[Dungeon World] Panic in the Swamp [DI1.0,EL1.0]

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A swamp, of course, the swamp near lake Garr. A particularly bad place to die, your body would never be found I wager. Not that anyone would be willing to look.

Finding your way in this swamp is difficult, terribly difficult. What ever inspired you to come out here? And where the others wound up you don't know because when the crocodilians spooked the Donkey and it bolted from the path things went kind of crazy. Well, you're with the donkey, for better or worse, but that crocodilian looks intent on eating the poor thing and it's not bright enough to get out of the stinking water.

At least there's only one of the things, but trouble in the swamp breeds more trouble.

What do you do?


  • How far off is it? If it's near or far, I'll shoot it. Does it count as surprised by my attack because it's intent on the donkey or does it not because it's in combat mode? If it's too close to shoot, I'll spout lore -- I probably know how to scare crocodilians off, right?
  • Really? Is this what I've come to? Standing in defense of a donkey? *sigh* Very well. At least it's some action.

    Crocodilians are one of those primeval lizard-monsters, they've been around for ages. I'm sure I've encountered them before. If only I can remember ...
  • Spout lore:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • • Is it dangerous to me? Particularly, is it a worthy opponent?

    • What does it do?

    • How can I prevent it from eating the damn donkey?
  • The crocodilian lowers its sizeable head and half charges, half swims towards you and your four-legged charge.
    Elohiir asks:• Is it dangerous to me? Particularly, is it a worthy opponent?
    Doubt anyone is going to write a ballad about it but it's dangerous, hell of a bite and heavy enough to break bones.
    Elohiir asks:• What does it do?
    Eat everything it can get a hold of, it will probably try to drag you underwater and drown you. They have a vice-grip and almost never let go. They can submerge in surprisingly shallow water, too.
    Elohiir asks:• How can I prevent it from eating the damn donkey?
    Drive it away, it's an animal and will probably flee if you hurt it badly or somehow scare the thing. Not sure what a crocodilian is scared of though.

    Did you want to spout lore as well, Diana?
  • I think I'm just shooting it. #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • I'll choose to move into danger of your choosing and deal #DiceRoller( 1d8 ) damage.
  • Diana, you take aim and fire, but its armor is thick and your arrow deflects into the water, to take the shot, though, you really had to stay put... in the water and the thing is submerging.

    What do you do?
  • I'm getting out of the water -- hopping onto the donkey's back, standing there and studying the water, trying to discern anything I can for an advantage. Is this an appropriate use of Discern Realities?
  • Don't think it's right to discern realities, that's more for an in depth evaluation of something, but you can just look around.

    The croc has just submerged but as far as you know it's here to eat the donkey you're now standing on. There's bits of land you could scramble to here and there, but the croc could follow of course though at least it would have to emerge.

    Let's see what Elohiir is doing, he has a chance to act before it finishes submerging, if he likes.
  • OK, I'm just preparing a shot for whenever it does come up -- hopefully I can pop it in the eye or throat or something as it's coming in for the kill.
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    Hurt it badly, you say? I will do that. Better than lurking about, waiting to intercept it when it rises to make off with my draft animal. Fortune favors the bold! Which is to say, me.

    I lunge for it, using my reach to thrust at it before it submerges. We'll see how those scales fair against elf-steel!
  • Hackan' and Slashan'

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )

    xp (1)
  • Tch. Well, I have 2-armor against it's attack, and I should think that I also am outside of its convenient reach.

    For my part, d10 damage, and this pierces up to 2-armor:

    #DiceRoller( 1d10 )
  • Elohiir, elf steel is fine and sharp, the Spear of Kithracet pierces the crocodilian's hide, sliding through the armor like it's not even there. Blood wells up through the wicked wound and the creature thrashes and rolls, you pull the weapon free lest it be pulled from your hands by the movement of the massive reptile. It snaps at your legs and you feel its jaws close around your boot, crushing your foot inside, not enough to harm you but it's a painful, unrelenting grip, it's pulling you deeper, trying to drag you underwater.

    What do you (both of you) do?

    MC: Elohiir, you've dealt your full 4 damage to the crocodilian.
  • Even if it's a foot under the mire, so long as I know where it is (i.e. right in front of Elohiir, gnawing on his foot), I can shoot it. Right? If so, #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 ) And if not, ignore.
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    It won't scare so easily, eh? Well, good job on it. But I'm ready for it. I've fought these beasts before, and I know their tactics. Stupid creatures, really, and terribly predictable.

    So I'm already bracing against it's pull, digging my free heel into the muck and bringing the spear around overhead, gripping two-handed. Sad as it is, the fool donkey depends on me to protect it. The guide too, I suppose.
  • I think I'm defending, though it's a little nebulous what I'm defending. I'm not sure that I can defend myself (though I am 'a person'), but I can defend a location, so I think maybe I'm defending this patch of disgusting swamp.

    Anyway, Defend:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )

    If this doesn't feel like I'm using Defend right, feel free to add +1 and call it Hacking and Slashing. Either way: xp (2).
  • Where's the cougar, out of curiosity?
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    Elohiir, your intention is to attack it to force it to release you, yes? I'd say that you're defying danger in order to strike it, which would be at +1 to your result, unfortunately still a 6.

    Remember you guys can aid and interfere with each other, too, quite reasonably in the case of this battle, so I'd say Diana can aid you in defying danger if she chooses by distracting the beast from its grasp of you somehow. Maybe shoot it, maybe the cougar, I'll let her figure out how.

    If she helps you, you'll soft hit the defy danger roll, allowing you to deal your damage, no further roll needed, though there may be a cost.

    But you're in Diana's hands, she may just choose to outright attack it or something instead.
  • Sure, then, I'm distracting the croc with the pain of piercing arrow-heads. Y'know, if I can hit it, that is. So should you apply my previous pathetic roll or have me make a new one? If the latter, #DiceRoller( 2d6 ).
  • And I figure Tuk-Tuk is hunting just now. He spends a fair amount of time on his own, staying close, but not at my heels. He's only barely tame and I don't really want him killing the donkey.
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    That wasn't my intention. I wanted to dig in and interfere with it, which would let me set it up for Diana's attack (I'm better at Defending than I am at helping her). She already was outright attacking it, and missing the roll ... has that not happened? And if I got extra hold, I could also mitigate its attack on me. It didn't work out, but I don't think I'm Defying Danger.
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    That is, I may certainly be Defying Danger shortly, but that wasn't what I was trying to do right there.

    But if Diana didn't make that missed attack, then I shouldn't have Defended: I'd be bringing down that spear to Hack and Slash, in which case Diana's help would bring in a 7 on a Hack and Slash. I'm more interested in killing it than in escaping its grasp. But it really just looks to me like we each screwed up what we were trying to do.
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    Michael, what I'm saying is you have been grabbed by the thing and you are defying danger in order to attack it, that's not a choice, the danger is already present and doing just about anything requires that move. There's a huge creature trying to drag you underwater and you need to keep your head together in order to do what you want to do, but actually stabbing it at that point is easy, bring the weapon down, it's right there. I read your action a raising the spear above your head in order to attack it, if that totally wasn't what you wanted to do then we can regress, but I'd rather quickly discuss misunderstandings and rule things (like this) and move on rather than bog down. Unless it's super important, let's press forward.

    Anyhow, Diana rolled an 8, I assume to help Elohiir, making your roll a 7, a success, which will allow you to deal your damage to the croc.

    Sound good?

    Also, I'm going to ask you guys not to put the rolls in-line in the text, it's pretty easy for me to miss it. Please put the name of the move and the roll on a separate line, like Michael has been. Part of why I missed the earlier attack by Diana. That was simply my mistake but I feel it's too late to go back and make that change something now.
  • Sure, I'll try to call them out more obviously.
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    As a procedural point, it would have been good for you to (initially) tell me that taking action requires Defying Danger. That went unsaid, so I assumed I could respond with any appropriate move.

    So if I have this right: we're overlooking Diana's initial attack, and she's instead distracting the beast so that I can act. Doing so requires Defying Danger, to which we apply my previous roll. And if Diana didn't make that overlooked attack, then sure, I'll attack rather than digging in. Not trying to drive it off, as such, just kill it.

    So I just deal damage, you say, rather than carrying on into a Hack and Slash action? Then, to recap and expand:

    So I'm already bracing against it's pull, digging my free heel into the muck and bringing the spear around overhead, gripping two-handed. Sad as it is, the fool donkey depends on me to protect it. The guide too, I suppose. When I find my footing, I drive the blade downward, guessing at where it keeps its tiny brain ...
  • Damage is 2-piercing:

    #DiceRoller( 1d10 )
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