[Durance] Wrapping Up and OOC discussion



  • Hm. Okay Marshall, but tell me: what tool did the Sharkopaths figure out how to use in order to get inside the amphibious bulldozers? Or did they just figure out where the "emergency override" key was located on the lock to the acrylic dome on them?
  • I'm assuming that man's best weapon against the sharkopaths is that they don't have hands. I'm at a loss as to how they would use tools.
  • Joseph, food is tightly rationed for the convicts. What kinds of food do you think they eat? What kinds of food are reserved for the Authority? What about alcohol?
  • Protein bars, vitamin supplements, and fibrous gruel. Only the Authority gets to eat the (admittedly meager) fruits of the farmers' labor.
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    Are there any delicacies here?
  • sharkopath meat tastes just like chicken!
  • Oh man, I bet the Governor feasts on sharkopath steaks. Convicts only get sharkopath if they're "lucky" enough to be injured by one.
  • Oh fuck yes! And that pisses the sharkopaths right off! Hey, I'd like for Juline to be obsessed with "righting the wrongs" we've done to the native ecosystem. Can I change her vow to "I will never turn my back on the Sharkopaths?" I liken her to a fucked-up Jane Goodall. Plus this way, Nelma knows why she's in prison - because she's got the Governor now in her pocket.
  • I'm not inspired by Vella's vow. Anyone got suggestions?
  • Hm..."I will never waste the opportunity to kill Smickley if I get it again?"
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    Suggestions for a new vow or how to play it? Maybe she cheated on him to get the family something it needed or to get him a better resources/promotion and he didn't see things the same way.
  • I wasn't clear, but yeah, a way to play the cards I was dealt was my aim. I think I'll take your suggestion, Marshall. I wonder who she cheated with? Should it be a notable, I'm thinking?
  • How about Captain Sharp?
  • I thought about that, Joseph. But then one of my characters is married to him while another character cheated with him. I like the situation it presents (and how it shows that Sharp has a definite double-standard), but I worry that I'd end up playing against myself, which seems weird.
  • She could have cheated with a female, I guess.
  • Dimber Damber it up! Nelma's totally a try-sexual, so gender's no obstacle there.
  • OK then, she cheated on her husband with the Dimber Damber. How often?
  • As often as she wants to. The Dimber Damber has a thing for her.
  • So is it cool with you guys if I realign Juline's vow with my image of what she's all about?
  • Cool with me.
  • So, what about our setting do we still need to establish?
  • Hm...So none of the cons are sterilized or anything fucked up like that, are they?

    Also, are they tattooed with their convict number?

    And finally, is there enough shelter to go around?

    And what happens when a hypercane brings in a "black tide?" (just thinking out loud here).

    Is it cool to add more setting/color as needed later?
  • I'm thinking that there aren't enough filters for each person so when it rains the convicts crowd into shelters with filtered air.

    RFID chipped

    Totally cool to author details later as needed. We'll probably want to start scene one Monday it so.
  • Okay, I think I'm good to go. Rich?

    Also, and not related: Either of you guys interested in playing MonkeyDome?
  • I like the tattoo of convict number, personally. Put it right on the forearm (yes, I know).

    I'm pretty much ready to go Monday.
  • Oh, I don't think MonkeyDome is my cup of tea. Thanks for the offer, Joseph.
  • Yeah, I think I'd prefer the tattoo to the RFID chip, because it makes it more difficult to track locations. I'm thinking that you need to have your barcode scanned to get your rations, though.
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    Bar-code tattoo, I'm down with that. Maybe the marines are RFID chipped though, it'd make sense for the medics to get instant medical history/blood type/etc and electronic dog-tag. Maybe even a smartchip with some basic sensors for heart rate/blood pressure/fluorine levels. Keeping in mind, of course, that you have to be right up close to read it (press the sensor against the skin). I'm definitely not advocating a central control that tracks every person.
  • Yeah, that's a nice touch, Marshall. I'm digging the "Only Marines have RFID tags" statement. I say we use it exactly as you just described.
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