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    Killer crabs and Gabe may be setting Pity free in the first scene and right after she blew her Weird roll! Woot!
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  • You know, I know that the sun doesn't rise in the west...that's just a typo, not an artifact of the apocalypse. You are on the southwest coast, south of Georgetown and west of Wideawake (assuming I have the map right in my head).
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    Apologies for the slow reply to Always' first scene -- had a hectic weekend (and today I feel sick instead, yay.)

    Anyways, I did want to ask about introducing NPCs -- do you want me to add more detail in-thread on the people I'm naming (when I have detail in mind, I mean), or should I mostly just trust to context and figure you'll ask if necessary? Normally (by which I mean, in tabletop-land) I would chat about NPCs with the MC before/as they are being introduced, but so far at least I seem to be trying to stick with a more character-voice-only narration, and of course a quick back-and-forth is less feasible in the PbP medium anyways.
  • Everyone should invent NPCs as needed. And also, everyone should limit the amount they do this to what's *needed*. One problem I have with games in general and AW in particular is keeping track of the NPCs. I have a terrible memory for people in real life and these fake people with less flesh to hook on to are even harder. As far as adding detail, I'm not sure. I guess it depends on the detail and the frequency. I don't want to get to the point where your bloody fingerprints are hiding mine, but I also doubt it's going to be a problem. I guess for now, feel pretty free and if I decide I want to restrain you, I'll try to not be a dick about it and you try not to assume I'm being a dick about it.

    Also, we can still do the quick back and forth like we were at a table, but quick at Snail's Pace might be half a day instead of five seconds.
  • Yes, NPC sprawl is kind of one of those AW things. I was just thinking that as I hadn't really outlined much about any of Always' followers. When I say details I don't mean sprawling, definitive character descriptions, just stuff like "Mikado is the go-to person on the beach for fixing up boats" or "Pringles and Yip Yip are a couple; Pringles is definitely a Follower but Yip-Yip isn't really interested".

    Part of what I was wondering is if I should be worrying about helping you keep all the NPCs straight (like posting NPC names, etc. to the Peoples & Places thread), since as you say it can be a fair bit of work keeping everything in mind.
  • So far, so good regarding your NPCs. Also, I sort of feel like you should have more (but not total, right?) authority over the peeps in your cult.

    Regarding the People and Places thread, that's a tough one. I want to keep those two posts updated with a growing list -- it would be easier were it a wiki page so we could all update them. Yeah, feel free to add NPCs and locations to notes in that thread and I'll try to copy them up to the main two posts. Maybe after you see that I've got them moved, you can delete them to clean the thread up bit. We'll see how that goes.
  • Well, I think my authority over Always' Followers is pretty limited -- or rather, frontloaded. As in, I agree that when I introduce them, I want to be able to provide something of an initial sketch -- if I have something specific in mind, that is, which won't always be the case -- but after that they're all yours, and my sketch is only going to be what Always knows about them so far. Like in comparison to what Michael has detailed on his Family, where he clearly has a fairly strong vision (and Rhyme has a very long history with the people), I don't really have a ton to say about individual people in my cult. If I did, I would have said it already. :)
  • Posted By: Michael Loyshe's staying smart and out of the water
  • MC: If you need to retro my thread a little cause someone might get involved, I'm ok with that.
  • Posted By: Daniel WoodI am Acting Under Fire, because hell if I want to even get my feet wet, let alone wade into the water and try and pull a dead woman out of the ocean
    Come on, dive in, the water's fine.
  • Damn good scene with Merry getting on the raft, Scott. That was touching.
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    I'm thinking of the water as something truly threatening.. I was crazy to go out there. I can imagine people standing there on the sand while their loved ones drown yards away out in the water, shallow even, and they might be too afraid to go help them.

    Merry had to get out of the water, even leaving someone she cares about out there... and the more you think about it the harder it would be to go do that again. Parents tell their children every day, you don't go in the water. It's the first thing you learn.

    Feels like shit actually, I want to bring the others in, but it seems like that's the respect the water deserves.

    Does that seem right?
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    It seems OK. I think we've established that the mind-altering affects of the water are slow enough that Merry's fear is perhaps a bit misplaced. But on the other hand, what is lost may never be regained so a certain measure of caution makes sense.

    ETA: Plus, people are weird about stuff sometimes.
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    Yeah, realized it may have been more fun to try and bring the others in, but I guess the fish is defeated (maybe) so really that's the visible immediate threat... once the adrenaline of diving in wore off it was OH SHIT. I think it would cheapen the theme of the water to have Merry out there swimming around too much without realizing. Even the battlebabe is "afraid" of the water. (Though I didn't characterize it as fear, really)

    Still doesn't feel good. Interesting how having a character in a game give up on something like that can make the player regret it. Guess that's something cool about gaming.
  • Have no fear that I'll make interacting with the water dangerous and/or costly and/or interesting. I haven't settled exactly on how, but you might e.g. now have a countdown clock with more spaces filled out the other characters. Or something.
  • Always is (obviously) terrified of the water, but my feeling is that he is on the far end of that spectrum -- especially for somebody who lives on the beach. It's a personal fear for him, whereas I figured for most people it's a kind of superstition/social thing (that could still be totally extreme in some cases, I am sure there are people inland who refuse to even interact with someone who has been on the beach, etc.) Of course since almost all our PCs have had direct interaction with the ocean and the Lost, I am sure they will all have their own admixture.
  • I just minor-tweaked my last post in your thread to give you time to get down there while she's swimming if you want.
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    Yeah, I'll be around (off and on but pretty frequently) for a couple hours, too Michael. Chris, do you have an idea where I'm injured? Nasty puncture wounds to the arm, it sounds like?

    I'll happily edit my last post or two to accommodate a visitor, of course.
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  • Posted By: Michael LoyI'd thought immersion would be worse, myself, but I'm not super attached to that point.
    For what it's worth this was my feeling as well. Obviously it's your call, and it's not like the effects need to be instantaneous, but I guess I want to keep in mind what happened to Nbeke in Always' backstory -- she was strapped to a raft for like a day, prior to being 'rescued', and that was enough to give her a significant start on becoming Lost. (Obviously the social element was also a big part of what kept her on the beach -- it was a form of exile, after all -- but she doesn't seem the type who, if fully intact, would have just been like 'ok I guess that's it for me!' I dunno.)
  • I have no problem being pretty well fucked up (from the water)... sort of intended to be from the start.
  • The shark was going to bite your arm (at least) off. Instead, you withdrew, but ran your arm along the teeth as it was closing so you have a couple long, nasty cuts a long way up your fore-arm. No arterial bleeding or anything though -- like I say, it's nasty but you're not even close to dying.
  • I need to get a map in here.
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