[Audience] Thou Art But a Warrior

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This is the audience thread for the playtest of "Thou Art But a Warrior". I'm sure Anna would appreciate all the feedback she can get, so if you have any comments, please don't hesitate to leave them here.


  • I'm curious to see how this system plays out in the PbP.

    Also, the use of images is an interesting device in PbP. It's like I'm starting to read personalities into each image (and the posts that follow them). Useful technique.
  • Yeah, I'm really starting to like them too. Not only do they make each role really clear, I think they really help the atmosphere. I think what you're saying about personalities really makes sense.
  • Nice one Rich!
  • *bows*

    Thanks. Glad you found it worth the wait.
  • Question about the Heart/Infidel icons: what do they mean?
  • They indicate what role you are posting as in the scene.
  • Sorry, I meant: what is the meaning behind those original images that were adapted?
  • Oh, they're just things I found by googling around. Star is from a clothing label, Heart and Infidel I found by googling "moorish symbol".
  • Dave! That's hard core! I like it.
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