[Dungeon World] Let's talk about playing this

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Let's talk about playing Dungeon World.

Looks like our cast list is:

Michael Pfaff | Ovid the Human Wizard
Christopher Weeks | Diana the Human Ranger
orklord | Siggrun the Dwarf Cleric
mease19 | Astrafel the Elf Bard
Michael Loy | Elohiir the Elf Fighter



  • I've read through the latest version of the rules briefly and they look like fun (perhaps another read through is in order though). I'm pretty happy with all the playbooks so I'll gladly pick from whatever is left if others have strong preferences.
  • When you say "latest version", do you mean the Print Design version released recently?

    I know they are releasing versions like crazy, so should we declare a version and stick with it? Or, update as they are released?

    I'm fine with whatever class, but I'd prefer a non-fighty type. Thief and Wizard being at the top of my list.
  • I'll grab the latest download and go with that. Is it just me or are most of the monsters missing? Or is that something you get in print?

    I assume we'll have a pretty meaty world-building session, but I'd like to base it around what the characters know, their experience and expertise, families, etc. See what comes out. I'd like to start out relatively small in scope though so we don't load a lot of background work onto what may be short term. Probably go dungeoneering to start. A ruin, a dungeon, scary swamp, something.
  • First of all, who's in?
  • In! We should each say something about the setting and then let the GM just go...something like that? I don't think it matters the way it does in AW.
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    I don't see it as entirely different though. I don't have a particular fantasy setting in mind at all, yet... (I need to be honest, I wasn't expecting to start this so soon, but strike while the iron is hot right?) So anyhow... the characters will determine what kind of world they live in to a large extent.
  • ME ME ME
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    I am so in. My preference is to continue to update with the game (changes will probably be very minor and/or not alter the moves much) but if people want to stick with one version that's cool too.
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    I'd prefer to follow updates. And from what I understand, they're reaching the end of dramatic rewrites, and further updates will be more about making sure everything is balanced and the math is right. Those kinds of updates, we probably want.

    The experience is shooting for something like old school D&D, right? Maybe just build character, define bonds, and start standing in front of a dungeon or ruin. Then ask questions while playing: "Who made that armor for you? Someone back home? Anyone going to miss you if you die in here?" Use the results to populate the hometown.

    Alternately, Storming the Wizard's Tower has some good operations for getting a fantasy game situated. Could crib from there.
  • Yeah probably best to start on the cusp of the adventure if not already embroiled in one, but let's see what characters come out of this.
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    Looks like our cast list is:

    Michael Pfaff | Wizard
    Christopher Weeks | Ranger
    orklord | Dwarven Cleric
    mease19 | Bard
    Michael Loy | Fighter

  • The current public version is always at http://www.latorra.org/uploads/Dungeon-World-Hack.pdf, right? We might automatically get access to the Adventurer's Guild or whatever with a more complete version by playing it online and writing about it.
  • That's what I'm going from, yes.
  • I just skimmed through the classes. They've changed quite a bit since I last read them. I could literally play any class. Fighter, wizard and ranger top my list. But seriously, everyone with much of a preference should pick first.
  • For the record, I have not followed development past reading the thing a couple times. I know nothing about its direction or content beyond what is in the public PDF version referred to above. I'll play it like I see it, of course we can discuss things.
  • Going to re-read it again tonight, feel free to figure out what you're playing at your leisure. No hurry.
  • NO HURRY?!?! New game...MUST HURRRY!

  • Guys, I have the latest and greatest version (in the Adventurer's Guild) if you want it, just post your email here in whisper or whatever. I'm sure Sage won't mind. Hell, he may even invite you if you email him and link this thread.
  • Oh, and I'll play the Wizard then if no one is calling dibs. I ain't shy!
  • I am playing an orkish anti-paladin... wait, that isn't allowed?!?

    OK, let me actually read the book then. Sheesh.
  • Yeah, Christopher, these guys have changed a good bit since I last skimmed through. I like how the paladin suddenly has one or two touchstone moves.

    So we got five people, seven classes, no duplicates, so two classes will be left out. And the other Michael has wizard.

    For myself, I'll nix cleric, ranger, paladin, and bard for no particular reason. That leaves fighter and thief. Hm. I could go either way. Maybe I'll actually go look at them.
  • These guys have an iOS app in development? Sweet.
  • DWARVEN CLERIC! I'll go with Siggrun, but there's a dearth of good names there...
  • I think I'd like to play the bard, I've never played one before.
  • I'll play a fighter.
  • I guess I'm the ranger.
  • Posted By: Christopher WeeksI guess I'm the ranger.
    That would make for a nice sig.
  • I've sent out the document to everyone except Chris and Marshall. Lemme know if you guys need it too!
  • POLL:
    Who wants to:
    a) assign fixed stats (17,15,13,11,9,8)
    b) Roll 6 x 3d6 and assign
  • The fixed stats are significantly above average for rolling 6 x 3d6. So fixed stats, definitely.
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