Wiki AW Rebooting. Looking for maybe 1 or 2 more.

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Hi guys. We're rebooting an AW game over on my wiki. The last one got shredded by dropout.

I'm looking for one or two more folks at most. We have three right now.

The setup thread is., if you want to read it over. The wiki has email notify to let you know of changes, but I have to set it for you, so let me know if you want it.

We've been talking about a megalopolis with intruding nature etc, but it could be reworked a little. We have a battlebabe, a savvyhead and a hoarder right now. Christopher and Scott are two of the players. I don't think my 3rd, Brian, has been over here much.

Let me know by email - trevis.martin at the big google, and I'll pass you the password for the wiki. First come first serve and all that.
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