[Lady Blackbird] Snargle: goblin sky-sailor and pilot of The Owl

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• Snargle •
A goblin sky-sailor and pilot of The Owl

Daring, Steady, Maneuvering, Evasion, Tricky flying, Navigation, Maps, Atmospherics, The Owl, Battle, [Ramming]

Sky Sailor
Gunnery, Aim, Maintenance, Observation, Signals, Empire, Pirates, Free Worlds, Haven, [Repair], [Connections]

Warp shape, Glide, Nightvision, Agile, Quick, Tumbler, Teeth & Claws, Mimic Shape, Reckless, [Connections]

Crafty, Sneaky, Distractions, Bluff, Languages, Trade Speak, [Sharp], [Disguise]

Tags in [brackets] are qualities you don’t have yet. You can buy them with advances. See the Rules Summary below, under Keys.

Key of the Daredevil
You thrive in dangerous situations. Hit your key when you do something cool that is risky or reckless (especially piloting stunts).
Buyoff: Be very very careful.

Key of Conscience
You don’t like to see anyone suffer, even enemies. Hit your key when you help someone who is in trouble or when you change someone’s life for the better
Buyoff: Ignore a request for help.

Key of Banter
You have a knack for snappy comments. Hit your key when Snargle says something that makes the other players laugh or when you explain something using your pilot techno jargon.
Buyoff: Everyone groans at one of your comments.

Key of Guardian
You are The Owl's protector. Hit your key when you make a decision influenced by keeping The Owl safe or protect her from harm.
Buyoff: Sever your relationship with "the Lady."

Secret of Shape Warping
As a goblin, you can change your shape, growing shorter, taller, fatter, thinner, or changing your skin color, at will.

Secret of the Lucky Break
Once per session, you can keep your pool dice when you succeed (so go ahead and use ‘em all).


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    Key log:
    Banter (synchronomist on the ember)
    Conscience (saving pigeons from Naomi)
    Conscience (preventing Gabbers from killing fellow shite-muckers)
    Banter (tweak the brass velocogs of the main rotational power coupling)
    Conscience (telling Tahum to go save the goblin mechanics)
    Daredevil (flying around the inside of the hangar bay)
    Banter (spiraling around, avoiding their firing solution)
    x2 Daredevil (tricky flying and bluff during the escape from Hand of Sorrow)
    (and I'm missing one from the first session...)
    Daredevil (planning to scam another imperial cruiser)
    Banter (leading Natasha and Naomi into Miss Dixon's Exotic Emporium)
    Conscience and Daredevil (for trying to save the battered shuttle-cruiser thingie in the face of danger)
    Banter (extended pre-flight checks)
    uh...amusing the GM
    Benter (tricky flying during the ratling attack)
    Guardian (keeping Owl safer than her crew)
    Daredevil (being Lady B's decoy)
    Banter (acting like a dazed and useless noble)
    Daredevil (wandering through a gunfight toward a troll at the edge of the deck of a skyship, pretending to be LadyB)
    Banter (going on and on about "Fanderham")
    Banter (refresh w/ Naomi "Snargle thinks everyone thinks that.")
    Guardian (choosing to procure parts with which to repair Owl)
    Daredevil (beheading Snow in public because he's a bad man and it just couldn't wait)
    Conscience (trying to get Mina to come with the crew of Owl, to save or redeem her)
    Daredevil & Guardian (trying to dodge an incoming missile while hovering a few feet off the Hand of Terror's hull)
    Daredevil (driving through Hand of Terror in order to lose Alabaster Shadow)
    Banter (shard hypnosis and goblin ganzfield recreation/sensory-deprevation therapy)
    x2 Daredevil (diving out of Owl, toward Alabaster Shadow during my attempt at sabotage)
    Guardian (keeping Owl safe instead of helping companions)
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    Snargle adds The Owl tag to Pilot trait.
  • Snargle adds the Mimic Shape tag to Goblin trait.
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    Snargle adds the Reckless tag to Goblin trait.
  • Snargle adds the Battle tag to Pilot trait.
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