessels are. And he leaves your room and then heads out the front door of the house.

What do you do?

(Pity, please hold...)


  • Gabe starts awake and as he is processing Monk's appearance, he grabs his gear (including his stethoscope and stun gun) and a worn yellow book with half the cover ripped off that still reads:
    "st Aid

    (I am perfectly happy to roll to make sure I grab all my gear as Doing Something Under Fire if you want to make me roll for it).

    Gabe will head out after Monk, yelling, "Show me where she is and let's hustle, man!"
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    (If you leave your crap all over the place, then you can roll and succeed or fail, it'll take a while to get going. If you're kinda more professional about your equipment, then I think having to roll for it is a stretch.)

    Gabe, Monk walks back to the tent he shares with Pity. You hear muffled cries from inside as you approach -- it's hard to tell what's happening from the sound but she's clearly conscious.

    Pity, fifteen or twenty minutes ago, you woke up in agony -- there were several points all over your body experiencing sharp and severe pains. It seems that a family of crabs came into the tent and just started digging into you for no particular reason. They seem to have neglected Monk. Maybe you smell better or worse or something. Anyway, you cried out to the best of your ability and Monk started attending to your plight with vigor, killing crabs with his bare hands until they were off you. You're bleeding all over from messily-bruised lacerations. Take 1 harm AP*. Monk didn't unbind you, but after the crabs were demolished, he left.

    Are you doing anything Pity -- before Monk returns with Gabe? There's not much you can do, of course, but you have the time to try something if you want.

    * I realize this is kind of pushing good taste for the starting scene, but I'm gambling that you'll be OK with it.
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    Why are the crabs so mean? I want to be their friend. At least Monky was there. I wonder if maybe there's something wrong today. Sometimes I see better with my eyes closed. I close my eyes, and I can see the beach. It's not this beach, though. There aren't any people on it. I don't remember where it is. Sometimes, if I watch it for a while, something will wash up. Or sometimes, something's already there, and it gets washed away. I hope that doesn't happen. I've seen it wash away people before, and then...I hope that doesn't happen.

    ETA: Do we have a harm thread? Also, I'm fine with getting hosed a bit, I kind of built the character for that.
  • Open brain:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • Looks like it's not going to be a good day for Pity.
  • (I'm going to choose that Gabe hasn't been very organized since he moved back into Rhyme's house.)

    Doing something under fire:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • Gabe scrambles around for a minute gathering his gear and throwing it into an wrinkled plastic grocery bag and stumbles out after Monk.

    If Monk leads Gabe to Pity, he will immediately try to Read Pity.
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    Pity, you close your eyes and sort of relax a part of your brain and your inner beach comes into focus. Is that the beach you lived on before you came to the island? There are children playing on the beach and you're sure that one of them is Monk when he was a child. it's hard to think of him as a little kid, but obviously everyone was, once. The kids are running up and down the sand as the surf rolls in, daring each other to get closer. All of a sudden, the kid behind little Monk hits him in the head with a bag of rocks and shells and Monk goes down, bleeding. He's still as the surf rolls in; over him; back out. And again. This time, it's Monk that washes away and you're panicked as you come back to this "real" beach in your tent, your heart is racing but you're gagged and bound and you can't save him and you're in substantial pain. And did I mention that you're panicked? It sucks!
  • Gabe, as you scramble around for your equipment, it's all over the place. Maybe if Monk would talk to you, you'd know what to get but he's silent on the matter. So, you can either take time and maybe miss an emergency or just gather up the basics that are most at hand and take off -- knowing that you'll be missing stuff you might want. Either way, Monk's not waiting around but following him won't be too hard.
  • And those rolls got you both (xp1).
  • Gabe grabs the basics and takes off after Monk, trying to get him to hurry, asking questions he doubts he'll get answered, "Is that your blood? Are you okay? Who's blood is it? Is it *hers*? Is she okay? Is she at the beach?"
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    Monk doesn't appear to be injured but he's not stopping for an examination. It must be someone else's blood. He continues toward the tent.
  • As Gabe realizes Monk is going for the tent, he runs ahead of him, his shoes kicking up sand as he holds the plastic bag close.

    Once he gets closer to the tent (or inside, your call), Gabe will try to see Read the Sitch.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • (Gabe's Read the Sitch question is: What should I be on the lookout for?")
  • I look around. I'm nervous now. I wish he hadn't left without me. I jerk a little, and moan as loud as I can. If anyone comes into the tent, I'll look a bit panicked, but I'm still giving the signal with my eyes.

    Is it okay for me to say that that was the beach Pity played on as a child but she doesn't recognize it, because that's pretty much the idea.
  • (awaiting reply on Reading the Sitch, but Gabe will charge into the tent pretty much regardless; it may affect how hard he pushes to free Pity from her various bindings)
  • Gabe, you should watch out for Pity being psychotic. You know that she's allegedly dangerous at night. Does this count?

    Sure, Pity.
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    If anyone comes into the tent, I'll look a bit panicked, but I'm still giving the signal with my eyes.
    Seduce! Seduce!

    Gabe, she's bleeding and bruised and bound and gagged and blinking and moaning and twitching.
  • Oh and so Gabe and Pity, you're now in the tent together. Gabe, she's bleeding and bruised and bound and gagged and blinking and moaning and twitching. Pity, Gabe's in the entrance-flap of your tent, looking down at you.

    Who's doing what?
  • Gabe's here! He can help. I stop jerking and moaning, and look at him with hopeful eyes. Well, I look at him with one hopeful eye. The left stays closed. If there's anything I can do to convince him to help me, I'd sure like to try it.

    I guess I should have taken casual brain receptivity so I wouldn't have to talk to people for a read.
  • Gabe will take the gag out of Pity's mouth and ask her in a calm and gentle voice, "They call you Pity, right? Your friend Monk came to get me so I can help you. Take it easy, nothing is going to hurt you now."

    Gabe begins checking her body for wounds, around the bindings at first. If he can help her without unbinding her, he'll use a stock of his angel kit to heal her up. As he's working, he tries to get her to calm down, asking her, "What happened to you? These are nasty cuts." Gabe trims away some of Pity's clothing to bind a wound, then gestures to the dead crabs, "What are these things? Crabs? They're huge!"
  • Gabe, you quickly determine that she's not so hurt that you have to actually use up stock. You can clean her wounds and bliss her out for a few days and she'll be good as new. If you just clean her up and don't put her out, well, maybe she'll be fine in a week. It's not really too bad.
  • "Thanks! I'm Pity! You're Gabe, right? I'm glad Monk got you. Crabs have come in before, but never like this. There were so many of them, and they wouldn't stop pinching me. Before they always pinched other people. I don't know why they're so mean."

    I remain calm, smiling as much as possible. If anything stings, I won't complain, but I won't be shy about making faces about it.
  • "Nice to finally meet you, Pity, wish it'd been, hrm, different circumstances. Okay, we're gong to fix you right up, Pity."

    Gabe continues to clean wounds and a thought seems to occur to him, but he shakes it away, "you aren't hurt too bad. We have a couple of options here... Hey, your wrists look a little chafed, are you ok?"

    Gabe looks over to Monk, then guiltily changes the subject, "I can put you into a nice sleep for a bit and you'll wake up all better," Gabe rubs some ointment on his fingers and begins gently sliding his fingers around her chafed wrists and the bindings without removing them, "or, if you want to 'tough it out', I can give you some meds and you'll be right as rain in a week or so."

    Hesitantly, Gabe rises up, hands by his side as if he doesn't know what else to do with them. "I, hum, wish there was something else I could do for you." he lies uncomfortably.
  • "Where's Monk? I think sleep sounds nice, but he needs to sleep too. I may need someone else to help me."
  • Gabe blinks a couple times, then resumes his calm demeanor, "I, ahem... I can watch over you, Pity. When, when Monk is sleeping. Or, I mean, when Monk needs to sleep, I'll take over."

    Gabe will bliss Pity out so she'll heal quick.
  • "Okay, that sounds nice." I smile. "Just make sure to stay awake! I've seen you fall asleep on the beach before."
  • Gabe's eyes widen slightly in surprise, "You saw that? You were... watching me? w-watching you? Or was that some kind of uhm," looks around nervously, drops his voice, "some kind of *power* thing?"

    Gabe sits back on his haunches (for lack of a better term) and regards Pity with a hint of fear.
  • "Of course I saw you, silly. You're not exactly mister sneaky. But I need to talk to Monky before I sleep. It's important. If you can get him for me or let me out, then you can put me to sleep, okay?"
  • Manipulate Gabe: Help me talk to Monk and then you can watch me sleep.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
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