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    Basecamp - the quarter-mile stretch of beach bounded by Rhyme's family home on the south and Always' hut on the north. Pity and Merry live between those two points. The locals act like something of a commune though Always manages finances and trade for a large chunk of the folks. The inhabitants are about half vessels and maybe two-thirds members of Always' Lost. 1

    Rhyme's little spring - just behind the house where Rhyme and Gabe and Road and MB and Cassa live, there's a little cave that's barely natural and maybe three-quarters dug out. There's a little fresh spring and they store food stuff there to be kept cool (taters, kimchi, mangos, etc). 1

    Fraze's Family house - The house engineered by Fraze and built by the whole family is currently inhabited by Gabe, Rhyme, Road, MB and Cassa. It marks the southern edge of Basecamp. It's a two-story A-frame, built solidly. There are doors to button up during storms, but normally just canvas flaps. It's tucked into the space between two rocky outcropings and one of them is sufficiently tall that it can be used as a lookout over the sea. The porch is broad and deep, running the whole width of the house and sticking out ten feet or so. Like the rest of the house, it's rock and cobblestone, built up a few feet above the ground. There's a little greenery around the house, including a tiny garden. Gabe's room in the house is a somewhat messy place piled with books, a table with various instruments, some medical, some construction-related, all polished shiny clean. 1, 2

    The beach - The beach isn't a place, it's a kind of place. It's where the water meets land and there's sand or gravel. It makes up maybe 1/10 of the island's shoreline. Communities of vessels tend to congregate at the beach, making a living from the sea. When you're close to the water, the surf does funny things to sound. Sometimes you can hear distant things clear as crystal and other times, the guy next to you has to shout.

    The hangman's rock - A spire just barely south of Georgetown where the Georgies hang naughty folks as a reminder for others to behave.

    Cat Hill - Used to be a military base, now it's the run-down collection of buildings that Brick's raider gang calls home, or alternately, The Shithole. They've got a makeshift arena called "the cage." 1, 2

    Teddy's declivity - In the mostly rocky shore, less than an hour south of Basecamp, there's what would be a cove if the water were tweleve feet higher. This cleft has steep walls on the north and south and then opens through a narrow defile to the west onto a tiny gravel beach. The east wall is just where the north and south sort of meet but it's a much shallower slope. The declivity's floor is a rough area with patches of gravel and sand with large chunks of the local lava-rock poking out.

    The grey place - a hollow in the maelstrom that Gabe found during his extended healing touch of Venom. "There aren't floor and walls and ceiling but there also isn't earth and sky. There isn't even up and down, but you're not in free-fall. It's actually quite disturbing when you think too hard about it; you feel vertigo and have to look back at something -- at least yourself." There is no such thing as odor in the grey place. Through liberal use of augury, Gabe opened a window on the core maelstrom through which Ciggy and Mother emerged and also a portal to the real world. The grey place's "walls" may or may not be some kind of root-system for Mother now.
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    There are four real villages, many outposts of beach population, the tribal Greenies and a scattering of various loners just looking to be victimized.

    Georgetown (see below)

    Two Boats is the most inland village on the island. It's protected by natural features -- steep hills, green mountain and lava fields and has been heavily augmented by man-made defenses consisting of stone and urbanite walls and cannons that have been repurposed. The Old Man runs the place with an iron fist and trades with the Greenies more than with other villages on the island. The inhabitants eschew produce of the sea and are rumored to eat their dead. Life at Two Boats is rough, but what do you want -- this is Apocalypse World.

    Wideawake - Largest flat place on the island -- almost two mile long. Was once an air-strip. Home of The Raiders. A village grew up around the various gang-holdings that have inhabited this area, supplying the gang with touches of home-life, etc. There is a nearby wind-farm with two still-working turbines. Because they are not right on the strip, they are either vulnerable or expensive to guard -- thus the electricity they generate is not always available.

    Relay - A small campus of buildings on the north side of the island where Babcock keeps watch on the aether. Her Bullies are only barely a gang. When hostilities have involved them, they've seemed to have exceptional situational intelligence. The only reason anyone would really mess with Relay is that it's one of only two spots on the island with electricity. Babcock uses the electricity to power her various machinery and the only air conditioner in the world. The island's fuel depot is located nearby but Babcock makes a point of not claiming it. Sometimes this keeps things peaceful and sometimes seems to make things worse.

    The beach - Most of the shore is rocky -- where ancient lava flowed right into the ocean. I suggest not swimming there -- even if you do want to lose your mind. Some places though, there's sand beach. In the nicest examples it stretches on for ages and it's the most comfortable surface on the island for walking barefoot. Most of the population avoids the beach, but there's a whole community of folks who live along it. The lost, of course, but their handlers too and other assorted characters.

    The Beach House - Rhyme's home and BOO. Built from rubble, recycled materials, drift wood and other flotsam. Casa, Road and MB live there too. And Gabe? More details here. This should be part of the back yard.

    Bird Island - an inhospitable 13 acre island off the east coast of the main island, only 270 meters off. Occasionally one of the lost will swim or boat out to Bird Island and just chill out until they die or disappear or something. They don't want to be brought back. When they're being resisted by loved ones, they might start screaming about "the gateway" no one knows, but maybe it's this? This has happened to more than one of them. What the fuck?

    Lava fields - Quite a bit of the island is occupied by this (see the speckled area on this map). No land-vehicle can traverse this terrain. Orphans live on the fields near Wideawake and hunt rats for sustenance.

    I'm not yet sure what's been done with the 5.5" guns from the HMS Hood. I'm not sure there exists the tools and knowledge to turn them into howitzers though they could be used to shell Georgetown, so there is certainly value in that (from a certain perspective).
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    imageGeorgetown - It's the thing on this island closest to an old-school government. There are police -- that's what they call the gang that keeps order; and rules made by a council instead of just one guy and stuff. Many of the buildings in Georgetown are moderately intact and new buildings have sprung up against the old ones -- crafted from reclaimed rubble and bits and bobs of natural materials. Buildings closer to the water have tended to be dismantled over time with their materials moving inland -- most folk avoid the sea where possible. The Georgies eat goat, what fruits and vegetables can be had from the interior (or grown with care in town) and the produce of the sea. The largest stretch of good goat land is near Georgetown and others on the island sometimes feel the need to steal goats for their survival. This provides ongoing tension between various groups. The Georgie Barracks is the well-maintained building where The Police live. On the north side of Georgetown is a swimming hole...who would use that?!?

    Georgetown - there's a weekly market that forms in a broad square, like a couple acres. People come from all over to trade and eat and visit. Sometimes the haggling gets rough and there's violence, but it usually doesn't escalate that far. Folks set up makeshift booths at the market and there are ten of these old-old faded blue picnic tables. The local gang is called The Police and they take their identity from a collection of old movies that they watch. They're a mix of savage and disciplined, corrupt and serious. Weird. The cops all wear these black T-shirts that are distinctive. Blue jeans, grass skirts, sandals, combat boots; the rest is a mess but they all have these black tees. And guns. 1

    Georgie-cop panel van - The Police have a number of trucks. One of them is this old delivery van that's got eight sets of shackles retrofitted into the walls of the back section. They use it like a paddy-wagon. 1

    Comfortless Cove - small cove just north of Georgetown. It's a bowl in the local rock, open on one side to the sea. There are several large patches of gravelly sand around the shore. One of those in particular is covered in graves. People say that this was a graveyard even when things were civilized. Now, the Georgies bury their dead here in the sand and in cairns, frequently cannibalizing the older graves to form the new. But away from the graves, there is a small community of fisher-folk. They have a rich oyster bed just off the shore and down an under-water cliff. Cricket and Banana lived here.

    Thimble's place - is the best bar in the world. It used to be painted pink but you can barely tell. There's a giant yellow martini glass, freshly painted (well, in the last year or two) on the wall by the main entrance. Sometimes there's music at dinner time, or other performances, usually there's good food and leftover stew and Thimble's got a couple of big wooden kegs in which she ferments just whatever she can -- fruits and honey, mostly but the odd grain, too. She'll sell that concoction as long as it's fresh and then throw it in the still when it starts to go off. So there's the soft stuff at about 3-8% alcohol and then the hard stuff at about 40. Pandora's weird apartment is in the basement and she's got a fortune-telling booth on the floor under the lone, intact skylight.

    Titan's place - is actually a good hike to the east -- maybe 45 minutes on foot, but still a part of the Georgetown economic sphere rather than it's own thing. It's a small farm -- heavy stone house (well defensible) with grass roof, a donkey, a handful of goats -- not a real herd; and a small garden. Titan busts up big rocks from the lava flows and then chisels them into workable stone so there are stone piles all around. He's got a passel of kids. The oldest daughter is an apprentice mason. The little ones just do chores and such. It seems awfully idyllic or something.

    Barracks - the Police Station, more normally called the Georgie Barracks was once a stately white-washed building of stone and plaster. They actually do a good job of keeping it up. The trees growing along the sides of the building are thicker and twisted, with broad rubbery leaves and thorns growing out of the woody surfaces. You've seen these growing as bushes out on the flats, but this is the only place that they're cultivated into tree-like forms. A bunch of those arches have been boarded up with planks and plywood and corrugated tin or occasionally just blocked up with stone and brick. Points of egress are only on the two short ends of the building these days. There's a half track and a couple of heavy trucks, a Humvee and a few pickups and cycles parked outside. You can see the machine gun turret on the roof, but it's hard to tell if anyone's up there.

    Step's place - on the northeast side of town. It's a shed with a still. The rot-gut Step sells is cheap and terrible -- more likely to have folks lower on the ladder than over at Thimble's. There's a crude tent erected next to Step's where folks like to loiter and drink. Step hates that, but fuck him.
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