[The Island] custom moves in this game

While you swim in the ocean, take +1 ongoing. (Even to harm rolls, it turns out.)


  • Not exactly a custom move, but:

    I think manipulating vessels that are pretty far gone is fairly easy. That is, they're happy to have guidance -- so your leverage is basically just access to the "right" course of action from an authority figure. This makes them vulnerable to abuse, of course, but makes it easy for y'all to herd them. But they do still have wills and do still respond to you being hot, so a roll is still going to feel appropriate to me sometimes.
  • When you do anything while out in an active storm, take -1 to any and all actions.
  • When you reset Hx with someone from +/-3 to +/-1, ask them any question you like.
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    When you are a servant of The Island keep a pool of favor that starts with 1 in it. At the beginning of each session roll+weird. If you get a 10+, add +2favor. If you get a 7-9, add +1. On a 6- you take none this session. You may spend favor any time you attempt to render aid to someone, after you roll. A point of favor turns a 6- into a 7-9 or a 7-9 into a 10+. If The Island gives you direction and you refuse to serve, trying to accomplish anything else is acting under fire.
  • When an elder entity of the psychic maelstrom becomes manifest in your presence, any action other than fleeing in terror is acting under fire. The fire is your fear.
  • When you read an extended situation with people or phenomena that're up to something, spend real time observing things (hours at the least, but probably days or weeks) and roll+sharp. On a 10+, ask three questions and on a 7-9, ask one. Pick the questions from the read a person and read a sitch list, but you can swap one word out for another if you want to.
  • When you interact with Road more than peripherally, mark one Road-hold. The MC can spend these hold to modify your perceptions.
  • When you're hit by a stinger grenade, take 1-harm AP +loud from a bazillion hard rubber balls hitting you all over. But roll the harm move as if you'd taken two more damage than you did.

    (Just in case this comes up...)
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    When you attempt to read a maelstrom entity as if they were a person, the MC will decide if they are human-enough to be read. If they are, the exchange of information ends up being two-way and for every question you ask, they get to ask one too.
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