[Durance] Wrapping Up and OOC discussion



  • Totally gives me images of the squad readouts on Aliens for the marines!
  • Crap, now I wanna play a marine... hah
  • We can always play around with bit parts in other people's scenes, you just have to ask the right questions!
  • Also, if one of your characters is allowed to be bumped off, you can take over the marine.
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    OK, are there any other setting details that we need to establish? If we're ready to go, I'll start thinking on a good starting question (host asks first question). I'm a little concerned that the host gets a lot of power in the 3 player game (they get to make the deciding vote in both planet and colony, detail unpicked characters, and ask first question).
  • Well, I would almost argue that the Tone selection is more power than even that, since the descriptions of both colony and planet are flexible, whereas the tone is the tone. I'm ready to go.
  • I have to say that Tone selection, at least in my experience here, doesn't have that big of an impact since the planet info can override it.
  • What experience? Have you played a game of this before?

    I would say that if anything, the planet and colony choices inform the tone by providing context: For a lag in this colony, what does freedom really mean?
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    I think that Tone will have an impact on conflict resolution but is probably parallel to setting establishment. I think "theme" might be a better term. The setting establishes a tone of fear but the plot will reflect the theme of freedom.
  • Yes, but plot is what emerges from gameplay. Once setting is established in pre-play, it's there to mess with, but its purpose is really to inform the plot, to provide constraint. The Tone selection decides the direction of the plot directly, and so is a tighter constraint, making it more important to the gameplay, I would think. In any case, I can't make an informed statement regarding what's the most important part without playing through the game. Rarin' to go! :)
  • I started a thread for scene 1. I hope the question is a good one. I wanted to involve 2 PCs to give the characters some face time to see what they're all about.
  • How do we move from question to play? I don't have Durance with me (sorry). I can check the printout tonight if the answer is too long.
  • Basically, you and Joseph set up and play out a scene that answers the question using your characters and/or other characters as necessary. As director, I take a backseat role either not being involved or playing bit parts as necessary.
  • So, Marshall, its basically free play for now?
  • Also, I went ahead and rolled the initial dice setup. When the scene comes to a point of uncertainty, I will lock one die and roll the other two (because I'm directing this scene) and then we read the chart to determine the ways in which the scene may be resolved.
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    Terrafirming. Awesome, that's the perfect word for it.

    In other news, I went ahead and made this also the OOC thread for discussion.
  • Thanks, Marshall. I was worried about my set-up of the scene, I hope it goes well.
  • Sounds awesome thus far.
  • I'm not really sure what more I could do here without deciding the scene's end without rolling the dice, which seems counter-productive...
  • Yeah, this free play is too loose right now for my tastes.
  • hey Joseph, take it where you want. I'm playing to the conflict, I don't mind where you take it.
  • So it turns out that Juline seems to have some sort of personality disorder...
  • hey Joseph, you said Vella put the sick stick away, I think you meant Juline, right?
  • That seems to be an end of the scene. Now what?
  • Will post tonight, crazy busy today.
  • Are scenes supposed to be that quick?
  • No idea what now. I say we wait for Marshall to catch up and then work from there. Maybe this is a poor game for the PbP medium, but I just feel like it's scarcely more rules than a straight-up freeform.
  • hey Joseph, want to play something else, too? I've been thinking about running/playing something light.
  • Absolutely, I like your style. What did you have in mind?
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    What a day... Good scene. I think when the sick stick came out or during the attempt to free the sharkopath we probably should have turned to the dice to resolve the scene. I don't think the dice have to come out each scene, so we can a) go back if you really want to see the dice in action, b) extend the scene to a further conflict, or c) move on to the next scene with a new director. I'm cool with any of these options.
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