[Dungeon World] Something in the Water [AS1.0,OV1.0,SI1.0,EL1.1,DI1.1]

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A swamp, of course, the swamp near lake Garr. A particularly bad place to die, your body would never be found I wager. Not that anyone would be willing to look.

Here you stand amid the ruined slabs of smooth-worn stone inscribed with hints of ancient writing and choked by tangled vines.The three of you, Astrafel the Bard, Siggrun the Cleric and Ovid the Wizard have found the place, finally, but not under the best of circumstances. Where the others wound up you don't know because when the nest of crocodilians spooked the Donkey and it bolted from the path things went kind of crazy.

The others got separated but maybe it was a blessing cause you've stumbled right into this place. The carvings on the rocks remind the wizard of something important. Ovid, you best have a close look at those carvings and tell the others what you've found.

But there's a splash and a growl from nearby, something is coming, crocodilian? Probably. You only have moments.

What do you do?


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    Are we on sort of a mound of dry (or, dry-er) land in the swamp that these stones are placed? Or, is where the stones (and us) are also wet, up to our knees in swamp water or something? How close are we to the stone slabs? Are we right there? Or is there some sort of distance we need to cross so I can get close enough to examine the things?

    There's not enough air in the swamp. My lungs are screaming for air. Oh god, I hurt. Too hot. Too humid. Sweltering. Why did we come here again? I'm thinking it, but I want to say it. Try as I might, it's not coming out. I tip my torso back slightly, to try and stretch my lungs. Sweat's poring out of my face. I'm drawing out a small piece of fine, purple cloth to dab the sweat from my eyes.


    The stones... something important. Gotta get closer.

    If the stones are close enough, I'd like to move up and use my staff to push the vine-growth aside. See if I can get a better look at 'em. Easy now. If we still need to cross some distance, I'll wait for the others to suggest a path.
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    Elsewhere, in Astrafel's mind: Poor Ovid, he's been having such a hard time. What is it they say, it's not the heat - its the humidity. Between that and the fact that every step involves tugging your foot from the sucking mud, he's been sweating for two these last couple hours and that was before we were running. Since the incident with those... those things... its been nothing but trying to follow the scuff marks left by that damnable donkey cart and looking over our shoulders. No matter how nice it was for a quick nap, that cart's utility has been a mixed blessing at best.

    "Ovid, what are you doing over there. The cart's wedged and you're poking the vines, what's going..." Splash! Astrafel turns and freezes, his eyes scanning for the location of the splash. Sensing trouble, Astrafel draws his sword and moves to get between where he things the sound came from and the turned back of Ovid who's leaning hard on his staff and fumbling with some cloth.

    If push splash comes to shove, Astrafel will Defend Ovid. #DiceRoller( 2d6+0 )
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    Will give Siggrun a bit longer to get an action in.

    But you guys are in among the stones, they're big, like the size of a mattress or banquet table, and fallen at odd angles.
  • How many stones are there? What sort of material are they made out of? Is that material natural to this region?

    I'm pushing aside the vines with my staff on one of them and lean in closer to examine the etchings.

    Can I tell what language the ancient writing is?
  • Ovid Asks:How many stones are there? What sort of material are they made out of? Is that material natural to this region? Can I tell what language the ancient writing is?
    Ovid knows about the ruins of this region, he can tell the others what he's found. He knows, right? Is the language what he hoped he would discover here?

    But there's a lot of stones. Hundreds. And not just right here, they must have covered acres, and here and there the vines and creepers crawl up pieces of intact masonry, walls, columns, clearly a ruin of some large ancient structure.
  • "Ovid, Astrafafel... stay back. Something is coming... and quick." I move in front of the bard (who moved in front of Ovid, it seems) and Defend Astrafel.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )

    (XP: 1)
  • Oblivious to the others, I'm leaning in closer. Whispering under my breath; reciting the lost language to myself. I'm taking my non-staff hand and running my sausage-like fingers along the grooves of the stone's etchings.

    If it were a movie, the camera would switch to a shot directly at Ovid's face.

    My eyes go wide.

    A massive grin crosses over my face.

    "The fabled... lost, sunken City of Titans."

    It's clearly more audible than my other mutterings, but still not much more than an excited whisper.

    "We're in a graveyard, my friends. The Titan king's tomb shant be far."

    Still staring at the etchings, deciphering the ancient language. I'm propping my staff to keep the vines fought off, and reaching into my bag excitedly, searching for my book.

    I'm pulling it out now. It's huge. Leather. Brass-bound. A serious-looking latch keeps the over-filled pages from forcing the thing open.

    "Take a seat, fellas. I'd like to copy a few things here. They say... they say the language of the giants has eldritch power infused within it."

    Now, I'm opening the book carefully. Pulling out some chalk and using a loose page to trace the writings on this massive, overturned gravestone.

    Does this count as "discovering something about a magical mystery"?
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    Ovid, you've found something amazing, the Titan King's tomb remains an unsolved mystery among scholars, but kind of an infamous one. They say the great scholar Sorenji went mad in pursuit of this tomb and still walks this swamp. Too bad you're too involved to realize your companions are battling just yards away from you. Or maybe you've noticed now that this has happened:

    Astrafel, you think you know where it's coming from, that splash, but several seconds pass and you miss the telltale disturbance of the water moving across your vision and closer, you just can't make it out. Suddenly the water bursts just to your left and the crocodilians huge toothy jaws gape and are about to close around you. To be clear, you're about to get bit, nothing you can do about it.

    Siggrun you have a chance to intervene, with 1-hold to defend Astrafel and can spend that now, you're pretty much the only one who can help him.

    What do you do?
  • Partially raising his arm to shield himself, Astrafel's face is a contorted mask of horror. "What the...."
  • Spend 1 hold

    I step in front of Astrafel and hold up my shield to defend the elf, shouting a wordless challenge to the monster.
  • Siggrun, you bravely step in front of the elf and raise your shield, but the crocodilian is massive and powerful. Here in its native swamp it is king and everyone is prey, the weight of the thing comes down on you and though you shield your upper body, teeth penetrate your legs and you suffer 4 damage (5 for its bite minus 1 for your shield)

    You shove it mightily and manage to keep it from driving you into the water and keep your feet.

    Having tasted your blood, it slowly sinks beneath the water, surely preparing for another charge.

    What do you do?
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    I call out, "Ware the croc!" and prepare for a second Defend action on Astrafel.
  • You can defend Astrafel, still, but chances are it's coming for you now, Siggrun.
  • In a classic "I attack the water" sort of way, Astrafel lunges at the water, where the crocawhatsit is disappearing, with his sword.
  • Hack'n splash
    #DiceRoller( 2d6-1 )
  • Oh, that makes sense. Sorry, DM

    I'll cover Astrafel's... water attack.
  • Siggrun, does that mean you're "aiding" him? Figure out a way that makes sense and you can roll it.
  • I was thinking the lines of aiding him by watching his back, covering his weak point with my shield.
  • Sounds cool, but you could also try and delay the croc a second (after all it just bit you, you're right up close) with your shield or something more direct, I could even see you grabbing his wrist and guiding the actual blow, though that might be a bit condescending...

    If you are helping, roll it!
  • Defending Astrafel.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
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    Decided to stop pushing the aid actions and going with what you guys post.
  • Astrafel, you swing at the water where the croc just went under, but oh hell it snaps its head up and closes its jaws around your weapon, wrenching the sword from your hand as it whips its massive head to the side. The sword goes splashing into the water several paces away to your left. Suddenly disarmed you find the crocodilian swinging its head back towards you, you can smell its foul breath as it lumbers forward.

    Siggrun stands to defend you, despite his bloody wounds he continues to stand firm.

    Before long the croc will be upon you both, what do you do?
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    Rules note: When defending, you can spend your hold when someone makes a move against the one you are defending, or against you yourself, Siggrun, so defending here is perfect, even if you are attacked directly. I re-read the rules and your action is right-on.
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    I push my shield into its face, towards its jaws, "Gyaaah!!".

    Maybe I'll get lucky and it will try to bite it. I hear these things aren't too bright. I just hope I'm strong enough that it won't wrench my shield out of my grasp.

    ETA: (XP : 1 for Defending, total of 2)
  • Suddenly swordless, Astrafel dives for his weapon. All this damned shallow water, maybe this trip wasn't such a good idea...
  • So Ovid is up there behind you guys making a rubbing of the stone while all this is going on, very excitedly, too.

    Astrafel, yeah, that woulds pretty dangerous, it threw your sword kind of off to its side so it may decide to snap at you as you pass.

    Let's see that defy danger roll, then that will probably tell Siggrun what he needs to do.
  • Defy danger
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
    [xp +1]
  • Astrafel doesn't exactly walk on water but he retrieves his sword post haste.
  • Heck yes, you grab the sword with style, splashing out of reach of the gnashing jaws, the croc decides the dwarf looks tastier, and he's already bloodied and delicious.

    Siggrun, you've got a moment before the creature is going to bite you, what do you do?

    Asfrafel, you've got your sword in hand, what do you do?

    Ovid, how about you?
  • [Astrafel]
    While the creature's attention is turned to Siggrun, Astrafel attempts to stick it in the side with his sword.
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