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    "Hi, this is Ben from Healthy Living. Our copier doesn't work. I need it fixed quite quickly, you see. I mean, we never really use the copier, it smells weird and the fumes are poisonous, right? When can you be here?"
  • "Hello? Is this an answering machine? I didn't hear the beep. Anyway, we have a copier, it's not working. Making noise and smelling and all, but it doesn't copy anything. The name's Ben. Our number is..."
  • OOC: "Mom, Per didn't supply me with a Role or Attitude!"

    Yuriy slaps Will on the back. "I'm too old to be secretary - you go answer the phone!" Will pushes his glasses back up his nose, reaches six inches to Yuriy's left and dials voicemail. He writes the address and phone number down on a PO form, then stands up and fishes his coffee.

    "Who am I riding shotgun with today?"
  • Brian, I did give you an attitude 3 days ago (quote from above)
    Posted By: Per FischerI have - I choose either Attitude or role, right?

  • My bad - I wasn't sure if that was for the Trouble.

    Yes Then: I'm going to go with Jason's suggestion: A Needy Sex Symbol - Jessica Blair, a girl that Will had a crush on in high school, who works next door to Healthy Living at Domicile, an upscale furniture store.
  • Chandra yells out from the kitchenette where she's busy gulping down her coffee.

    "Hold on short round. I haven't finished here yet. Cool your jets."

    Then she makes sure that she has all of her gear, sends Will on a go-fer mission, and then waits for him impatiently by the service door.

    "Come on. Client's waiting."

    She doesn't offer to drive, still slurping on her coffee.
  • (I suggest a short scene in the car, on the way over, to establish the relationship between the two techs. Or you can go directly to the meet-and-greet, trouble, or diagnosis in any order)
  • Thanks very much guys, and by all means continue playing if you like, but this isn't productive for me as a playtest. It was a useful experiment, but the game's evolving faster than you're playing.

    I'd very much like to continue to hear your thoughts on the game, and I'll be glad to keep you in the loop as Business Solutions moves forward.

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