AW hack idea

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- You're playing Apocalypse World but not necessarily after an apocalypse. And with the following modifications to the rules:

- There are no playbooks.

- There is no weird. Maybe.

- Each starting character has Cool, Hard, Hot and Sharp. Two of them are at =0, one's at +1 and the other's at -1.

- There might be other stats that not everyone has. Moves might summon those into existence. They start at -2.

- You mark experience and earn advances as in AW. Only, the number of bubbles you have to fill between levels is variable.

- You'll start the game having taken two advances beyond being a blank slate: For each of these, you'll add one or more bubbles to your advancement track.

- When you take an advancement, if it's +1 to a stat with a max +2, you'll add one bubble. If it's something else, you'll ask the table. Tell them what you're taking, ask for help revising the nature of the advance if you're unsure of anything. The other players will either tell you how many bubbles they think that's worth or tell you it breaks the game.

- If even one player thinks it's breaking the game, have a discussion; revise your advance until no one thinks that. Then mark a number of bubbles equal to the average of what your friends think, rounding up.

- Play.

Does this have legs?


  • Sounds like fun. And an endlessly amusing source of rules arguments. :-)
  • It doesn't really turn me on, as is. I mean, there's nothing wrong with the idea of starting at basics and negotiating improvement, but that's kind of a "yes, and ...?" proposal to me. Tricks with the social contract feel kind of flat to me without context, since they're just too dependent on what else is going on at the table.

    Like, if you go all "It's a zombie apocalypse! You all start as normal people struggling to survive in the immediate wake of the rise of the undead!", then that's an interesting hook and I can see why you'd want to do this kind of hack.
  • One of the things I like about it is that the very kind of game will rise out of the development choices the players make.

    One of the things I don't like is that there's no guidance for how to run it with no setting.
  • I like the idea, but I think you'd have to have fairly laidback people to make it work.
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    You had me and then you didn't. Where I thought you were going was straight to the appocalypse. Get normal people with few skills, let them go through a normal day, and then drop the bomb on them (or whatever). An advanced move in that game might be getting a playbook or retiring your character (maybe as a quarantine) and making an AW character. Call it Apocalypse Day and make it all about people living through the event and the aftermath, rather than 50 years later. Heck, maybe play this and then jump forward with a second game starting with love letters to the characters' children.
  • Okay, I'm still interested in this game, but now I want to play that game too.
  • I like it. But, I'd like to see an example of play.
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