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Ok, so I figured we could start talking about how we want to run this game. My thinking (and I've already set up threads for this if we want to do it this way) is that we should have one thread for Planetary Survey & COlonial Record (and also tone) and a seperate one for Colonial Notables. The first person will quote the post and strikethrough the thing they want to mark off. Then the next person will quote that post and do their thing. Once we're done with both threads, we'll make those the first post in the in-game thread for the first scene. Each subsequent scene will then have a thread with that information (updated as need be) as the first post.

As per Joseph's suggestion, player order could be: Marhall (I don't mind hosting), Rich, Joseph.

The Uncertainty sheet will just be a little piece of text that we copy into a post and update after each role. For example:

Panic: 6
Servility: 6
Savagery: 6

What do you guys think?


  • Sounds good. Isn't the ideal group 4 players, though?
  • If someone else wants to join, great. It plays 3-5, so I assume info on either number is equally welcome.
  • ok. Well I'm ready to begin with the CS&R whenever you are.
  • By the way, do you know how to get to your subscribed discussions? Or do you have to just click the links in your email notifications?
  • I'd like for Rich to weigh in first but then we should be good to go.
  • I'm good to go. Let's go forward with your suggestion, Marshall. Hey UserClone, what's your real name?
  • Joseph. Thanks for asking. I assume you're Rich, then? Nice to meet you.
  • Yep, I'm Rich. Glad to meet you, Joseph!
  • Excellent! Handshakes all around. Marshall, you'll be up first, it seems.
  • I'm still working through the rules. My responses may be a bit delayed as we start out, but I'll do my best to catch up.
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    Ok, If I'm the host, then Rich will act first as the person to the left of the host. Rich, go to the Planetary Survey & Colonial Record thread. Quote the first post, remember to remove the HTML code for the quotations (so we don't get a bunch of nested quotes), and cross out one one accurate and one inaccurate part of the assessment (e.g. you could cross out atmosphere is good and biology is bad) from the "planetary survey". Once you've done that, then Joseph should also do the same.
  • Wow, after having read the whole file (to include the replay), I'm super-excited to get this thing rollin'!
  • Though I am confused as to what number the dice are supposed to start at. The example makes me guess it's just a case of rolling each die and assigning them as we see fit, but we should definitely run that by Jason, unless I missed something...
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    The picture shows 6, let's start with all 6's. It could be that way so we know what type of die to roll but in the absence of other information, that can be the only implication. On the other thread, Jason says he's not giving advice and just wants to know how things go at the end.
  • I think they're trying to show us what type of die to roll. If they're set to sixes, then chances are whatever die gets locked in the first round is going to automatically win by virtue of being a six...surely that couldn't be the intent, since it gives one Director (the Host) almost certain control over how the first scene turns out, while the rest have to make due with the random rolls. Also,

    "The dice, untouched since the start of the game, are Servility 4, Savagery 1 and Deception 3."

    -Straight out of the replay. I'm pretty sure we're supposed to roll them all to see where they start, but you're the Host, so if you disagree there, I'll concede the point.
  • Good call, I admit, I only glanced at the replay... Let's roll just before the first director asks his question.
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    OK, how do I do a strikethrough? Sorry.

    ETA: I found it! Thanks, GOOGLE.
  • First part DONE
  • You could have also quoted the post to see the code. I really should put together a post that I can cut/past into new PbF games that shows an example of all the text effects. Then every game will have a way of figuring them out easily.
  • Yeah, I quoted the post and the code came out all sorts of not formatted...
  • Figured it out. I had it set to format as text, not HTML. Whoopsie.
  • Anyway, my turn's done. So what'll our planet be, Broken Ladder or New Kolyma? :)
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    BDF - New Kolyma it is! Rich, its your turn to cross out colonial statuses. Its basically the same procedure. Then Joseph, then myself. I'm excited to get to the wrap up where we can have a good fleshing out discussion about the planet, the colony, the people, the expectations, and the realities.
  • Cool. Reminds me of the Dungeon World Adventure Starter "The Shallow Sea," except, you know...bleaker, and filled with criminal scum. Oh, and without a breathable atmosphere or any hint of heroism or fantasy. So...yeah, there's shallow water everywhere, basically.
  • I was thinking just the same; though, there's a world of difference between thigh high and two meters deep.
  • True, that. But two meters of ocean across the whole planet is going to play havoc with our ability to actually build or grow anything. I'm already picturing slave labor whose only job it is to dig sand out and continuously pile it in order to make the colony island bigger and bigger, and a Governor's mansion on stilts, or like the Dimber-Damber's lair, which is only accessible through a tunnel you have to swim through. Crap like that.
  • Shallow waters are bad during a storm. Every wave picks you up and rakes you across the broken shells on the bottom. Any solid construction coming out of the water gets corroded quickly with the flourine and sand makes everything gritty. Everything. You need a respirator to breath the atmosphere without gagging but you suffocate as soon as the filter gets wet... (Ok, gotta stop now. Rules say wrap up session after colony/notables/tone)
  • LOL, getting ahead of ourselves. Not necessarily a bad thing to do some brainstorming early, though. Especially in the PbF medium, since we can come back and cherry-pick from those two posts the stuff that actually fits our collective vision. I'm liking this game so far, it gives you just enough to get the juices flowing.
  • Thus far, I'm enjoying it too. Agreed! This game has more hooks than my grandfather's tacklebox, for sure.
  • Ooo...nice! So it's either 'Corrective Colony 14' or 'Harmony!'
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