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I'm going to use this thread to discuss the characters, like we would at a table, rather than in individual threads. We can also use individual threads for specific questions, or as a place to store interesting information, but want more of a discussion of the characters and how they fit together in one place rather than developing the details of the characters each separately.


  • Here's a few things I've been wondering to get you guys started (nothing on the Cleric yet, I'll let you get his sheet down) If anything outright conflicts with your vision of the character, just let me know and I'll cross it out. Also feel free to chime in regarding questions aimed at a different character, they're not meant to be exclusive.


    Ovid, what is it about elven lore that's so intriguing to you? Do you pal around with Astrafel so much because you like him, or because you appreciate his heritage or something?

    Astrafel, you should have known Ovid would try to find the place mentioned in that thousands-year old elven song you rediscovered. What happened back in Pyree to make you go with him on such a journey?

    Diana, you've been leading Ovid and Astrafel around for what, months now trying to find the place in Ovid's notes. Apparently all because of an elven song. What was it about them that lead you to stick around for so long since they hired you in Pyree?

    Elohiir, when Ovid the wizard followed his obscure lore to the abyssal gate, how did you end up swearing to protect him rather than "silencing" him, as you probably should have.
  • Dude! How could you ask that? I said I'd guide them. You think just because I'm young that I don't honor my word? I mean, sure, I figured we'd have found it by now -- they might have implied that they knew more about it than they did. And sure, I've considered leading them into more dangerous situations than are strictly-speaking, necessary. But on the other hand, they have been useful in a pinch.
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    Yeah, I knew he'd try to find it. In fact, I was counting on it. It was just too good. I was pretty sure Ovid wouldn't understand the nature of an elvish oath, but once Elohiir swore to protect him, I saw the perfect chance. You see, I've been working on this story for some time. Elohiir, last surviving member of the Order of the Tiefe abandons his post after all this time - I don't judge, I would have left long before - and instead vows to protect this guy. Don't get me wrong, I like Ovid a lot, Diana too, they've got all the best characteristics of the human race - curiosity, vigor, passion - things are just so important to them. They live such very short lives that they really work to make every moment count and that, that is what makes for a good story!
  • Cool. To state the obvious, I'm suggesting you guys have spent a really long time together looking for this place, so you really know each other, kind of the professional relationship that turns to loyalty. I think Ovid and Astrafel have known each other a very long time, and Elohiir was met when they finally reached the astral gate he was guarding. That can be some time ago now if you like and you're all off on the next adventure, or we could play it as recently. You guys can choose.
  • I did my write-up! Yay!

    After reading through everyone's write-ups, I am leaning towards the following Bonds:
    Ovid has insulted my deity. (he told Siggrun something he read about the dwarven pantheon that was offensive)
    Elohiir has insulted my deity. (Elohir dismissed Siggrun's deity as one of the younger gods, even though he may have meant nothing of it)
    Astrafel is a good and faithful person, I trust them implicitly.
    I worry about the ability of Diana to survive in the dungeon.

  • [Astrafel of Siggrun]
    It helps that Astrafel has actually heard of Siggrun's faith, knows a bit about the priesthood, and doesn't dismiss it offhand. As Siggrun always says, "An open mind is but the start."
  • Been sick this weekend so I haven't had much time, though I did re-read the rulebook. Whew.
    Many of you guys are MC/GMs so I think I can trust you guys to put together your bonds and develop those to some extent. Let's see what comes out of it, and I'll ask questions when I have them. Don't need to invest a huge amount in it as this MAY be a short-term play test, but interesting enough in case it lasts, and you guys do need a reason to stick together.
  • Sounds great to me!
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    Ovid, what is it about elven lore that's so intriguing to you? Do you pal around with Astrafel so much because you like him, or because you appreciate his heritage or something?

    I dig Elven lore because it's often so obtuse and segregated from traditional human thinking. I often found myself palling around elves during my childhood despite having a hard time keeping up with them physically, being left behind in most cases. I'd often be the brunt of jokes and crude bullying by the children of the fairer race for my spherical shape. However, in languages and lore, I held an advantage. And, so it was that an elf took me under his wing and made me his apprentice. Taught me the art of magics.

    Astrafel reminds me of a younger version of Enkirash, my mentor. There's a spark in him that I think ignites my sense of humor. And, we share candied pecans. Yum.

    So, bonds:

    Diana is holding me back with her petty morality. All this nonsense about revolution and change. Doesn't she realize that true change comes not from the laws of men, but of the laws, broken and held, of the cosmos?

    Siggrun has been the subject of my experiments before, and hates me for it. I don't think he appreciated me tricking him into taking part in my summoning ritual. Does he hate me because he thinks his god hates me for the way I commune with the spirits? Clearly, his religion is holding back pursuit of true knowledge...

    One day Elohiir will stop laughing at me and my experiments. One day. The Abyss will finally open. One day. His fine spear will hold back no denizens of the depths. One day. He'll learn to truly appreciate the power in my mind and appreciate what it is I am trying to do.
  • Michael, just to clarify this, are you saying that your character openly tries to summon demons? And you involved my PC in one of the rituals? I'm having trouble imagining a good cleric who wouldn't, you know, execute Ovid for that.

    Or do I have the wrong image for this world? And I thought Ovid was Neutral. I'm really having problems working this in, Michael, but I want to talk it through so we can both have fun.

    Can we try to clear this up before we start play?
  • Yeah, that sounds pretty serious. Demons are bad news. Wasn't necessarily a demon you were summoning, and of course there are those foolish enough to believe a demon can be controlled for good.
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    Substitute "demon" for "spirit" - because I have a spell called Contact Spirits or whatever. I just call them demons myself. These bonds are from our personal POV right?

    If there's going to be an issue with Ovid contacting spirits, maybe I should change my spell?

    Edited to add: the Bond does say that you "hate me" lol... So, I'm working with what I've been given. ;) One of the reasons I don't like the Wizard's bonds as-written...
  • I'm imagining I told Siggrun I could commune with his God's servants or angels or something, and instead it was something else - some other sort of spirit. I needed him for the experiment though for some reason, so he was upset and hates me because I used his good faith as a catalyst for the ritual.
  • I need to go re-read... Siggrun is supposed to *hate* Ovid? That's, well, kinda dumb. I didn't have that in mind for any of the PC to PC relationships...
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    OK, re-read. Sure enough, it says it right there in the Bonds section. OK, I'll roll with it. Hrm... time to re-think Siggrun a bit.

    ETA: I think if we were doing this together at the same time, at a table, it would be much less of an issue. Over forum and all broken out over days, it's a bit more sticky.
  • Hate but not in the "will kill you at the first opportunity" type please.
    Hate like a complaining wife, maybe. ^_^
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    On the one hand, you don't have to take all of your bonds. Just one or more, right? One solution would be to skip that bond. On the other hand, a good question might be "Why does Siggrun like/love/have aspirations for/feel for/etc. Ovid in spite of his hatred?" I suppose, perhaps Ovid once did something for the demon and was merely summoning him to collect on the promise of a good deed. Perhaps Ovid was trying to summon and entrap/bind the demon or exact revenge upon it. Perhaps Ovid misunderstood the nature of Siggrun's deity and involved him in a ritual to commune with what lies beneath...
  • Would everyone clearly indicate your character's gender on your sheet? I'm not sure on a couple, who will remain nameless.
  • Yes, PLEASE don't take a bond which will tear the party apart, you're going to theoretically be in mortal danger together often and that's something you don't need, especially to start. I don't think I'll insist the party stay all together, like in the same room. Same dungeon, yeah, but feel free to split up.
  • First: bonds are from your character's point of view, yeah? Like in Apocalypse World. That means, Siggrun doesn't have to actually hate me. Ovid just thinks Siggrun might hate him because of the incident, which could have been absolutely harmless in Siggrun's eyes.

    Second: I'd rather pick the bond and roll with it, well, just because. It's in the game and they are playtesting this thing. If it's an issue, the designers I assume would love to know about it and if they need to reword it. This discussion right here is probably something they'd like to see.
  • Indeed, I think the good bonds are sort of like refresh scenes in that they let you tell a little bit of back story. I don't think they should dictate how another character feels about you - that should be up to that player.
  • A stronger wording for the bond might be:
    _______has been the subject of my experiments before, and must hate me for it.
  • Yeah, that is better. Hate is still kind of strong. Like, I don't think there would be any doubt if I hated you.
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    It seems like the bonds are like relationships in Fiasco and/or beliefs in Burning Wheel. Perhaps:
    _______has been the subject of my experiments before and I won't use magic on them again.
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    hey Michael, what if Ovid's experiment is how Siggrun lost his axe and armor (see PC description on his bad luck)?

    Plus, it could be a hating on him for being dumb and putting us all in trouble but will get over it, hate.

    Please sub spirits for demons. I have personal trouble enjoying games where demons are ok.

    ETA: Since the game is in playtest, I'd prefer we play Rules As Written, try to make it work before we drift it. But I'm not the DM/GM/MC, so not totally my call. But RAW is my preference.
  • Use the rules as written unless it's going to significantly reduce your fun.
    While we are playing a pre-release game I'm not sure we're "playtesting"
  • I like the idea about the lost gear, but really, would that make you hate someone?

    I still think if we just used it as from Ovid's point of view, Siggrun hates him, and you can make up whatever you feel from your character's POV how Siggrun actually feels about Ovid.

    So, Siggrun is nice to Ovid, offering his sleeping bag: "He's trying to befriend me so he can get close and hurt me," says Ovid.

    Siggrun is indifferent to Ovid: "He just hates the sight of me, so he ignores me!"

    Siggrun is mean to Ovid: "See! I told you! I knew he was still angry about that experiment!"


    Demons = Spirits

    That's my spell, Commune with Spirits.
  • Posted By: octoscottUse the rules as written unless it's going to significantly reduce your fun.
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    Edited to add: the Bond does say that you "hate me" lol... So, I'm working with what I've been given. ;) One of the reasons I don't like the Wizard's bonds as-written...
    Ever read the Dragonlance books, back in the day? I didn't, but I tried a couple just a few months ago, and I was struck by how much they set a lot of the D&D stereotypes. And that guy Raistlen (sp?), the magic user? Man, nobody liked him. He was pretty much a total bastard. But he was still an integral part of the party. If that means nothing to you, never mind ... it's not like I'd suggest you go read the books, as they were pretty mediocre.

    I loved the "one day he'll stop laughing at me, when I open the portal to the Abyss" thing. Though, it does read as a little more on the evil side of things. Opening a portal to the Abyss is fine. Specifically mentioning "his fine spear will hold back no denizens of the depths" is what pushes it into supervillainy.

    But absent that, it's just a wizard meddling with forces men were not meant to understand, summoning demons and whatnot for personal gain. Why not? Wizards do that kind of thing. It's not like he's being all pally-pally with them: he's bending them to his will and such.

    I'd much prefer that our meeting was in the past. Otherwise, the situation's been set up where the rest of you all know each other and have been traveling together for a while, and then here I am: Hi, guys. I was definitely assuming I already knew you people.


    In any case, come now. Was I inexplicit, last we spoke? I'll be frank then: I have no interest in wasting any further time on this guardianship. It is nothing but a farce, and I think I shall move on. So what if this magic user had an interest in the miserable place? That is of no consequence. Mages far greater than him have studied the portal, and it came to nothing. What can he do differently? He is only human.

    For a human, however, he is remarkably well educated. I could have been burdened with a worse traveling companion, wouldn't you say? As I have no destination in mind, I travel with him for the moment, and I will protect him where it is demanded of me. The possible span of his life is short: he should be dead and buried long before the novelty begins to wear off.

    • So, I have sworn to protect Ovid, at least until he dies. Why not? He amuses me.

    • Astrafel is far too young and soft. This new generation has grown up so far from the center of our culture. They simply do not understand the grandeur of their heritage, and they are too personally involved in the affairs of younger races. But Astrafel is fortunate: he needs a patronus, an elder to take charge of him and teach him the meaning of all those songs and stories he carries around in his head. I will be a good example for him. I will make him hard like me.

    • The dwarf. He owes me his life, you know, whether he admits it or not. Were it not for me, he'd have lost much more than his axe. And his armor. And his pony. And his appreciation for calamari. But may all my ancestors guard me from the (absent) gratitude of dwarves. I suppose they are a race with history, but honestly. What kind of history is that, all darkness and grubbing in the dirt? And have you seen what he eats? Best avoided.

    Dwarves. The things I could tell you about dwarves.
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