[Durance] Wrapping Up and OOC discussion



  • I think C makes the most sense fictionally from where we are now. I'm not a fan of retconning in general, though I will admit that I felt like I was playing it wrong when I basically wrapped it up with the sick-stick.
  • I imagine one can wrap many things up quickly with a sick stick.
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    Rich, if you want to move forward, why don't you start a new thread with a new question. Also, yeah, I imagine this game as having shorter scenes that either give a bunch of scenes around a key event or cover a longer span of time (each session).
  • My copy of Durance here at work was on a drive I no longer have access to use. I won't be able to post up a scene until I know what to do. So, either later tonight or if you guys can help me get the gist of what to do.... sorry.
  • Posted By: mease19I imagine one can wrap many things up quickly with a sick stick.
    Better hope Vella never gets hold of one...
  • Good question.
    Also, I suppose its not clear whether we reroll the dice between scenes or not. (I think it makes sense to do it for online play but its not super clear in the rules).
  • hey Joseph, back to the idea of something else to play/run...

    I know there is some interest out there for more AW. I could run AW, but I would rather avoid the default setting, just frame the rules into a different setting. I do have the Dungeon World book.

    Or, some kind of wild ongoing Shotgun Diaries fragfest could be different.

    Do you have any games you're interest in, Joseph (besides MonkeyDone, sorry)?
  • Oh yeah? Hunh, didn't think about the dice being re-rolled or not, just aped your set-up, honestly, Marshall.
  • I figured that might be the case but it does raise the question (happy accident).
  • Sorry for the slow posting, I've had a crazy week.
  • Joseph: How was the move! That's one of my least favorite activities. What was the hardest thing to pack/move? What's your favorite thing about the new place?

    Let me know how you think we can best answer the question for scene two once you get a little more settled.
  • Hey there! Move was okay. Still getting fully settled in. Moved from CT to VA for a temporary job. Living in a Residence Inn Mariott hotel which the company pays for. I'd say the toughest thing to move would have to be my RPG collection. 14 boxes of them, I think. That or the mattress. Pain in the butt, that thing was.
  • Where in VA, if I may ask?
  • Oh, Norfolk. Why do you ask?
  • My grandparents lived in Richmond and I've visited there a lot over the years. The rest of my family lives in DC, so I've also driven from Knoxville to DC many, many times.
  • Knoxville? Are you IN Knoxville, Marshall? I'm from Erwin (near Tri-Cities) originally.
  • I'm from Oak Ridge origionally. I live in Boston now.
  • Cool. My roomie in college was from Oak Ridge, nice guy, slept all the time so we called him "The Bedlord". He liked the nickname, he was laid back like that.

    Are we going to move forward with Durance? Its creeping along and this is a timed playtest.
  • Oak Ridge is a neat place with some cool history. Where did you go to college, again, if you don't mind me asking? (I went to Appalachian State over the mountains in NC)

    Yeah, I want to get through at least three scenes by the end of the month.
  • Do we want a third scene of this? Joseph, I think it's your turn.
  • Yeah, sounds good.

    Also, how are people liking the game? I'm having a hard time figuring out what I'm supposed to be doing in the game (not unclear rules but lack of direction). Maybe its something that emerges from play after more scenes, I dunno... I kind of wish there were either more mechanics to play with or a defined end point to work toward.
  • I had more fun in the creation phase early on. The scenes just feel flat to me. Maybe this game isn't suited for the pace of PBF, I think if the three of us were sitting around a table together that things would probably emerge as we bounced ideas off each other more rapidly.

    I'm not really loving the game, but I'm willing to continue play in hopes of some flashes of coolness.
  • We should probably be having scenes that use the dice every time, too.
  • We should, yes. We are barely using the game's rules, haven't since we did chargen, if you think about it.
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