[The Island] People of The Island

I'm replacing the old thread as the main encyclopedia of people. This should be a wiki, but I'm trying to figure out how to make it work best. Any comments you have go in the other thread, this one is just for me, please.


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    Player Characters:

    Merry - the battlebabe. Played by Scott. Daughter of Warner. Previously owned by (and good-luck charm of) The Raiders. Slightly "lost" to the sea. Doglike in her need to be dominated.

    Gabe - the angel. Played by Rich. Mentee of The Vet. Collects books and supplies. Doodles. Likes the ladies. Easily excitable.

    Pity - the brainer. Played by Max. Washed up in crazy bondage wear. Sometimes possessed or insane at night. Spends the night chained and guarded by Monk. Goofy split-personality. Maybe.

    Rhyme - the touchstone. Played by Michael. Has a vision of weird-hope and some crazy goggles. A member of a small, distributed, psychic collective consisting of roughly one generation of born-on-the-beachers. Seems like an interesting combination of serious and flaky.

    Brick - the chopper. Played by Trevis. Rides a big bike and wears leather and chain. Leads a pack of savages. Denies (and is uncomfortable with) any internal humanity. Values machines more than people.

    Always - the hocus. Used to be played by Daniel. Helps a community of vessels and handlers by providing philosophic leadership. Son of Nbeke. Strident.

    Pandora - the skinner. Played by Michael. "Sister" to Rhyme and Gabe. Lives in Georgetown under Thimble's Place with her pet jellyfish, Jake. Dates Brick and Vega.
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    The Family (including Gabe and Rhyme, above):

    Cassa - "Sister" to Rhyme and Gabe. Lives in The Beach House. The really weird one. Spent most of her early childhood on boats with her mom. Crazy psychic. She needs someone to keep an eye on her. Doesn't pick up on social cues and might ignore social danger signs. She was also the channel/host for The Island God when the deal was struck with Gabe. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

    Road - "Sister" to Rhyme and Gabe. Lives in The Beach House. One side of her face was messed up by dogs when she was little so she wears a scarf/head-wrap over her dirty-blonde hair. She's wiry and has had to fight with a long metal hook. She found a cache of canned pineapple in a bunker when she was twelve; she ate until she puked. Neice of Ciggy. Displays poor impulse-control. She can do mind-reading/control stuff (played Gabe like a puppet during sex). Very strong-willed (prefers to take reasonable damage than to take orders). But now she's signed up with Brick's Iron Skulls... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

    imageMB - Milton Bradley. Member of Rhyme/Gabe's family. Man. Wears loose-fitting camo pants that have been cut off to long shorts and a threadbare shirt that he rarely buttons. He sometimes carries: a flare gun, a compound bow with arrows that he cuts himself, and/or a machete in a sharkskin sleeve on his back. He has a thick accent that makes him hard to understand. MB is muscular; an obvious and natural warrior. He's maybe not the smartest tool in the shed, but he's a powerful one. The waves talk to him while he sleeps, in his dreams. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

    Clarity - "Sister" to Rhyme and Gabe. Lived around the coast near White Rocks and was Rhyme's long-distance girlfriend. Especially doesn't get along with Pandora -- a bit of a control freak. Now she's back at the beach house. 1, 2

    Burn - Cassa's brother; a few years older. He never recovered from being raised in the water. He was psychic, precient and maybe formed the bond that the family (Gabe, Rhyme, etc) rely on. 1

    Hurricane - "Brother" to Rhyme and Gabe. Lived around the coast near White Rocks, but has moved back to the Beach House with Clarity and Fraze.

    Fraze - "Brother" to Rhyme and Gabe. Lived around the coast near White Rocks, but moved back to Beach House. Builds stuff. Responsible for The Beach House. Runs a sea-still and recycles paper from scraps and other fibers. Ex-gangster. He's a builder of things and as he works on them, he talks to them. Seems like they talk back only no one else can hear it. He's rebuilding Beach House. 1, 2, 3, 4, 4

    Sun - "Sister" to Rhyme and Gabe. Lives up north. Partner to Garber. Expresses "prissy superiority."

    Garber - "Brother" to Rhyme and Gabe. Lives up north. Partner to Sun. 1
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    The community around Basecamp:

    The Lost - Always' cult of the vessels and handlers. Now under the umbrella of Pity/Sundown's organization.

    Werner - Merry's father. A Lost vessel, tends an array of crab and lobster traps. Lives with Merry and Always and folks around the homebase area. He's still good-looking for his age: skin darkly tanned and as fit as any of the lost. He watches Merry and sometimes looks like he's going to talk to her, but never does. 1, 2, 3, 4

    Twinkie - a guy who lives at Basecamp, a member of the Lost -- though he's not a vessel, he follows Always' lead. He's usually cooking for everyone around. He went away to trade for spices but came back four days later, shot up. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

    Pringles - A member of Always' crew and next-door neighbor. He cares for Yip and Snaps. Pringles and Always help each other out -- babysitting and stuff. Pringles also handles trading for Always sometimes. He's maybe 35 years old. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,

    Yip Yip - Pringles' wife. Not impressed with Always or Pringles' fawning over him. Driving the huts within the great-hut interpretation of Pity's big hut plans. 1, 2, 3, 4,

    Snaps - A Lost vessel under the care of Pringles and Yip Yip. 1, 2, 3, 4,

    Tina - oldest of the vessels that anyone knows about. She's been fishing longer than any of the PCs have been alive, if word on the beach is right. Even so, she's not nearly so lost as some. She always pats her belly after a meal. She's not aging as quickly as everyone else. She's not about to die, but she's kind of mentally ready to be done here. She's trusting of hope. She's had five kids, not one has lived past five years. She can't remember their faces. And she wishes she could go back to being a vegetarian. 1, 2, 3,

    Pan-Handle - Just recently started working in the water. Ed's lover. Not too worried about losing memories in general, but frightened about forgetting his love. 1, 2

    Ed - Just recently started working in the water. Pan-Handle's lover. Not too worried about losing memories in general, but frightened about forgetting his love. 1, 2, 3

    Mikado - Sister of Pinnafore. Always' technical person. She maintains the local rafts for a living and keeps a big (by local standards) supply of scavenged goodies. She cooks sometimes on the rare occasions that Twinkie leaves. 1, 2,

    Teddy - a vessel who lived to the south of Basecamp until the events of our first session unfolded. He's moved up to the Basecamp area with the expectation that Rhyme and Pity will take care of him. 1, 2, 3

    Hugo - one of Pity's people; a handler of the lost -- particularly his sister, Ula. A sharp guy, but prideful. Brought her a gun from Georgetown and then shot Havana. 1, 2

    Ula - lost member of Pity's tribe. Hugo's sister. Doesn't talk much. Doesn't like to fish, but she's strong and thus does land-side labor some of the time.

    Gnarly - lost member of Pity's tribe. Havana's brother. 1

    Bill - lost member of Pity's tribe. A little "loster" than some. Thinks the rocks down south are better. Good fisherman. 1

    Orange Julius - the kid on whom Gabe first used healing touch. Has been living in Georgetown with Venom for quite a while, but recently moved to the beach to work in Gabe's infirmary. 1, 2, 3, 4

    Chak - beats shore-crabs with sticks to collect food.

    Tum Tum - lost fisherman of Pity's tribe.

    Grome - lost fisherman of Pity's tribe. Bitches about fishing. Worried about whether Matilda will lose her father...

    Matilda - Grome's half-sister and handler. Nabs' daughter.

    Nabs - lost fisherman of Pity's tribe. Old guy. Matilda's dad. Sick with some wasting disease.

    Rice - a smart kid with a limp. Minor gang activity in his past. Trying to weave.

    Pierre - a new lost fisherman from a previously disbanded beach community down south.

    Amy - Pierre's handler and lover.

    Crine - like to hug and touch a lot.
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    Brick's gang and hangers-on:

    Brick's gang are called the Iron Skulls.

    Oxford - One of Brick's gangsters. Started the game messed up, but Gabe healed him. Now, he hears the rain talk to him and during the storm, it told him a story about fighting the ocean. And he thinks that Merry's tied to the rain somehow. Proposed to Merry. 1, 2, 3, 4

    Floyd - One of Brick's gangsters. She and Popeye are usually a couple. She laughs at others' pain out of habit. 1

    Popey - One of Brick's gangsters. One rough motherfucker, but he never gets angry. He and Floyd are usually a couple. 1

    Zulu - One of Brick's gangsters. The newest of them, actually. Crack rifle shot and official sniper. Mostly keeps to herself when she's not needed. 1, 2

    Hooch - one of Brick's gangsters. Female. Very hard. Grew up in Georgetown but "it didn't work out." Wears a denim vest that used to be a jacket with weird patches all over it including a huge American flag on her back. Accidentally killed Blues in a fight during the storm. Isn't allowed to challenge for promotion until Brick says so. 1, 2, 3, 4

    Dice - One of Brick's gangsters. An older guy, tough and sinnewy and steady as a rail. Official sniper. He spends whatever jingle he has on luxuries -- food, drink, company.1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    Pigface - One of Brick's gangsters. He's always mouthing off to Brick -- coming up with "better" ideas. Sometimes he's got good ones but doesn't know when to shut up. 1

    Goldie - another of Brick's gangsters. 1

    Bowling Ball - Old lady runs with Brick's raider gang, lives in a quonset hut and brews hooch from the little cactus plants that grow around here and some berries that are growing out on the lava fields -- and hell, anything else she can get a hold of. 1

    Flax - one of Brick's gangsters. He's solid, but maybe a little too needy. He didn't really like seeing Rhyme hold a knife on Brick. 1

    Coco - Iron Skull who got bumped over Hooch when she killed Blues.

    Derpepper - the de facto cook among the 'Skulls. Starting to go grey, but wiry and tough as nails. 1

    Farley - Iron Skull. Woman. 1

    Jeannie - Oxford's girlfriend.

    Tinker - Iron Skull. 1

    Lars - Iron Skull. 1

    Domino - Iron Skull captain. Sharp. 1
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    Those who live in and around Georgetown:
    (see below for the cops)

    Weaver - works for Barbecue Lady at Georgetown market. 1

    Ciggy - a short guy trading miscelaneous goods in the Georgetown market. Probably Road's uncle. A mostly-harmless pedophile. He's missing his eight front-most teeth and smells foul. Prone to mild hysterics. For a long time -- years, he had a wound named Igor that would occasionally talk to him, but never with witnesses. Folks just figured he's sick and nuts. When Gabe's healing went badly, Ciggy stopped identifying himself as that person and became Igor and now speaks with a Russian accent (not that anyone knows what Russia is) and moved to the beach. However, Gabe reformed Ciggy out of nothing and now he's back in Georgetown, picking up his old way of life. 1, 2, 3, 4,

    Pinnafore - a part-time scavenger and part-time trader in Georgetown. Brother of Mikado. Always prefers trading with Pinnafore because he thinks he's being cut a square deal. 1

    Fancypants - a handler of fisher-folk at Comfortless Cove. Used to be neighbor to Cricket and Banana. Supplies Jake-chow for Pandora and gets his fortune read and scalp massaged in exchange. 1, 2

    Thimble - operator of Thimble's Place, the best bar in the world. She tries to serve a good meal for those who can afford it and leftover stew for those who can't. She also ferments vats of whatever she can get into a mildly alcoholic (3-8% depending on the day) brew and also has a still to make the hard stuff (more like 30-40%). She lives in a small apartment over the rear half of her bar and shares her basement with Pandora. She's kind of got a thing for Pandora but keeps it mostly professional. Thimble contracts and truncates words at will. 1, 3, 4, 5,

    Wake - owns a paleta machine. It requires electricity to freeze, but it's all gerry-rigged with car batteries and these four goats walk in a circle to generate power. They're pretty expensive, but it's the only source of ice on the island and super-delicious. Wake is pretty wealthy and sits on the council.

    Titan - huge guy, lives with his family out east of Georgetown and quaries stone blocks for trade. He also has a hut in Georgetown -- used to live in it, but it's really just disintigrating now. Rafe's cousin. 1

    Vega - an old guy in his 40s, but healthy as a mule. He's involved with herding goats: meat and milk and wool - he owns a couple of herds himself and his family's been weavers since his father's time. One of his daughters, Mohair, makes this nice, fine cashmere cloth that's very nice. Looks luxe, feels comfy. Vega sits on the Georgetown council. Spends some recreational time with Pandora. Wants to reduce the power and independence of the cops -- might benefit from Allison's sudden demise. Distant from his kids. Has a baby-grand piano in his home.

    Whiteboy - the onion guy! He grows onions (and some other stuff of course) just north of town and grills them in the market over a driftwood fire. He also renders a noxious alcoholic drink from what amounts to his farm compost that has to be cut with coconut milk just to make it drinkable. But it's cheaper than good hooch, so it sells. 1

    Venom - Clove's sister, local engine mechanic. Girlfriend of Poker. Short and prone to a little pudge, but cute with long, straight sandy hair and some freckles. Burn victim. Physically doubled through Gabe's meddling in the psychic maelstrom. She's moody, quickly moving from annoyingly cheerful and polite to taciturn and rude. She resents Gabe's heavy-handed interference in her life but knows she should also be thankful. In the past, she's done some mechanical work for Pandora and now both Venoms have taken up working for Pandora more concertedly. They also have a crude helicopter working. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

    Roxy - the cops' medic. Runs their infirmary. Has been letting Gabe work after seeing his magical healing of Venom's burns. 1, 2, 3, 4

    Rafe - Titan's cousin. Gardener.

    Mother - an entity of the psychic maelstrom, new to the island thanks to Gabe and Pandora. Mother's now-physical body is on the path out to Titan's place, much closer to Titan than to Georgetown. Her soul or something is trapped in a vial in Pandora's cataloging room. Mother's quiescent body seems to be made from slimy black leather. But a crazy pile of vines and stuff have grown up all over her so she looks like a mound of vegetation unless you look carefully. If you're noticing, she seems to radiate power, but nothing like when her essense is free and combined with her physical form. She's about the size of a dump-truck. Mother's soul was trapped in a vial of Pandora's but it's gotten free. 1, 2

    Spider - bald guy with a large and elaborate black mustache. Leader of the water cult. Got in a fight with Brick and Dice after Dice knocked his jug of holy water to the floor by mistake. 1

    Been - wants Pandora gone from Georgetown; dead would be OK.

    Step - runs Step's Place, a cheapy "bar" that's really just a shed with a stil, not a place for you to drink -- get your rotgut and go. But a lot of folks just sit around the shed drinking even though it makes Step grumpy. 1

    Books - a dealer of golden-age books in the marketplace. Knows Brick and knew his dad. 1

    Beagle - runs a dice game. Extends credit. Breaks knees. Thimble got Pandora to fuck him once to call something even.

    Tat - the egg guy. Keeps a flock on the edge of town in an enclosure that Rhyme helped build. 1

    Nimbo - a skilled leather worker.
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    Georgetown Police:

    Crayola - a serious Georgetown police officer/gang member. Really trying to find Cricket's murderer. Partner with Nice Guy. 1

    Bamboo - a not very serious and kind of personally weak member of The Police. "Dude, shut up -- she's a ding-bat and she wants to fuck!" He's the guy who locked up Merry. He's also the guy who found Gabe healing Venom and took them to the barracks. 1, 2

    Ebon - a Georgetown cop. 1

    Lemming - a mid-rank cop from an inland-family who generally believe in Rhyme, but is completely loyal to Georgetown. Capable and ready for violence. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    Teeth - a cop. 1, 2

    Powder - a cop. 1

    Quarter - a cop. Scuffled with Gabe. 1

    Nutmeg - a cop. Sweet on Cassa -- earned pretty jingle betting on her. 1, 2

    Joust - a cop. 2

    Mister - captain of police. tall, older and bald with a little mustache but no beard. 2
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    Others gangs:

    The Angels - This is one of the raider gangs that coalesced out of the chaos following Nbeke's defeat.

    • Michael - was gang leader of The Angels for a long time and rode Nbeke's old bike. Arranged for Allison's assassination. Missing.
    • Bear - a top-tier Angel who's recently stepped into the lead spot. Riding Michael's bike. Participated in Allison's assassination.
    • Ringo - Bear's right-hand lady. This one's a savage old bitch. She loves her shotgun even more than her bike. Participated in Allison's assassination.
    • Fink - a new kid in The Angels. Fifteen years old. Participated in Allison's assassination. Bragged about it around Brick.
    The Big-Twos - an old raider gang. Fairly insular.

    • Antoinette - a raider. Leader of the Big-Twos.
    • Hammer - left the Iron Skulls when Brick started imposing order more than he could bear. But was Brick's number two guy. 1, 2
    • 2-Swing - left Brick with Hammer and came to the Big-Twos.

    The Lifeguards - Rhyme's gang. loose coalition of 30ish beach people all around the island. 2-harm gang medium rich 1-armor (vulnerable:desertion); self-sufficient and loose-knit

    • Igor - a petty criminal from Ukraine that was and now occupies Ciggy's original body -- thanks to Gabe and the Maelstrom. He's missing his eight front-most teeth and speaks with a Russian accent (not that anyone knows what Russia is). Igor thinks that Always looks just like Kiril -- someone from his past who needs to be punched.1, 2
    • Tao - a handler(?) in Pity's tribe. 1
    • Jeanette - was a whore in Georgetown. Now she's a whore in the beach community
    • Rafe - lives in Georgetown. Checks in on Mother for Rhyme.
    • Fancypants -
    • Frank - live about an hour south in a fold of rock where they garden.
    • Shou - live about an hour south in a fold of rock where they garden.
    • Text - live about an hour south in a fold of rock where they garden. Is the usual guy who walks to the beach community in case of problem.
    • III (pronounced eye-eye-eye) - lives up a ways past Comfortless with Rum. Tanner -- racks of goat-hide are all over and boy does that stink! Sells to Nimbo and others.
    • Rum - lives up a ways past Comfortless with Rum. Labors in Georgetown and scavenges. Checks in on Mother for Rhyme.

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    Others (who may move to other pages, later on) and general:

    raider gangs - Several gangs with guns and old vehicles that run the anarchy on the southern half of the island. Ex-owner and patrons of Merry. Brick leads one of these gangs based at Cat Hill.

    Bosun - Previous leader of one of the raider gangs. Dead.

    The Vet - Gabe's dead mentor. A pre-crash veterinarian.

    vessels - People afflicted by the sea.

    The handlers - People who take care of vessels.

    Babcock - Leader of Relay on the north side of the island. Commands a small gang, operates a wind turbine and generators to supply electricity to those who can pay. She's something of an electronics weirdo who watches and listens to static on screens and speakers.

    The Old Man - Leader of Two Boats. Grizzled old tough-as-nails bastard who'll leave you alone if you're smart enough to reciprocate. Probably a cannibal. He's got an inside connection to the Greenies and gets fruit from them. He'll sometimes sell it to others on the island, but he's not real generous about it. As such, there's some friction.

    The Greenies - A gang of rustics that live at the top of Green Mountain where the fog and vegetation run thick.

    Finger - the leader of a raider gang that was part of Nbeke's coalition but is now unaffiliated with Brick's gang. 1

    Always - A young man with mesmerizing eyes. Always tells people that the losing of one's memories to the ocean is a blessing. He lead a cult on the beach where most of the game has been focused. His mother is Nbeke and he cared for her while he lived there. There are those across the island who have heard of Always and some of them don't think he's nuts. Alwyas started as a PC. He's been missing for ages now.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

    The Island God - appeared to Gabe through Cassa and made a deal with him -- now they scratch each others' backs.

    temporarily moved here because the beach-camp note was full...deciding how to handle it...

    Nbeke - Always' mom. Before being rafted and losing much of her past and personality, she was a leader of men -- a raider. She unified the raider gangs and started a war that shook the island. She was exiled as part of a peace accord and is now, normally passive. She's a lean, wiry woman in her thirties. Short, dark hair -- she used to shave her head, but apparently Always hasn't kept up the habit -- and deeply tanned skin. Her face is tattooed -- a small series of dots along the cheekbone, under both eyes. Probably some noticeable scars on her arms and hands. Even Lost, she still has a severe, determined-looking face -- she looks like the sort of person who has their shit together, and doesn't have much patience for those who don't. It's hard to imagine her smiling. Her eyes are changed, though -- where they used to be just as sharp and unforgiving as the rest of her, they now have that distant, weirdly-calm look shared by many of the deeply Lost. To anyone who knew or interacted with Nbeke before her exile, the change in how she carries herself is probably the most pronounced. Before she always seemed to hold herself somehow at the ready -- for violence, for action, for whatever it was she decided had to be done -- but now there's none of that. Now she has a kind of listless quality -- as though her body no longer expected to have anything much to do. She was very charismatic and fucked her underlings as part of her management strategy. 1, 2, 3, 4,
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    People of Two Boats

    Gus - An old guy. As a patriarch, he speaks for his people as needed. 1

    Shaggy - Twister's grandmother. One of Gus' wives. Senior Librarian of Two Boats. 1

    Twister - a new groupie of Always'. She just showed up on the beach before the storm, having heard his good word about the blessing of losing yourself to the sea and she's here to do that...slowly, so she can savor it. She was shacking up with Werner until her people came from Two Boats and took her away. Junior Librarian of Two Boats. Mother of two. 1, 2
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    The Dead:

    Monk - Big vessel. Watched Pity while she sleeps; keeping her and the community safe. He's not much of a talker and pretty far gone, but not entirely. He's kind of a plodder -- slow and steady. When he's being thoughtful, he often kind of sucks on his bottom lip. He is capable of being thrown into a fit of rage -- red face, clenched fists and then violence. So far, they've been short lived. Killed by Road while she was shooting at Pity. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

    Key - An ex-raider gangster, turned beach handler these last ten years. One of Always' Lost, I guess, but not a vessel. Shot by a now-dead raider in Teddy's declivity. Later, killed when the wave hit the family house during the big storm and everyone was too busy to tend to him 1, 2, 3

    Havana - a perfectly normal guy living on the beach in Basecamp. Weaves fibers into mats, rugs and occasionally things as nice as blankets. Wanted to marry Pity after reading the first half of A History of the British Monarchy -- the other half is missing. 1, 2,

    Dremmer - was one of Pity's early guards. At night, he'd have his way with her while she was secured and in the morning she couldn't usually remember why she was sore. Monk made Dremmer "go away" after Pity brought him into the situation. 1

    Blues - gangster with the Iron Skulls. Dead. Killed during the storm by Hooch. 1, 2

    Cricket - eleven or tweleve years old, cared for his mom Banana and lived in The Cove, north of Georgetown. Only, now they're both dead. He was shot in the head after failing to rescue his mom from the surf and sharks. 1

    Allison - patron of the Georgie cops. Interested in Pandora. Assassinated around dusk on the edge of the market. 1, 2

    Mounds - cop killed with Allison. Missing tongue. 1, 2

    Poker - One of Brick's gangsters. Strung out on stims. Kind of a dumb-ass but knows engines. He's always tweaking at his bike. Hot-headed, he's still a moderately competant soldier because he's cowed by Brick. Hates Zulu. Talks a lot of shit. Boyfriend of Venom. Killed by Clove in a cage-match. 1, 2, 3

    Clove - a big Georgie cop. Tough and unsympathetic. Dominated Merry and revealed that Poker has taken something of his. Killed Poker in a duel in the Iron Skulls' cage. Killed by Pandora and Gabe and Brick.1, 2, 3, 4
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