The Horror: an AW + cthulhu hack

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I would say the folks that haunt Snail's Pace are some of the most versed in AW.
Thus, I offer up my hack of AW here, in hopes of some expert feedback.. and if a spark of enthusiasm carries, I'd be willing to MC a pbp game.
The Horror



  • So maybe I missed something, but I'm confused about the rolls. You add skill to rolls, but it seems like you want to roll low?
  • RusRus
    edited June 2011
    It's a roll under the skill level. I noticed that the distribution of impale, success and failure in the % cthulhu systems out there match closely to the dice distribution in AW.

    Say you have a 70% Spot Hidden.
    Impale of that is 14%. So rolling under 14% is a strong hit and 15 to 70 is a week hit. Above 70 is a miss.
  • Okay, I was mistaking the 20% on impale for a fixed percentage. I get it now.
  • I have redone the layout for the Character reference information.
    Horror Character Reference
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