[Void Vultures] Kill Space Monsters, Take Their Space Stuff

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I recently backed this Kickstarter, which was successfully funded this morning. The core rules will released under CC, so they'll be free, with expansions for backers. Being a narrative-driven, light-on-rules game, I thought it would be fitting to play here, particularly to get my feet wet before diving into more storyline-intensive games like AW.

Find out a bit about setting here: http://joshroby.com/node/318
Results of the Kickstarter here: http://joshroby.com/node/329

I have the playtest rules, and I can walk anyone through character creation and the base mechanics, as they're very simple.

I'd do a little more exposition on story but a lot of that is put together by the players (specifically, their home township), so I'm just keeping the pitch simple. Any interest?


  • Sounds neat to me.
  • With Durance slowing down along with my Smallville game creeping along, I'd dig some of this. If others new to the forum jump in, I'll drop to lurk, but if nobody else is in for it, I'd be happy to try it out.

    (the name of the system ruleslit with umlaut and all really turned me off of this game, which is why I didn't Kickstart it; I wish those knuckleheads had made the intent of the game more clear, this is intriguing)
  • The setting has a "gonzo sci-fi" vibe to its presentation (describing a faction as "when a nazi and a cyberman have a baby" and illustrations of space sharks) but the in-game fiction takes itself pretty seriously. I don't think the two flavors conflict necessarily (I've run Gamma World, sooo I'm familiar with "absurd but deadly") but it's been interesting trying to nail down some logical inspirations when describing it to friends (a couple of whom I might have dragged here to play).

    I think I might lean for a more Firefly/Serenity feel with it (at the very least, the 'space western' style). After all, one of the backer expansions is all about keeping and maintaining a ship of your own. Even if derelict diving is a little more outrageous and a little more straightforward (kick in the door, shoot everything that moves), the game certainly allows for a lot more than that.
  • yeah, that gonzo sci-fi made them distinct and wasn't my bag. What you're suggesting sounds neat. Add in some Aliens (James Cameron-style) in there, it would be pretty cool.
  • I like derelict diving. I got to play Space Hulk at GenCon this year, so anything I can do along that line is fun.
  • I had literally just played a couple games of Space Hulk a few days prior to coming across this system, so I'm sure there would be a bit of that in there!
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    I played a PC game called Space Hulk when I was a kid. It was supremely fun. I earmarked Space Hulk card games at GenCon, but didn't make it to any of the games, to my dismay.
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    That's the same game. Over the course of a few decades, it was a board game, then a pair of PC games, then a card game, and then a board game again. So yeah, definitely a bit of that in here.

    Got the go ahead from the creators to share the playtest document they had available, so I'll drop that here for your perusal: http://joshroby.com/downloads/VoidVultures.pdf

    They've answered quite a few questions from backers about various mechanics, but those answers/clarifications/corrections aren't reflected in the document presently.
  • Just glanced through it. I like the charsheet design. A whole page that says pvp is ok? How silly.
  • Okay, I'll admit it... I was actually sort of amused by that. Just don't tell anyone!
  • the font on the moves is really hard to read. I may copy it out of pdf and drop it into Word just so I can read it without my eyes crossing. I hope they boot that out of the final product.
  • OK, the rules or however they choose to spell it, are interesting enough for a bash em up game. I'd be willing to play.
  • I'll give it a try too, as dragged here by aformentioned person who I assume is running it. There! My hat's in the pool! Now leave me alone, Jon! :P
  • Yeah, I agree on the moves font. If you do make that readable, let me know.
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    I actually started a Google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19M8HEUfwLK0OScnGdn5eYa1mtTLmrmnSfuz13EN-qE8/edit

    I included a simple text character sheet, and you can start rolling up characters if you'd like. I made Kat roll already, so she can either keep that or roll here. I have another friend incoming hopefully, so we should have a decent enough group to start.
  • So, Max, me and katanangel (Hi there, welcome to the board!) are players and you're the GM, Jon? Do we want more players?
  • Sorry, left an edit pending. Yeah, three players (hopefully four soon) sounds good. The game doesn't seem to suffer much for group size, and people can be brought in with relatively little effort, so we can move forward.
  • This is me posting as requested. I'd be in, most likely. xD
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    I did a chargen roll for the heck of it on Catch Your Hare.
    You can view the results at http://catchyourhare.com/diceroller.
    The password to view: "voidvultures".

    He's a thug (named him "Chuff"). I can keep him or roll again later.

    The charsheet isn't super-easy to figure out with the chargen instructions, I can walk people through it, I think.
  • That was my impression too. I'll write up some clearer instructions when I get home tonight, as well as a little setting info to get the idea mills going.
  • Is there some reason Catch Your Hare is better for this than just using the dice here? I've been meaning to make a character, but I keep working or swimming or having dinner with my mother instead.
  • No reason, really. I just liked lining up the dice to my stats. I'd say this forum would work just fine.
  • Yeah, lining up dice is fun.
  • Apparently, it was a busy night. I updated the google doc above with what I think are clearer instructions for character creation (although sometimes it's hard to say whether it's clearer to everyone or just me).

    A little background:
    So it's been less than a decade since the war ended - not for lack of trying, mind you, there just weren't enough rocks left to nuke. Humanity had gotten a little cozy and little complacent before the war, so when the infrastructure of earth's colonies collapsed, very few were prepared to be cut off so suddenly by a billion kilometers of inky blackness. Even the vast majority of those that survived the war died of hunger or infighting or fell prey to mutants or space vermin or unattended, malfunctioning automatons.

    Now humanity wanders around the husk of their dead empire in tiny townships, subsisting entirely on what the scrappers can bring in, both to eat and to keep their ramshackle boats afloat. Salvagers aren’t so much ‘paid’ as they are ‘allowed to continue eating and sleeping in a place other than hard vacuum.’ Of course, they typically keep the choice pieces of gear: a township’s chief engineer simply isn’t going to have much use for a lightly used Kobayashi S-12 “Tornado” Carbine with Motion Prediction Optics when there’s a leak in the oxygen cycling unit.

    Your as-yet-unnamed township is adrift in the Jupiter’s Trojans near the gas giant’s L4 Lagrange point, highly valued during the war for its resources. As a result, it’s graveyard of ships, transports, orbital stations, and the like.

    Things to think about:
    What did you do during the war? Were you old enough to fight? Did you?
    How long have you been on this township? How long have you been scrapping?
    Do you like scavenging?
  • Jon, do you want us to start making characters on this thread?
  • Oh, sorry, I didn't make that clear! Yes, that was my intent: we'll hammer out initial details here together and then I'll make the IC and OOC threads. I'm not sure if we'll need threads for each character -- I might make a single thread for keeping character sheets up-to-date. I don't want to take up a lot of "space" in the forum, but I suppose the tags feature keeps things clean.
  • I think a single thread for all PCs is a good idea. We will need to probably reserve three posts apiece, I'd think (maybe more).

    I will finish up Chuff and post him here to get things rolling.
  • Name: Chuff
    Player: Rich (orklord)
    Actor: Geno Segers (an actor on Disney XD's Pair of Kings, a big guy with a really deep voice)

    (I'm pretty sure Actor is a thing Ryan Macklin likes to do where you say what actor would play your PC in a movie)
    Township: TBD

    Alignment: Miscreant (Gain a token when you take a valuable from another person)

    Shoot - 1d6
    Heave - 3d6
    Smack - d4
    Soak - d10
    Dash - 2d6
    Rally - 4d6
    Charge - d10
    Connect - 1d6
    Fix - 1d6

    2d10 Gun
    2d6 Shooting

    2d8 Armscor Heavy Combat Hardsuit
    2d10 Kev-Plus++ Microfilament Additive

    1d6 Nike Enhancement IV Drip

    Things to think about:
    What did you do during the war? Were you old enough to fight? Did you?

    Chuff claims he fought in the war, but he didn't. He was serving time for gang activity and after the war, he escaped prison.

    How long have you been on this township? How long have you been scrapping?

    Chuff hasn't been here long. He's been scrapping since he escaped prison (six years), moving from township to township once he realized he'd pissed off too many people.

    Do you like scavenging?

    Payday is nice, fighting chumps and taking their stuff is nice. Yeah sure, it's great.
  • Well, in the interests of more interest, I might simply comment on the Kickstarter that I'm starting a game here. I'm not sure my friends will have the time for a play-by-post.
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