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OK, so I'm new here but excited to do some PbF and try out some new games. In the past I've played Apocalypse World, Dogs in the Vineyard, Agon, and Fiasco by forum. In the future I'd like to play some more Apocalypse World and try out Dungeon World and Lady Blackbird and a few others. That said, if someone has a better idea I'm open to suggestions. Anyhow, I figured this was the right place to introduce myself and maybe get in on the ground floor of a game.


  • Welcome! Lots of Apocalypse world going on here right now as you can see. not to say I have the time, but I've been meaning to run Dungeon World sometimes soon, maybe for convention. Cool to see someone else interested.
  • Welcome, Marshall! I saw your name start popping up on the "Who's Online" bar a few days ago and thought you might have followed my link over from SG.
  • Welcome to the site!

    I'm interested in Dungeon World and Lady Blackbird myself.
  • So, are you looking to start a new game or get into something?

    I'm asking my players if there's any reason not to extend a slot in my game to you -- we already have six, so it's kinda full, but we also "just" started. If no one objects, you could jump in.

    If you're starting up a new game, I'm probably interested. :)
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    I'm definitely looking to get into a game rather than run one myself.
  • I'm looking at the rules for Dungeon World, maybe thinking a short-term trial run without long-term commitment. Just want to see how the thing works, and if it's awesome, maybe make it a longer term game or start one.
  • Ooooh, if you're pitching, I want in, sir. Maybe you set it up to run primarily at night and weekends? :)
  • I've got a con this weekend so I'm going to print dungeon world and read it a couple times while waiting for crap. It would have to be pretty strictly an evening thing (with exception when i find time at lunch) and i really can't commit yet to a long term thing.

    But I'd love to try it, maybe get a few guys and do some dungeonworlding. Sample the awesome.
  • That would be neat. I keep meaning to play it with my kids but we're easily distracted.
  • Hey guys, I'd be interested in getting in on the Dungeon World thing. I've had several real-world attempts fall through and damnit, I want to play!
  • Guess you all can pressure me into it. :-)
  • Is this where we start calling dibs on classes? :)
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  • Yeah I want to play to learn, I'm not sure I get it completely. I'll make a DW thread so we can get out of the non-tagged New here slot and we can start talking. Note that I have to keep my time spent on the game down to a reasonable amount, and if time is limited I'll fulfil my obligation to previous games I'm a part of first.
  • Sounds fine to me. I like the idea of a short-lived game too. If it blossoms into something more, so be it.
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    I'm new on this site. I listened to the Geeky and Genki podcast and learned about pbp. I tried it about 8 or 10 years ago with a WW game and it didn't appeal at that time. But after listening to Rich Rogers describe this site I would like to try it out. I live on the East Coast of the US but I work Graveyard shift Wed night through Sunday night. I generally sleep 9-5. I expect I will post during the night time from work and also sometimes in the evenings before work. I would very much like to join an Apocalypse Word game, but I'm also interested in Dungeon World and Lady Blackbird. After I get familiar with how things work on this site I have other games I want to try also. Most of my friends are set in the games they have developed system mastery of and are not willing to try new games. There is nothing wrong with a person for having fun playing whatever he likes, it's just that I am kind of burned out on DnD/Pathfinder, White Wolf, Gurps and such. I want to play games where the system creates a specific play experience. I joined an apocalypse world weekly game on Hangouts and after about 3 or 4 sessions the MC dropped out so I took over running the game. Then after that was over someone offered to run Dungeon World and after 2 session dropped out and I took over running that game but we have only played a time or two as schedules have gotten difficult. I would very much like to play these games especially Apocalypse World. Hopefully I can find a group to fit in with.
  • hey Marco, this is Rich! :) I'm so happy you came here to try out some games! I've been where you are. I was hard core D&D, the hard core Vampire/Werewolf, but always seeking something different. Snails Pace is a great place to try new games.

    You took over being MC in an AW when the MC stepped down? That's brave, man!

    I'm hoping to start a game of Psi*Run in a week or so. It isn't Apocalypse World, but it is close. Do you want to join us?
  • Hey Marco! Welcome to the site. Pretty sure some new games will pop up in time. Can take a while though... the site is named Snail's Pace for a reason.
    Find something that sounds interesting and read a bit, get in the mindset.
  • Octoscott and Orklord thanks for the warm welcome. It turns out my friend Madu is already on this site. Hopefully at some point he and I will get to play in an AW or DW game together. I looked Psi-run up on BGG and noticed it's a Meg Baker game so I would like to try it. A good policy for me is, if the game is written by one of the Bakers or Luke Crane I need to by that freaking game. I need about a week before I can buy the pdf so that time table works for me. When an Apoc World game starts I will join that too if I am welcome.
  • Hi Marco! Welcome to Snails! :)
  • Marco will you stop stalking me

    I joke! Marco's a hell of a gamer - pulls no punches as GM/MC, nor does he flinch from them as a player. He's good people.
  • Thanks Red! Hey Orklord, I just got the preorder of psi-run and am trying to figure out how to get my pdf. :)
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