Murderous Ghosts

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So, I'd like to play Vincent's new game-in-playtest, Murderous Ghosts, here. It's a two-player game that's supposed to take 20-30 minutes. You might already have the playtest docs, but if not, and we're playing, I'm allowed to share them with you.

It requires the use of a deck of cards. I've thought up some cumbersome ways to do that, but if anyone knows of something reasonable, speak up!

Who wants to try this?


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    I'd be game but don't really know much about Murderous Ghosts except that I like the designer's other work. Perhaps, if a few people wanted to play we could set up some parallel games and have some cross-game discussion.
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    I was thinking about doing just this, though I haven't asked for docs yet.

    How does it require the use of a deck of cards? A single deck? Do both people draw from it, or just one?
  • I think it would be easy to write something external as a deck of cards sharing option, if necessary. If it's just a few people it wouldn't need to be that scalable.
  • I got the playtest document. Just gave it a skim. Doing the deck does seem to be the prime hick-up. I'll be more free starting next week.
  • A single deck that both players draw from. Sometimes no one knows what some cards (the GM's first three cards before the fourth one is drawn) are and sometimes (all other cards, I think) everyone knows.
  • If I were quickly implementing it, each deck would have a Google Spreadsheet that names and numbers the 52 cards. As the cards get drawn, you roll here, 1Dn where n is the number of remaining cards and then mark that card drawn on the spreadsheet. The spreadsheet would tell you what n is all the time. The GM's first three cards wouldn't really be drawn until the 4th card was but you'd keep track of the number of "face-down" cards in that pool.

    Also, I'm not sure I buy that it would matter enough to implement something like this rather than just rolling d13 each time and figuring that you're playing with an arbitrarily large stack of decks. Yeah?
  • OK, so if the GM is the only one with secret knowledge then why doesn't the GM in each game draw cards from a real world deck and just post the cards (e.g. 9 of diamonds, ace of spades, etc). I would totally trust someone to draw cards for me.
  • Actually, the GM doesn't know those first three cards either. There is no secret knowledge. And the only reason not to do that is because of slow-down. Some kind of automated system would help resolve things in a more timely fashion.
  • What if you started a thread with a list Hearts A,1,2...J,Q,K; Clubs A,1,2...J,Q,K; Diamonds A,1,2...J,Q,K; Spades A,1,2...J,Q,K. Then, each time you would draw a card, roll #DiceRoller( 1d52 ) and count down the list and mark through the appropriate card on the list (e.g. 6), rerolling for repeat rolls, and then stop when there are only 3 cards left - those were the GM's 3 cards.
  • I would be willing to play Card Monkey for folks. I actually have a deck of cards in my bag from my last Vegas trip.
    You could just text/email/whisper me when results were needed?

    (This is how they run Twilight Imperium games).
  • Thanks Rustin!
    (I just got the playtest docs, now understand the card requirements, now itching to play)
  • OK. I've created a deck of cards for this game. Here. Whomever can spawn off a copy of that document for any specific game. I'm not sure how easy/hard to use it'll work out as but there's not that much card-handling going on, so it shouldn't be too bad.

    A) Let me know if it isn't obvious how to use it with the documentation I've provided.

    B) Who wants to play more or less immediately? I'm willing to jump into up to two games and I'll play either role if you have a preference. If this is as quick as it seems, I expect more will come along.
  • I'd be happy to play but I'm not sure I understand the interface.
  • I just realized that that link didn't allow you to edit and you'd need to. Try this one instead. Now you can change the location of cards -- type GM where one of them says deck and note that the top line and a bunch of the numbers associated with cards will change.
  • I'm interested in playing, but I don't have the documentation yet.
  • Ah, I get it now. You're just writing in the status, gotcha. In that case, I'm game.
  • OK, Max and Marshall, GM or player (ideally, one of each, but I'm flexible)?
  • I'll play either side (I've looked at but not read both books and have them printed in my hands).
  • Also, Max, you should have it now.
  • Yep, thanks. I'm about to get on a conference call and then eat lunch, but I'm down for starting after that. Want me to throw up a thread when I'm ready?
  • Sure. I'm off to lunch now too.
  • I have my copy waiting for me when I get home. I may jump in and play a game, or just run it for my wifey in f2f fashion with like, real cards. ;)
  • I tried to lure my wife into a game last night while my daughter was a Girl Scouts but she parried with the season finale of Dexter.
  • That was fun, I'd be happy to give it another go if someone else is interested in playing.
  • Can someone shoot me the docs? I emailed Vincent late yesterday, but haven't heard back yet. And I might have a chance to do face-to-face tomorrow.
  • He emailed the playtest group advising he is making some updates and will shoot out a revised doc link this weekend. That might be the delay on his reply to you, Michael.
  • OK, I've finally got the new version printed out. I'd like to play another game of this with whomever and I'll take whichever side.
  • I'll play. I'd need a copy of the rules or an explanation, though.
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