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Who is interested in trying a PBF game of Lady Blackbird?

If you are interested, please answer the questions below:

What is your expected posting frequency?

What interests you about Lady Blackbird?

Have you played before? If so, who have you played?

What do you normally enjoy in PBF RPGs?


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    Very interested.
    1-3 posts/day on weekdays, 1/day on weekends.
    The system sounds really fun, love Star Wars, Firefly, Last Exile, Castle in the Sky, and Do:PotFT's "air punk".
    Haven't played yet but have printed and read the game, companion, and some hacks.
    I like everything about pbf, especially collaborative world/history creation.
  • Interested.
    Most days I could post 2-3 times, though some days 1 post more likely.
    The LB GM instructions on questioning the players on consequences interests me (amongst other things).
    I have GM'd LB twice, but never been a player.
    I enjoy the high quality of players that PBF gaming attracts.
  • Interested.
    Some days I can post every hour, some days it's more like once per day.
    I like the idea that the game always starts the same way, but can diverge wildly as soon as the players get involved.
    I haven't played before.
    I like creating a shared narrative, and being part of an online community that's active without being belligerent or overly self-important.
  • Very interested.
    I can post few to several times a day, but that varies depending on the day. Less during daylight hours on weekends.

    I've played once before as a player, liked it a lot. The system of keys is great, the creativity and free flowing play are awesome.
  • Almost every week-day I'd be available to post between one and many times. Occasionally I'd miss a day, almost always with warning -- but things do occasionally happen. Weekend posting would be less common, but if it were important, I could make sure to check in.

    Well, I like TSoY (our indieMN campaign was quite enjoyable) and the way that this is a trimmed-down version is pretty neat. The setting is fun without being so detailed that I'd have trouble latching on -- I do like how he's given us more than in GHOST/ECHO (though that's fun too). And I haven't yet gotten a chance to play it, so that's always a bonus.

    Nope, but I have played with Solar System.

    I know that the time-scale can be vexing, but the most significant advantage of PBF is that I have time to consider my contributions. What I narrate is almost always some version of what I first thought of as a gut reaction to something but I have time to shape that a little. Even if it's just the time it takes to type it out, I might notice and consider and alter my first reaction a little and I think everyone else is doing that too. So you have fewer of those "oh wouldn't it have been cool if I'd done ..." that you sometimes get in/after face to face games. It's also nice to have something more creative than just reading that I can do between other stuff at work. And then, I normally drive an hour to my F2F games, so it's nice to get some gaming in that doesn't require a commute.
  • *shrug* Interested, but it looks like you've already got five.

    I can usually post a couple times a day, or more depending on work. I haven't played, but I'm looking at as one of a few possibilities to run for introducing indie gaming to some local friends, since it seems very approachable. I like that it's kind of a reduction of TSoY's coolest bits, and I like how it drops cold numbers from the character sheets. The setting sketch is very cool, and the kicker is smart. I do like that play-by-post's pace allows more composed play and responses, though practically speaking I do it because I have trouble finding indie games in Indy.
  • OK, for those who have chimed in, let me know the character you want to play, from most interested to least. If a PC is right out say so.

    But tell me why. Why is the number one choice your number one? Why won't you play X character? Like a sentence, that's all. This isn't an essay contest.

    Just so we're all clear, I haven't made final decisions on who to invite into this game. A strong determining factor is posting availability, seconded by my feel of what kind of game I normally deliver vs. what kind of game you seem to enjoy (based on your self expression).
  • After reading the one-sentence descriptions on each sheet, I would have said anyone but Snargle, but I actually like his keys a lot, so I think I'd be fine with anyone, and possibly partial to Snargle.
  • Auditions!

    I'd like to play Kale Arkam or Captain Vance. Vance because he has a great potential impact on the direction of the game, and Kale because hes kind of a blank slate, he could be any kind of character almost, and the traits and keys sound like a lot of fun.

    If I had to choose, I'd take Kale, just cause the one game I played he was not picked, so I haven't' actually seen that character in play yet.

    I don't want to play L.B. or Naomi, cause I just feel like being a guy character this time.
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    My preferences are pretty weak. I think any of the characters would be fun to play. And I think they all have traits, keys and secrets that provide sufficient flexibility to work well in basically any situation. Also, Rich, if you decide that I'm incompatible with how you run games or whatever, that's fine. I'm used to crying myself to sleep. ;)

    1. Snargle - Funny, bold, easy to play; I especially like how Snargle (the non-human) has Key of Conscience making her the most humane character.
    2. Kale Arkam - The combination of roguish and wizardly abilities looks like a fun combination. Greed is always a fun motivator.
    3. Naomi Bishop - Really, what's not to like? She's a bad-ass driven by vengeance. And what's better than convincing the people around that you're some useless girly and then busting out the sledge-hammer karate-chop at just the right moment, right?
    4. Natasha Syri, Lady Blackbird - "Master Sorcerer" is great! But being the central figure has ups and downs and feels like a bit of pressure, but that's prolly just me being silly.
    5. Cyrus Vance - I don't know what's less appealing about this one, I guess it feels one-dimensional. But warpblood sounds like all kinds of fun.
  • Actually the game I played, and from what that GM said, L.B. is often the last character chosen. I think it's a human nature thing. Just a few types of people want to be the "star" and you often don't find those people among roleplayers. I think we (roleplayers) want to make our fun at our own pace, not feel like the spotlight is thrust upon us from the start.
  • Funny, Chris, your list made me want to play nearly each character you listed, you made the, all sound fun. So hey, if someone wants to be Kale, that's totally cool, I can be Vance, or whomever.
  • Cool answers! Keep them coming!
  • I'd be really happy to play any of the characters. Its a totally new system to me and I'm looking for new experiences. So, if others have a preference I'm happy to choose among whoever is left, even the dreaded Lady Blackbird!
  • 1. Natasha Syri (Lady Backbird) or Cyrus Vance: The kicker aligns nicely with their keys, fun stuff right out of the gate. Keys are interesting.
    2. Snargle - lots of ways to interpret this guy, I'm genuinely curious where my brain with take me with this guy.
    3. Naomi or Kale, last because they strike me more of the generic bad ass and "I hide in the shadows" guy. Interesting, but not special out of the gate.

    Granted, all this can change with a few quick key buy-offs and such. So I'm happy with any character.
  • So far, its looking like

    Rustin - Lady Blackbird
    mease19 - Captain Vance
    Octoscott - Kale Arkam
    Max B - Naomi Bishop
    Chris Weeks - Snargle

    Anyone have objections to the above?
  • Sounds good to me.
  • Bonus! I'll start rereading it tonight!
  • I suppose I'll just bow out.
  • For some reason i thought the game had six characters. Guess it's only five after all...
  • Works for me. I guess I'll have to kick some asses?
  • Michael, it kind of stinks to exclude you, but there are five pregens. Hrm...
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    Could generate an additional character with the blackbird companion. I like that a lot actually.
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    I could get behind that, too. Michael, you wanna be a fellow prisoner in the brig? A wildcard?

    ETA: You'd have to cook up someone tied to at least two other PCs.
  • If there were enough people wanting to play, I always thought it would be fun to play a parallel/simultaneous game of Darkening Skies with occasional crossover. Anyhow, you could draw a character from that.
  • Darkening Skies is someone's attempt to make a sequel, right? I'm meh on that, to be honest. I like having next to nothing pre-destined in my Lady Blackbird games.

    By the way, if anyone is excited about cooking up a sixth PC for Lady Blackbird, it doesn't have to be Michael. I would prefer it be someone who has played Lady Blackbird before, honestly.

    Or we can stick with five and I can pick the five.
  • I haven't played before, so I don't think I'm qualified to cook up a new character, but I can sit this one out if nobody else wants to make one.
  • I don't think it would be a good idea to add a sixth character. The network of character relationships is the meat of the game, right? It's all, the captain's in love with the lady but sworn to deliver her, and Kale is loyal to the captain, but also to shiny things, and Snargle is pacifistic while surrounded by killers, and etc.

    Tossing another guy in there without also rewriting the existing characters is unlikely to work well, and rewriting the existing characters sounds an awful lot like writing a new game, considering how stripped down Lady Blackbird is.
  • Yeah, Michael, you're right. I have trouble saying no, its a flaw.

    It seems odd to pick players on a first come, first served basis when we're on a forum called Snail's Pace.

    Let me ponder on this further.
  • Seems to me like you either have some standards by which some of us are more suited to your game or you don't. If you do, you'd do best to pick the five that are going to best fit. If you don't, then yeah, first-come, first-served is a little weird since it's just sort of bad luck that one person logged in last. If you don't have particular reasons to pick particular players, you could solicit volunteers or roll-off or whatever. Ideally, how much each of us wants to play would factor in, but how to judge?
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