[Lady Blackbird] Out Of Character Discussion

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This thread is for out of character discussion. It is a place for discussion about the game for players and observers.

Feel free to give me (the GM) feedback here, ask questions, suggest outcomes, exult, bitch or whine. I take it in stride.

I especially hope we use it to give atta boys and thumbs up to encourage fun play.


  • testing die pools:

    #DiceRoller( 6d6 )
  • The above roll would be four successes.
  • That's helpful. I was having trouble find what kind of die to roll, and I knew a D6 would make things harder than a D10.
  • Yeah, its funny how John Harper wrote the game with the assumption that a die is the common six-sided die and never explained it. Something that's intuitive for non-gamers, but problematic for us gamer nerds.
  • I forget if it's important to separate helping dice?
  • Luckily, it is not important to break it out. It adds to the pool. If the roll is successful, then all Pool Dice are spent. If it fails, then everyone gets their Pool Die.Dice back plus one.
  • Thank you for being so organized. This is going to be a great game.
  • Thanks, Marshall. Maybe its because I'm still a noob here, but the FAQ was built from just picking up how you guys are already doing things and me trying to state it out loud in case anyone didn't already know. Plus, Lady B has a few things that take some mental work to put in PBF.

    I haven't run a PBF before, so please do give me pointers as we go along. I have run Lady Blackbird a bunch, ran it thrice at GenCon 2011 alone and at every con I've attended this year. So, I'm pretty comfy with Lady B. I think we'll have a rocking good time.
  • hey Marshall, don't you design games? I recognize your name.
  • Great status post, Marshall. I like that as the template for everyone.
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    Nope, not a game designer (yet?), though I enjoy making the occasional supplements when the inspiration strikes (e.g. The Goblin Hole, Black Oak Ridge, When You Open Your Brain, Vol. 1). I'm not really at place where I could design a game on my own but I'd love to co-design a game (2nd or 3rd author). I do spend too much time on RPGGeek and Story Games though, especially if you ask my wife....
  • No worries, Marshall. I'm not a game designer, either (yet).
    When I get some time at home (and away from the work firewall that hates google docs and Story Games forum), I'll check your links. I like supplements!
  • Chris, the character sheet thread for Snargle is a thing of beauty, man!
  • I tried to figure out how to do dual columns but no dice. I decided to abbreviate descriptions instead. How do you accomplish it?
  • My character sheet is a table with three cells. You can quote or view source to grab the styles and adapt.
  • It might be useful to make an entry for The Owl in the PC Status thread to track its status(es). The old girl is a character too you know...
  • Good idea, Marshall. You're spot on about The Owl being an important NPC.

    Should I create a thread JUST for The Owl or should I put her in the Status Thread?
  • You might as well have one stats thread for easy reference. You can always whisper yourself posts for other NPCs like Uriah Flint.
  • The Lady B crawl is up. I have to get the boy up and to school, will post up some info on the brig shortly.
  • Caught up now. Totally stealing other people's layouts. Woo.
  • I am on my mobile this morning, won't be posting anything big unil later afternoon / evening.
  • Thanks in advance for getting the game together and running, Rich.
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    If Arkam had Key of Banter, I would give an XP for making me laugh out loud in a Toys R Us when he blamed Snargle for poor flying. I did not see that coming. Good stuff.

    ETA: Thanks for the props, Scott. This game is starting off well already. Let's hope I can keep up.
  • FYI - I added People and Places to the Basic Game Info Thread, will update it as we make them.
  • hey Rustin, I bolded the two questions I posed to you as Lady Blackbird in the Brig thread. You've got some reading to do from today's activity, didn't want you to lose those. Once they're answered, I'll unbold them.

    Hey, how do you switch font color for a few words?

    Also, how do you highlight words?
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    highlighted text without bold
    Colored Text without underline
    italicized font with strikethrough

  • Thanks, Marshal!
  • So, I'm not quite sure when we roll dice in this game. Without "to do it, do it" I'm less confident of saying I do this and here's my dice roll all in one post.
  • FYI I'm at a conference this week. I was hoping for free wifi at this hotel, alas. No. I'll try to get caught up tonight. Sorry for the delay.
  • Marhsall, for anything tricky, I like to set stakes before you roll. Otherwise, if you blow it and I come in hard with consequences, it feels like a gotcha. I know that slows things down, but let's try it that way.

    Rustin, bummer about no free wifi, man. Thanks for the heads up, I'll try not to point so much at you this week.
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