[Dungeon World] Into the Tomb [AS1.1,OV1.1,SI1.1,EL1.2,DI1.2]

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Everyone stands ready as Ovid nears the end of the incantation. The serpents, for now, have stayed away and Astrafel still sings through it all.

Finally the Wizard reaches the end of the ritual phrases and is quiet. There's a moment when it seems like nothing is going to happen, but then:

The huge stone at the center of the chamber with Sorenji's throne begins to move. It turns, slowly, stones moving in utter silence except for the clatter of books and stones. The stone stops after a quarter-turn and all is still for a long moment. Finally, the entire block, a dozen feet across begins to descend very slowly down into the round shaft revealed to you only as it passes.

It takes some time, the round shaft is smoothed stone, stained with long running strips of mold and watery stains which must have seeped through the seams over the ages. As the stone passes, a number of stones extend from the sides in a spiral, one at a time sliding out into view and creating a somewhat frightening spiral stair around the perimeter with nothing but air between the steps.

The stone continues, how far can this shaft go?

What do you do?


  • "Ah Ha! It worked!"

    I don't even hesitate. I'm gathering up my stuff and then heading toward the stair.
  • I follow, feeling confident and striding down into the arms of my deity with a sense of purpose.
  • I too, follow the mage. This is why we're here.
  • "Ovid, if you please ..."

    I tap the haft of my spear across your chest, making you pause long enough for me to start down the stairs ahead of you. The gods only know what is down there, after all.

    Can the donkey make it down these stairs?
  • Donkey, yeah probably, though he's not happy about it, Diana might have to do some convincing. Cart, no way.
  • "Of course."

    I'm grinning.

    "After you."

    And, I do a half-bow and wave my hand out toward the stairs.
  • "Might as well leave Sal here where she can graze, right?"
  • Astrafel keeps whistling and beating his fists until the last and then descends behind the rest of the group, still performing his art.
  • I'm pausing, dubious.

    "In this swamp? I should think we would return to find the beast eaten. Ovid?"
  • You all descent the stairs. Each step is a sturdy block of stone without distinctive carving or adornment. The space between the steps is a little further than comfortable however and it's a test of will to persevere. The round cap-stone finally comes to a stop far below and your descent continues down into the darkness towards it.

    You're pretty sure it's dry down there, at least not flooded. There is visible moisture staining the walls all the way down and the floor appears somewhat moldy and perhaps studded with large fungus and growths.

    Let's have whoever is leading the way defy danger to lead the party safely down the descent (doesn't feel right to require each character to roll) I think this is Elohiir at the moment?
  • To Elohiir:

    "Sal could be a distraction and lead to one of us being put in danger. Let's tie the donkey up so it can't roam far, but I think it's better to leave it."
  • "Well, I think if we tie her, the chance of her being eaten goes way up. Actually, bringing her along might be the best bet."

    To Sal: "What do you think? Are you safer out here in the swamp or coming down underground with us? There are probably no crocodilians down there, at least."
  • doesn't feel right to require each character to roll
    Always welcome to help me, though.

    Defy: #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )

    xp (12)
  • And since to do it, I must do it: I walk down the stairs, easily identifying slippery/unsteady footing, moving with flawless elven grace and etc. At least, I do that once we've settled for the donkey.
  • "Great! Bring the donkey!"

    You can tell, I'm seriously not interested in the donkey debate. I'm looking down, toward the lower part of these stairs.
  • It seems that neither Elohiir nor Ovid really care what happens with Sal, so I'll totally go along with whatever she wants. And if that counts as aiding an animal, I'll mark XP. :)
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    Finally the stone ceases, at least a couple of you are likely regretting missing the opportunity to ride the thing down, as this is a long and precarious walk down the treacherous stairs. But you manage to navigate them without fall. Sal the donkey hesitates at the mouth of the shaft but with the sound of the serpents and swaps creatures nearby he eventually huffs loudly and clops loudly down the steps after the party.

    You find yourselves in a large square chamber with rounded corners. The stairs end up on the now lowered platform which has a series of concentric stairs leading down to floor level about twice the height of a man down. Across the chamber, the meager light from above illuminates the immense statue of what must be one of the fabled titans. Nobody living has laid eyes on one. It's man-like but monstrous, with deep pitted eyes and a foul bearing despite its regal clothing and pose. Thank the gods it's just a statue.

    The room is molded over with drippings and even the tiny beginnings of stalagmites from the dripping swamp water. The floor looks slick in places and fetid water fills any small depressions in what looks like it was once a richly appointed room. Now gone to ruin.

    There's what looks like a closed stone door heading North past the legs of the statue, a dark and dripping hallway heading East and another similar hallway heading West.

    There's a sound, like an arrhythmic clicking echoing through the halls, it's difficult to get a bearing on its source for all the echos and drips of water.

    What do you do?
  • Astrafel, gently massaging his tired lips, goes to examine the statue. "Many stories tell of the titans but to my knowledge, no visage of their form had survived. This must be a titan - look at the three toes on each foot... Although, I must admit, word of their horns was greatly overstated. See, they are only barely visible. Still, a sight to behold!"
  • Spout lore
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • Is it dangerous to me? [re: the statue]
  • Astrafel:

    Yes it is, something tells you that the statue is trapped, and anyone attempting to pass through the door between its legs will likely fall victim to a magical trap. What allows one to pass safely? This being a temple, likely a suitable sacrifice, there's an unlit brazier there near the base of the statue where you would pass, in time gone by you could imagine it lit with a blazing flame, passers by to the temple beyond placing tributes in the flame as a means of sacrificial respect.
  • I stand, relaxed, in the center of the room. I'm looking around, taking no particular action but keeping an eye on the exits and dark corners.

    Which I suppose sounds like Discerning Realities, God help us:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6-1 )
  • Elohiir:

    You stand still in the cool subterranean air, the dank smell is stifling and the air feels stale. At least you're out of the heat of the swamp.

    The monstrous statue is still and quiet but there's a motion on the edge of your sensitive vision. Something in the shadows? No... something you can't truly perceive, you hear a voice in your mind, speaking the elf language, a dialect mostly unused these days, but known to you, "noble guardian, you know the torment of long years spend on a fool's errand, do you not? Help me rise from this place in a body of flesh. I beg you, fellow elf. Friend."

    Something is using magic to try and sway your mind, make a saving throw.
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    Is that my flesh we're speaking of? If so, I shouldn't think I like that idea.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )

    That's xp (13).
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    (could I see/ sense this somehow? I'd love to give Elohir some help, if possible)
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    I don't see why you couldn't help, you're a cleric after all, and this is a tomb. It's probably clear that your friend is in some distress.
  • (Helping Elohir!)

    Sensing his distress, I move over and clap a firm hand on his shoulder, giving him some strength.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • (woot, a 7 on helping. take your plus one and don't you forget it!)
  • Elohiir manages to shrug off the impending possession, and becomes aware of the ghostly presence at his shoulder. It's cold and disturbing. You have a feeling that you won't be able to do it harm, it's just a figment, a spiritual projection of something undead, hiding somewhere down here in the tomb.

    The shiver passes and as your companion helps steel your courage with a brotherly touch, you feel that it's gone.

    What do you do?
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    Bah! I shrug the dwarf off, grumbling, walking away.

    "So the undead sort of guardian, then. Dwarf! Ovid? A light! Or did someone think to bring a torch into this gloom?"

    I prowl the perimeter briefly, peering down dank corridors, but settling on the great stone doors, then ones beneath the titanic statue. The art is of little interest to me, quaint as it is in comparison to elven glories, but grand doors tend to lead to places of interest.

    I make for them.

    > go north
    > open door
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