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    "Hi, this is Ben from Healthy Living. Our copier doesn't work. I need it fixed quite quickly, you see. I mean, we never really use the copier, it smells weird and the fumes are poisonous, right? When can you be here?"
  • "Hello? Is this an answering machine? I didn't hear the beep. Anyway, we have a copier, it's not working. Making noise and smelling and all, but it doesn't copy anything. The name's Ben. Our number is..."
  • Brian, I did give you an attitude 3 days ago (quote from above)
    Posted By: Per FischerI have - I choose either Attitude or role, right?

  • (I suggest a short scene in the car, on the way over, to establish the relationship between the two techs. Or you can go directly to the meet-and-greet, trouble, or diagnosis in any order)
  • Thanks very much guys, and by all means continue playing if you like, but this isn't productive for me as a playtest. It was a useful experiment, but the game's evolving faster than you're playing.

    I'd very much like to continue to hear your thoughts on the game, and I'll be glad to keep you in the loop as Business Solutions moves forward.

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