[Lady Blackbird] Naomi Bishop: Former pit-fighter and bodyguard to Lady Blackbird

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• Naomi Bishop •
Former pit-fighter and bodyguard to Lady Blackbird

Combat Tested, Brutal, Living Weapon, Fast, Hard, Scary Look, Bone-breaking, Strong

Awareness, Threats, Defend, Disarm, Restrain, Carry, Delay, [Security], [First Aid]

Sneak, Hide, Run, Tough, Endure, Scrounge, Nobles, Iron Will, [Hatred]

Insightful, Aware, Coiled, Liars, Traps, [Danger], [Sense Motives]

Tags in [brackets] are qualities you don’t have yet. You can buy them with
advances. See the Rules Summary below, under Keys.

Key of the Guardian
You are Lady Blackbird’s loyal defender. Hit your key when you make a decision influenced by Lady Blackbird or protect her from harm.
Buyoff: Sever your relationship with the Lady.

Key of Vengeance
The Empire enslaved you and made you kill for sport. You will have your revenge on them and watch their cities burn. Hit your key when you strike a blow against the Empire (especially by killing an Imperial).
Buyoff: Forgive them for what they did to you.

Key of the Warrior
You crave the crash and roar of battle, the tougher the better. Hit your key when you do battle with worthy or superior foes.
Buyoff: Pass up an opportunity for a good fight.

Secret of Destruction
You can break things with your bare hands as if you were swinging a sledgehammer. It’s scary.

Secret of the Bodyguard
Once per session, you can re-roll a failure when protecting someone.

Secret of Experience
Once per session, you can use tags from more than one trait when you make a roll.

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