[Lady Blackbird] Natasha Syri, the Lady Blackbird: Love over Familial Duty

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Natasha Syri - Lady Blackbird
An Imperial noble, in disguise, escaping an arrange marriage so she can be with her lover

Imperial Noble - Etiquette, Dance, Educated, History, Science, Wealth, Connections, House Blackbird.
Master Sorcerer - Spellcaster, Channeling, Stormblood, Wind, Lightning, Fly, [Blast], Sense
Athletic - Run, Fencing, Rapier, Duels, Shooting, [Pistol], Acrobatics
Charm - Charisma, Presence, Command, Nobles, Servants, [Soldiers]
Cunning - Deception, Misdirection, Disguise, Codes, [Sneak], [Hide]

Key of the Bounty - You are hunted! Hit your key when you evade capture by the forces and factions that want you caught. Buyoff: Get caught!

Key of the Blackbird Madness You feel the lure of power through hatred and violence. Hit your key when you use cruelty to get what you want or when you maliciously kill to get what you want. Buyoff: Solve your problems through love and compassion.

Key of the Paragon- As a noble, you're a cut above the common man. Hit your key when you Demonstrate your Superiority OR when Your Noble Traits Overcome a Problem. BUYOFF: Disown your Noble Heritage.

Key of the Mission - Escape the Empire, rendezvous with Pirate King Uriah Flint. Hit your key when you Take Action to Complete the Mission BUYOFF: Give up your mission.

Key of the Impostor - You are in disguise, passing as a commoner. Hit your key when you Perform Well Enough to Fool someone with your Disguis. BUYOFF: Reveal your true Identity to someone you fooled.

Secret of Stormblood - If you can speak you can channel magical power and do Sorcery.
Secret of Inner focus - Once per session can re-roll a failure when doing Sorcery.
Secret of the Ruby Dagger - The ruby dagger contains the broken, crazed, thirsty minds of previous Blackbird nobles fool enough to use the dagger. You can bribe those minds with magical blood. (Though, giving the blade your own blood is the path to becoming a slave to the dagger yourself).

Add 2 additional die to any check by using the collective minds to advise and council you. You need to feed the blade for each use. Describe the advice it gives as additional tags, if you 'd like.


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