More AW?

So, way back on 10 April 2011, I wrote:
I was thinking maybe we should put a game of Apocalypse World together...
to which Michael reasonably answered:
Is that you volunteering to MC, Christopher?
And The Island was born.

But man, that was so last Spring!

And little things have been converging.

Over at Barf Forth the other day, Scott wrote:
will probably stand up to run a game there some day.
and that reminded me that (again) back in in April he had this idea:
Thought it would be fun to run a game with ONLY the limited edition playbooks. ^_^
And Pfaff came back pretending to restart The Chateau which got me all excited about that. And now, every few days I see Charlton lurking around here (I presume to see if anything is happening with The Chateau) but he might be interested in a new game. And I just got a PM at Barf Forth from a guy named FlashbackJon (who I also saw lurking around here the other day) wondering if we might have room in one of our games or maybe starting a new one. And so now, because of all these little things, I'm itching for something cool to start up.

So, either I'm just whinging and y'all can virtually reach out and with condescending humor, pat me on the head. Or maybe it'll shake someone loose who wants to start a new game. I'm certainly not prepared to MC a second game here; hopefully that seems reasonable. So I'm just basically putting it on the table in case anyone else is up for starting something but maybe needs a little nudge to get over some inertia.

And if it was something cool like "only LE playbooks" or even better, homebrew playbooks, that would be extra-sweet gravy. :)


  • I am lucky enough to be running Lady B and playing The Island, so I couldn't run, but I would love to see this happen.
  • I have a game going on another site, I don't think I can run another simultaneously. If that one manages to conclude gracefully (It might) then my next thing would be to start up a new game here, probably.
  • Played Monsterhearts at Big Bad Con in Oakland (Which I cannot recommend highly enough) and thought I might want a crack at that.
  • I'm currently in a glacially slow PbF of AW over on RPGG. Eventually I will want to get into another AW game just to explore the game a bit more. (I'm currently playing Lady Blackbird and Durance here and AW on RPGG).
  • I'm actually feeling like I'm playing in one too many games, but I like them all.
    Really, to run a new game I'd want to lighten my load. So if anyone wants to kill one or two of my characters :-)
  • No, Scott! I love your Kale and Merry too much to let them go.
  • Wait, it'll cause you to run another game? Snargle pulls hard on the turret release -- it's designed to get the turret, the gun and especially, the ammunition away from the body of the ship in case of certain fiery kinds of damage. ;-)
  • Ouch, man. :(

    Scott's Kale is one of my top two ever, maybe number one!
  • "Damn you Snaaargleeeee!"
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    That's awesome, it should definitely com up (and away) in game but not with Kale in it.
  • I am the aforementioned lurker! I am brand new to AW, and I found this, and I'm dying to participate. :)
  • Hi Jon. Welcome to the board! Stick around a while and something will start up. It isn't called snail's pace for nothing, though.
  • Oh, I am well-acquainted with the nature of PbP... I was highly amused by the name of the site!
  • Just throwing this out there in case anything comes of this: Shotty Fallen/Quarantine!
  • I just read the fallen supplement. I like it!
  • I just discovered Apocalypse World, and I'd love to play in this format. Is this where I'll hear about new games?
  • Presumably! You and I can just chill in line!
  • Welcome! I'm sure a game will start up eventually.
  • I'm playing in two other games on this site but I keep sticking my head out in the hall to see if the line's moved. (Count me in if there's an AW game to be had)
  • I'm lurking still. I was hoping for the Chateau to start back up again, 'tis true.

    Not sure I'm looking for another game, to be honest - I'm having a gaming drought in real life and (much to my surprise) not really minding.
  • That's too bad, I really enjoyed your game.
  • Well, as for now I'm totally into AW and interest in gaming revamped, so I thought I could take an opportunity like this one. So yay for trying to take advantage and enroll - if I'm not one too many, of course.
    ( This would be my first AW experience though, as a warning. )
  • I am also in a very dire moment of AW Hype... Able and Willing, here! (no AW experience yet, though...)
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    Over on RPGGeek, Dave posted pictures of the countdown clocks used in AW. Because we can link those images into posts here, I thought they might be useful (you can quote my post to see the correct Html script to add the images into a post).

  • I made a pitch! Just in case people have this topic on notify.
  • Sounds awesome, I hope to run something eventually so I won't be adding in as a player on anything new, but I look forward to seeing the new blood in action.
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