[Dungeon World] Elohiir the Fighter

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neutral elven spear fighter

Str 9 (+0), Dex 17 (+2)*, Con 13 (+1), Int 17 (+2), Wis 8 (-1)*, Cha 11 (+0)
26 hp / 2-armor (one man army) / d10 damage

Male elf. Dead eyes (occasionally eager, in worthy battle), wild hair, and my god I'm an elf and I have to be calloused, tanned, or scarred? The horror! Scarred, then, and I'm lithe.

And I'm simply extraordinarily bored. I'm the last of an ancient order, you see. I won't bother pretending that any of you have heard of it, but hundreds of thousands of years ago it was founded to protect this magical rock off in the mountains, over that way. A dormant portal to the Abyss, I believe. Anyway, something like that.

But protecting it is just frightfully dull. It hasn't so much as hiccuped since that kerfluffel during the reign of Lilliastre MMXI, and I'm not entirely sure that the race of man had yet learned to walk upright at that point. It used to be quite the prestigious duty, very honorable, but things change. Nowadays, everyone who matters seems to be leaving, sailing off across the sea to the Western Shores. I expect it's just to get some peace and quiet. This entire continent has been crawling with humans these past years, and it seems they touch off another near-apocalypse every century or so.

So the order isn't likely to gain fresh recruits anytime soon, and we've been dwindling for millennia. Indeed, ever since my patronus finally kicked off, I've been guarding the place on my own. Well, to the hells with it. There's only so much study and meditation and training that one can do before going off the deep end. I'm bored, and I'm getting rusty. I've sunk thousands of years of my life into that damn'd rock, and it hasn't done a single interesting thing.

And gods, I need to kill something. And fuck something. Perhaps I'll sire some bastard half-breeds, and give them the guardianship ...

- Bonds -
Astrafel+1, Diana=0, Ovid+2, Siggrun+2


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    4 of 9 load / 2 gold

    I carry and wield the Spear of Kithracet, an elven spear-halberd with edge and point that will never dull, crafted using techniques honed since before the birth of the race of man (reach 2-piercing 1-weight). And yes, it's "ancient". Obviously.

    I also wear lamallar armor (2-armor worn clumsy 3-weight) of elven make.

    Since I expect we'll be in the field, also some of those unappealing dungeon rations you people eat (ration 5-uses 1-weight). Ovid and I have split the cost of cart and donkey, as well. That's where the rations are. There's also a dusty old apprentice spellbook (1-weight) in there.
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    3rd level

    Elven fighter: You can always treat spears as if they have the Precise tag.

    Neutral fighter: When you defeat a worthy opponent, mark xp.

    Armored: You ignore the Clumsy tag on armor you wear.

    Bend bars, lift gates: When you use pure strength to destroy an inanimate obstacle, roll+Str. On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 2.
    • It doesn’t take a very long time
    • Nothing of value is damaged
    • It doesn’t make an inordinate amount of noise
    • You can fix the thing again without a lot of effort.

    Cast a Spell: When you release a spell you’ve prepared, roll+Int. On a 10+, the spell is successfully cast and you do not forget the spell—you may cast it again later. On a 7-9, the spell is cast, but choose one:
    • You draw unwelcome attention or put yourself in a spot (the GM will describe it)
    • The spell disturbs the fabric of reality as it is cast—take -1 ongoing to Cast a Spell until you Prepare Spells again.
    • After it is cast, the spell is forgotten. You cannot cast the spell again until you Prepare Spells.

    One Man Army: You take damage as if you were a crowd.

    Prepare Spells: When you spend uninterrupted time (an hour or so) in quiet contemplation of your spellbook, you lose any spells you already have prepared and prepare new spells of your choice from your spellbook whose total levels don’t exceed your own+1. You also prepare your cantrips; they don’t count against your limit.

    Spellbook: You have mastered several spells and inscribed them in your spellbook. Whenever you gain a level, you add a new spell of your level or lower to your spellbook.

    Underestimated: You count as one level higher when you check if you need to Make a Saving Throw due to being attacked by higher level enemies. (An enemy must be two levels higher than you to force you to Make a Saving Throw by dealing damage.)
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    2nd level caster


    Light: An item you touch glows with arcane light, about as bright as a torch. It gives off no heat or sound and requires no fuel, but it is otherwise like a mundane torch. You have complete control of the color of the flame. The spell lasts as long as it is in your presence.

    Unseen Servant: You conjure a simple invisible construct that can do nothing but carry items. It has Load 2 and carries anything you hand to it. It cannot pick up items on its own, only carry those you give to it. Items carried by an unseen servant appear to float in the air a few paces behind you. An unseen servant that takes damage or leaves your presence is immediately dispelled.

    Prestidigitation: You perform minor tricks of true magic. If you touch an item as part of the casting you can make cosmetic changes to it: clean it, soil it, cool it, warm it, flavor it, or change its color. If you cast the spell without touching an item you can instead create minor illusions no bigger than yourself. Prestidigitation illusions are crude and clearly illusions; they won’t fool anyone, but they might entertain them.

    1st Level Spells

    Detect Magic: One of your senses is briefly attuned to magic. The GM will tell you what here is magical. (divination)

    Invisibility: Touch an ally: nobody can see them. They’re invisible! The spell persists until the target attacks or you dismiss the effect. While the spell is ongoing, you can’t cast another spell. (ongoing, illusion)

    Telepathy: You form a telepathic bond, allowing you to speak to the person you touch with this spell through your thoughts. You can only have one telepathic bond at a time. (ongoing, divination)
  • I love it!
  • Re: Bonds

    I'm pretty sure that I've sworn to protect Ovid, and that Astrafel is soft (but I will make him hard).

    Not sure about the others. I'll see what Siggrun looks like.
  • I like the idea of occupying either of those other slots. But feel free to do whatever.
  • I had some extra gold, so I traded my light armor and shield for heavy armor. Same protection, same weight, +5gold. It's also Clumsy, but fighters ignore that stuff.
  • If I got the followup attack in the other thread, that was xp for level 2. So, how does this work:

    - new move
    - no stat increase
    - roll+CON to determine hp


    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
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    Ooh. Nice. I get class+CON+2 hp, which is 7+1+2, which is 10 hp. Takes me from (7 of 8 hp) to (17 of 18 hp), which is quite nice.

    Then I pick a move. Notes to help myself:

    I ultimately get 9 moves, 4 lower-level moves and 5 higher-level moves. The higher-level moves aren't that interesting, though. Bloodthirsty is useless to me, I'd be mad to take Though Death's Eyes, Avenger's Shield totally doesn't look worth it, and while I am a serious badass I don't think I'll ever take Serious Badass.

    So for higher-level moves:

    - Commander (+1bond after a fight)
    - Multiclass Initiate (arcane ward, maybe?)

    - maybe Hostage Situation (split damage with someone I'm holding)

    That's fine, though, since there's plenty of cool lower-level moves, so I'll just take those with my extra high-level slots, if we even get to high level. For those, we're looking at:

    - Merciless (+1 damage)
    - One Man Army (take damage as a crowd)
    - Improved Weapon (extra option for the spear)
    - Seriously Underestimated (another level higher, for purposes of damage saves)
    - Scent of Blood (+1damage forward after hack and slash)
    - Multiclass Dabbler (for arcane casting)

    - maybe Grapple (hold someone in place)
    - maybe Gladiator (+1 damage in front of spectators)
    - maybe Eye for Weaponry (identify weaponry, determine damage dealt)

    I want to take Multiclass Dabbler for the bard's Arcane Casting move, since everyone knows that elves do magic. But I don't think I can take that until 3rd level, so moving on.

    Let's take One Man Army this level. Effectively, that's +1armor (better, against groups), so that sounds good.
  • Quick leveling ...

    There's a roll+CON: #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • And level-up hp are different now, so that means Class+1, rather than Class+1+Con, for 8hp.

    Should we go back and adjust down the hp from Con some of us gained at 2nd level?

    If so, I have 25hp. If not, 26.

    3rd level gives me a +2 to a stat, which is going to be either Int or Dex, I'm not sure. Pick later.

    I also get a move, which is going to be Multiclass Dabbler to get access to wizard spellcasting. Either by taking the one bard move, or by using the rules in the red box (I'm not sure if the red box rules are intended to be stopgap, or final).

    Regardless, spellcasting. ("Ah! Yes. That was how that spell went.") So I know cantrips and 3 spells. The spells will be detect magic, invisibility (huh ... that'd have been useful two seconds ago), and ... eh, something else. Maybe telepathy or one of those enchantment spells. There really aren't very many good wizard spells for fighty types (perhaps unsurprisingly), but you know. It's in my blood, so I suppose I'll muddle through somehow.

    And two of those spells are prepared, plus the cantrips.

    Or ... huh. It looks like they changed the multiclass magic rules? Instead of being counted as a 1st level wizard, I'm counted as a 2nd level wizard? That seems unkind to the actual clerics and wizards. Well, I'll worry about it tomorrow.
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    I'm inclined to not bother adjusting last level's hp increase, because that's a minor annoyance for everyone. So that's 26hp, but I can drop it to 25 if we want to do that.

    Let's put the +2 into Int, bringing Int equal to Dex. I'm an elf: gotta represent.

    So spellcasting: I get a Spellbook, the ability to Prepare Spells, and the Cast a Spell move.
    I have a small to medium chest back in the cart, and I threw some things in there when I ditched out on my ancient duties and etc. I'm pretty sure there's an old apprentice spellbook in some bottom corner of that. I don't know. It's been centuries since I bothered with it, and I never seriously studied the art. It was something to pass the time with, but - as with most things - it grew boring with time. Perhaps it will prove more engaging with practical application?

    I think it was Ovid's spell of invisibility that reminded me. I used to know that one, but of course it was rather less interesting when there was nobody there to be invisible at. But he said the words, and I thought: Ah! That was how that went. It all comes tumbling back, what little I bothered to learn.
    I count as a wizard of 2nd level, which means that I can prepare 3 levels of spell (per the Prepare Spells move). However, I still seem to only know 3 spells, like a 1st level wizard (per the Spellbook move). I might check the boards to see if that's right, but whatever: I know invisibility, detect magic, and telepathy, plus cantrips. I have all of them prepared.
  • Posted By: Michael LoyI'm inclined to not bother adjusting last level's hp increase, because that's a minor annoyance for everyone. So that's 26hp, but I can drop it to 25 if we want to do that.
    Agreed. Just use the new rules going forward is what I say.
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