[The Jungle] Monsoon the Battlebabe

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Name: Monsoon

Looks: Woman, Display Wear, Smooth Face, Arresting Eyes, Sweet Body.
Monsoon's figure seldom goes unnoticed. She is slightly shorter than the average, and her body is graciously curvy. Her face is a smooth oval, with full sensual lips, framed by long, thick black curls. She's no soft beauty, though: her eyes deliver a focused, deep stare. She's not just looking at you, closely, it's almost as if she's looking at your bones.
She wears tight black pants, with a pair of crocodile skin boots she salvaged from the ruins (she has no idea what those things were worth, back when crocodiles only visited the city as bags and boots) and a thick leather belt, with her revolver's holster strapped to her right hip. On top, she wears a sleeveless shirt of embroidered white cotton, tightened on her waist to a corset-like effect by a red, silky sash. Most remarkably, she's always wrapped in a huge Schal of thick black lace, often thrown on the back of her head as a half-hood. abundand jewelry, mostly beads, bones and teeth, with teh occasional touch of gold, adorns her ears, hair, wrists and breast.

Cool+3 - Hard-2 - Hot+1 [H] - Sharp+1 - Weird+1 [H]


Ice cold: when you go aggro on an NPC, roll+cool instead of roll+hard. When you go aggro on another player’s character, roll+Hx instead of roll+hard.

Visions of death: when you go into battle, roll+weird. On a 10+, name one person who’ll die and one who’ll live. On a 7–9, name one person who’ll die OR one person who’ll live. Don’t name a player’s character; name NPCs
only. The MC will make your vision come true, if it’s even remotely possible. On a miss, you foresee your own death, and accordingly take -1 throughout the battle.

-End of Moves-


- Custom Weapons:

A Curved-Blade Machete, styled like a Kukri [Handle + Heavy Blade] (+3-harm hand). A wicked thing, really. Works equally well on tree branches or human limbs.

A Fuckin' Huge Revolver [Handgun + big + silencer] (+3 harm close reload). One of those big, heavy revolver, with a stunningly long barrel. she's got a makeshift silencer that can be snapped on it: loud sounds are no good in the Jungle.

- Oddments worth 2-barter




__ get +1hard (max +2)
__ get +1hot (max +2)
__ get +1sharp (max +2)
__ get +1weird (max +2)
__ get a new battlebabe move
__ get a new battlebabe move
__ get 2 gigs (detail) and moonlighting
__ get a gang (detail) and leadership
__ get a move from another playbook
__ get a move from another playbook


__ get +1 to any stat (max stat+3)
__ retire your character (to safety)
__ create a second character to play
__ change your character to a new type
__ choose 3 basic moves and advance them.
__ advance the other 4 basic moves.

-all the formatting skills i had has totally gone. please bear with it.
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  • Seeing that other people had it that way, too, i'll add some details about her.

    She came to the holding from the forest. She was quite messed up. she escaped from somethign she doesn't really talk about. People traveling on the few remaining roads heard distant, savage drums in the forest, though, and a skull was painted on her face with white-ish mud. her pupils were dilated, when she reached the hold.
    But She's in control of herself, now. and won't surrender it easily. or won't surrender it at all.
    She says she understands the Jungle. It's all about life and hunger and sex and death, like us. but more. It's part of who she is. but does she like it?

    I guess i don't have a list of good questions, as rue's. not yet, at least. but there's some stuff here. if there's too much, Jon, and you would like me to cut it down and leave it more open, just tell it.
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