Playtest of a NEW LB-style pulp-action game!

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Professor Oakstead and inventor Arthur Vanguard have built a machine that will allow them to carry out Oakstead's life's work: to discover a forgotten race of beings who, according to Oakstead's theory, exist far below the surface of the earth. Having carefully selected three other team members, they are ready to launch their expedition.

But now, Vanguard has been wrongly imprisoned by a corrupt government.

Oakstead intends to launch his expedition tomorrow as scheduled, which means that Arthur Vanguard must be broken out of Plymouth Hill Prison. Tonight is the night.

Air pirates. Government goons. Dinosaurs. Unexplored realms.

How will your team survive the dangers ahead?


  • Color this bloke intrigued.
  • Sweet. All we need is two more intrepid explorers to get onboard, and this game is a go!
  • Pre-gen characters in the LadyB fashion, or how's it work?
  • Greetings!

    Thanks for getting this thread started, UserClone! And thanks to anyone who's willing to playtest my new game.

    Niko: Yes, the characters are pre-generated. The game uses the LB system for the most part.

    And, just to clarify a little bit: UserClone's description made it sound like this is a pulp game, which it technically isn't. It's actually a fantasy steampunk game set on an alternate Earth.

    I'm glad to GM, if we can get enough players.

    UserClone: Were you wanting 1 or 2 more players?
  • It's up to you; it's your game. I was just thinking that three PCs is usually ideal for PbP, but I'm sure we could swing it with two. Especially with liberal sprinklings of XP.
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    Let's wait until we have 1 more (per your advice).

    Although, do we know if Niko is committed, or just interested?

    For those of you who would like to join us, here's what I'll be looking for:

    - fairly frequent posts (minimum 1 per day)
    - feedback as we go, and when we're done.

    Because this is a playtest, and PbF, I need committed players who will communicate regularly, so we can get through this at a good speed.
  • I can probably dedicate to one post per day, definitely with feedback.
  • Great! Thanks, Niko!

    So we just need one other committed player!
  • I found another player!

    Here is the OOC thread for our game.
  • Count me in!

    Finally got my account activated this morning. I haven't looked at the PDF yet, but will do so today.
  • If you're looking for another player or if someone drops out, I'd be willing to jump in (or if you just want feedback on the rules document I'd be happy to give it a once or twice over).
  • Heck, if you can commit to at least one post a day, I'd be willing to accept you, mease19!

    UserClone had recommended 3 players, but if we can keep things going smoothly with 4, I'm willing to try! It'll give me a chance to get more characters tested.

    So, if you can commit, head on over to the OOC thread and check in. Email me at the email address listed there, and I'll send you the PDF.
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