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  • OK, that's great. I'm going to wait until tomorrow morning and if I have not heard from Brian, we'll find a replacement. Thanks, guys!
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    I'm here - sorry - I had access problems at home this weekend.

    Slice of life, OK!

    I'll take Immigrant for my Lead Tech (Yuriy Lubchenko!).

    To lower the number of posts necessary to finish this, I'll take Lonely for my Trainee's attitude - if anyone else wants it, go ahead.
  • Cool, glad you are still with us. What remains:

    Attitudes: Troubled; Curious; Hard Working; Good Natured; Unfriendly

    Roles: Student; Expert; Family Guy

    Interesting that you all went immediately for Roles.
  • Unfriendly

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    Darcy's having trouble connecting to SP, but he wrote me to claim Curious. Next?

    Attitudes: Troubled; Hard Working; Good Natured;

    Roles: Student; Expert; Family Guy
  • (don't know if it's my turn, but here goes).


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    I'll take Student for my Trainee and Good Natured for my Tech, if that's OK.
  • I'm going to be out of town Thursday and Friday, but you guys can carry on if you're all available. Prior to play we need:

    Needs (one for each tech, no duplication)
    Clients (one each, whatever you like)
    Troublemakers (one each, associated with Client business, Attitude and Role are created in play)
    Names for your techs.
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    Grr...(just kidding)

    Expert it is. Can I have the first Need? Lust.

    So I have:
    Tech: Unfriendly Single Parent - Need: Lust
    Trainee: Troubled Expert
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  • Honesty.

    Client: Healthy Living Consultancy

    Troublemaker: Ben, Office Administrator
  • Great, almost there.

    (I'm on a flaky dialup connection deep in the country)
  • Darcy, I can see that as a social contract issue, with each group deciding how far to take troublemaker creation initially. My instinct is that name alone is probably perfect, since it opens the possibility that the troublemaker isn't directly associated with the Client. For example, maybe it's your softball league pal who works next door, who is also going to creepily mack on somebody else's trainee.

    (I'm back!)
  • Brain, a Need for your last guy and we're good to go. I'll whisper you guys your card draws momentarily.
  • OK, you each have your 12 cards which I drew randomly. I included suit information just to keep track in case there is some confusion.
  • I have - I choose either Attitude or role, right?

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    Let's have an opening scene where all six techs are introduced, Monday morning - maybe a description of each of your technicians to set the tone.

    Also, for Monday, Darcy is lead (choose 1 card), Per is client (choose 3 cards), Brian is trainee (trouble, choose 2 cards). Whisper these to me. I'll post the card plays and outcomes unless you guys want to just handle it yourselves and abandon the element of surprise.
  • Karen Schiller is tall, good-looking, without make-up and in an obviously brand new overall - and new white trainers. Her glasses look like they cost a million and where designed by some Japanese. She arrives early, possibly first, and waits outside the office because she hasn't got a key yet.

    Alan Wall is late - he's left a message on the answering machine: "Hey, it's Alan. No! You can't! I'm running late, I have to drive...I SAID NO! I'll bring doughnuts. Maybe."
  • Darcy and Brian, whisper your card choices for Monday to me. We're ready to get going.
  • (and we need a role for the troublemaker for Monday - I wasn't sure whether I should pick that as well, or if it's Brian?)
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  • Per, as client, you need to make a call to indicate the problem. You also suggest an attitude or role, and Brian then fills in the other bit and fleshes out the troublemaker. Example:

    Per: I think Needy will be fun.
    Brian: OK, Needy Sex Object, Jessica Whaley, an old classmate of Will's who works next door at Malag Tube Specialties.

    That's how it is supposed to work.
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