[Offsite] Polaris: Player Needed for New Game

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There are three of us trying to start a new Polaris PbP game, and we're looking for a fourth player.

Polaris is a fantastic GM-full (meaning the GM role is distributed among all players) game of tragedy at the north pole. Tales from a time long forgotten of Knights raging against the Suns and the demons of their Mistake.

Some of us were involved in an another Polaris PbP game, and I think Polaris works really well in a PbP format. We could accommodate somebody without the book (see the wiki for our old game to get a feel for how the game works), though its sufficiently different from most RPGs that reading the rules from the book can be really beneficial.

We're currently planning on playing over at RPG Crossroads (where our previous Polaris PbP game was), on this board. Here is the recuitment thread on that forum.


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